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Morgan Aug 17
Like a magical night
when everything goes right

And he gets what you mean
you say "This is the Joint!"

When he laughs cuz you're funny
and your jokes are on point

When he asks for your number
and you give it out wrong

When the movement is Music
and you both know the song

When you dare not to care
so you're free to be you

Now he's feeling your vibe
and you're feeling it too

It's a night to remember
but never repeat

Cuz it was what it was
In that hot summer heat
Morgan Aug 17
I hopped into the river
to fill my empty cup

The weights around my ankles
go down but not back up

I sank into the heavy
The wave was in my hair

The best of my Ancestors
had waited for me there

An echo of their memories
did bounce upon my skin

A voice I don't remember
reminds me who I am

Eternity of moment
A deepened sense of pride

Radiating lights of Love
push out from the inside

But seated all around me
with eyes that follow woke...
the trail of bubbles leave my chest
as I began to choke

The tiniest of stuggle
turn to a violent pain

Regretting this adventure
Forgetting why I came

I wanted just to see them, to be them
and wrap me in their warm

To watch my troubles drift away
in waves their's had forgone

I died inside the river and
woke up in the sun

I sank with many questions
Came up with only one
Morgan Jul 21
Kicking my heart down the sidewalk
Like a pinecone you stumble upon,
kick by accident,
but then it becomes a game...
Morgan Jul 21
For a few hours each day
I lose the thing I love the most,
but also every other weekend
to a terrifying Ghost

This is not a friendly entity
It wants me to be sad,
so douses me in misery
of memories that we had

Foreboding dark Shadow
in the corner of my eye
Never truly revealing,
but giving off a feeling
The mind is playing tricks on what you Know is not a lie

The thing I love is not visiting
but missing when he's gone,
He's off with the ghost,
in whatever form it's's taken on

I wonder what he's doing
how he's doing,
what he had for lunch...
Is he happy? Is he scared?
Does he miss me a bunch?

I call out to him, for a sign that he's okay
but when he answers, if he answers
the ghost is always listening,
every word is twisting,
whispering to my missing one
exactly what to say

I want to scream and put up signs
"Amber Alert!! A child is Gone!!"
but I know exactly where he is

He's in the upside down for just a while
He can't get to my world,
and I can't get to his

There's nothing I can do
about the days he disappears
So I sit and count the moments,
the minutes, the hours and the years

"How much time have I lost, am I losing?"
I may ask myself forever
If I stayed we'd both be haunted still,
but at least we'd be together

When he's home,
for a little while we are Free
but the darkness always hovers,

So we change the subject, read our books and hide under the covers

Soon he will be home
and I'll return whole,
without and within

Till the clock resets and the cycle
starts back over again
Morgan Jul 20
A blockbuster VHS
Advice from a Stranger
The long way home
Advantage of an opportunity
A trip to Anguilla
Time out of my day
Time out of someone else's day
Money from my ex-husband
A lesson on Patience
Directions to a parking lot I
should have remembered

Things that I've taken that I can't give back...
Thanks in the past
Morgan Jul 19
It's Fine to Dine on bread alone,
It's Fine to be by oneself

It's Fine to hold your head High when you're feeling low,
and set your heart on the Shelf

It's Fine to feel the Feelings
It's fine to feel Nothing at all

It's Fine to have a friend to catch you
Catch yourself when you fall
Morgan Jun 29
Now I play my favorite game,
sitting, which I can't stand

Waiting for a landing plane
Or a plane to land

An airport made of ticking tocks
watching others take flight

Cockpit doors and clicking locks
A layover with no end in sight

Time has filled my belly
A century on my plate

Scarfing down these heaping
boring spoonfuls of "Wait"

Waiting for a Moment...
Waiting for a Sign...

Waiting for the stars to shift
into a perfect line

These are things I've never seen
So add them to the list

The list of all the dreams I've dreamed
and boys I've never kissed

I waited in Wonder
and wondered "Why The Wait?"

If time is an illusion
Then why do I Feel late?

I see the things I want
And Now is time to take it

There's no Fairy on it's Fairy way
to wave a wand and make it

Knowing what I'm great at
And what I'm meant to be...

Somewhere on a something
Is an open seat for me
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