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serena 2d
i can't breathe.

i want to,
but every time i go to take a breath
i feel as if a giant
is crushing me.

air leaks past my lips
as if i'm being squeezed around the torso,
by this being with great large hands.
he clenches my torso
harder, harder,
and squishes me to a pulp.

what remains of me falls from his hands.

raining down from his fingertips are stars,
collected from a memory
of lying down on a dock
in the middle of a lake
in the middle of the night
in the middle of New York.

dripping from his palms are
all the tears
i ever cried
from high school breakups
to crippling breakdowns,
from lost forgotten lovers
to fights with loving mothers.

floating down to the ground
are wisps of my golden hair
and from the tips of each split end
shoot out all the sunlight
i ever collected
from every day
my head was out under the sun.

and as i finally cease to exist
a supernova of love and life
explodes from the giant's hands.
it's colorful, magical, and magnificently bright,
and every color you can see
was a memory of someone and me.

the giant sobs,
as the realization that
he killed something so beautiful
takes hold.
for what else
could have ended so spectacularly?

he weeps into his hands,
the great hands that ended me,
yet when he pulls away,
sitting his palm
is a little girl with golden hair.
people always ask me how i want to die. this is how.
serena 5d
you are bound
to pills and powder
drive a little faster
sing a little louder.

you are bound
to pipes and speed
your nose bleeds
satisfy your need.

you are bound
to girls and love
they are your greatest poison,
or lack thereof.

and you are bound
to the thought of me.
because in your dreams,
it's me who's not free.
i am still bound to you.
serena Feb 7
fairy lights
and drunken nights

dreams in a pipe
with smoke and ice

whispers of love
and caress of care

stars in the sky
let’s stop and stare.
serena Jan 26
people tell me i’m beautiful when i sleep
like an angel at rest
my only secret is
i forget to take my makeup off.
serena Jan 23
the mind is a dangerous place.
it’s a void, it’s a galaxy,
it’s endless and infinite and full of everything you ever were
and everything you ever could be
but my mind is still full of you.
serena Jan 1
the new year is coming
and all i want is a fresh start
i know that’s cliche,
and i know it’s cliche to say it’s cliche,
but i need to forget you.

i wanted to text you today
i need to ask you a question...
did you love her?
serena Dec 2018
she is heaven;
he is ****.
water flows theough her veins,
fire races through his.
he ignites the light behind her eyes
and she quells his hellish impulse.
opposites attract
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