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Life comes at us in waves
Instead of hiding away in a cave
I take to the water
I glide to the bottom and look up
Sunlight on the surface is breathtaking
It breaks into a million pieces
Glittering like diamonds in the sea
The light bounces and does a dance for me
It is soft and serene
and puts me at ease
When life gives us waves....jump in :)
And here I am pleading

I want you to love me
The way you loved your coffee

I want you to accept me
Despite of my bitter taste
Or my cold face

I want you to be comfortable
With my heat

I want you to need me
Every morning when you wake up

I want you to love me
Until my last drop
Ugghh I'm addicted to coffee
hold me when the river runs
don't let go.
watch it wind,
see me sink.

hold me when the river runs
to wherever it can't wait to be
rushing, roaring, rigid flowing
sudden stops -- please,
give me warnings

hold me when it all floats up,
when the bones pierce through,
when the gold is birthed,
when my palms fail to release,
when they fail to keep.

hold me when the river runs
let go.
I'll learn to follow echoes.
Assignment for a creative writing class. Picture poetry. The picture I got was of my friend and seatmate Kristine as a baby being carried by her dad at the entrance of the Underground River in Puerto Prinsesa.
I am not a soft caressing breeze
I am the howling wind
That overturns houses in fury
I am not freshly laden snow
Delicate and yielding
I am the frozen expanse
That splinters bone
I am not the glowing ember
I am a wildfire after drought
I will ravage forests that oppose me
The air will be black in my wake
I am as untameable as the ocean
Swallowing islands and cities
Before retiring to my ebb and flow
I will lay waste to the world of men
Should need call of my rage
I will tremble the sun
And swallow the moon
I am the fire and the water
And the wind and the dry earth
*No ones thrives unless I will it
Written from the POV of mother nature, from whom all life stems.
 Jul 2014 Morgan Mercury
I shouldn't have done that..
I shouldn't have said that
I should not hope for more
It's hard to sink it in
this dream of mine of you
Why can't I digest the truth
this stupidity of me
Haven't learn anything
Haven't learn from the past
You will never be mine
Fooling myself again and again

I just stood here
for nothing....
you're not here
you will never be..

another mistake..
mistake again...
no one  to blame but me
simple as that

you got what you want..
the best of me ....
for a short period of time..

I am a fool
I am a fool
you won't be there
no embrace
no kisses
and I can't ask you
.... for anything

I saw this coming
I thought I was prepared
but I was wrong
I am a fool
wanting you here
wanting you near
but this has to stop

You're way too important
than my own drowning passion
I'm used to this...
it will be gone soon...
I am nothing but a fool
I must give it all away
let this go..
cause you're far more precious
than anything I should feel
 Jun 2014 Morgan Mercury
Joe Cole
On this day 70 years ago they stormed across the sand
Boys of many nations to remove the tyrants hand
Heros all those boys so young who shed their blood for us
In that ****** fight for freedom

Across the sand they struggled neath a hail of shot and shell
Never glancing backwards as around them comrades fell
Fear was in their eyes, terror in their hearts
Many never made it and twas on foreign sand they died

Yes they died to give us the freedom that we have got this day
They died to free the world, for us they made the play
Boys from ever walk of life crossed the beaches there
Office clerks and farmers and the ones who cut our hair

Yes they were heroes all who gave their lives for us
But lets not forget the few who made it possible
The girls who made the shells, the men who built the tanks
They were the unsung heroes
They have also have earned our thanks

Without their dedication to the task they had in hand
Many more would have lost their lives on that shell torn blood stained sand
They to can hold their heads up high, they knew they did their bit
In bringing freedom to the masses when they broke the tyrants grip
Afternote... nearly all 4,400 allied soldiers died on those beaches 70 years ago today
I like the color of your sweater and the stripes on your sleeves and I especially like how the ends fray and the gray looks more like milk than it does a rainy day sky or a weatherbeaten road.

2. The reason I stepped back was not because you smelled funny, or that I was shocked to find you there, but because the air condition was hitting me right on the shoulders and I left my red sweater at home.

3. Okay, so maybe I was a bit shocked at finding you there; it’s just that you’re the first one who’s ever bothered lingering at the poetry section besides me, and I’m not good with surprises; in fact, I hate surprises.

4. But you’re a good kind of surprise.

5. I like your glasses. I used to have a pair just like them before someone removed them and told me that I should learn to see differently. Things have been kind of unclear since then, but I’m learning how to hold onto the side rails.

6. I hope you’ll let me remove yours, too.

7. Your hair looks like a bird’s nest. I wonder if you’re hiding life or pieces of green bottle in there. That’s a lovely shade of brown, by the way. I’ve never seen chocolate curls before.

8. Do you think that if a pine wants to, it will grow until its branches poke holes in the sky for stars and pinecones to fall out so we can catch them in our palms and compare who got the most scratches and who caught the most stardust?

9. The book you picked up happens to be my favorite. If you turn to page 118 you’ll find a poem about churning seas, angry thunderclouds, and a drifting boat that lost its sail.

10. I think I finally found my sail.
Audio here.
You are not the width of your hips
You are not the shade of your skin
You are not the fabrics in your closet
You are not the electronics that you own
You are not the papers in your wallet
You are not what you possess
You are not what you look like

You are the songs that you sing to in the shower
You are the shows that you stay up watching
You are the books that you read for hours
You are the poems and stories you make
You are the art you create, the strokes of your fingers
You are the subjects in school you enjoy learning
You are the dreams you have for tomorrow
You are the people you look up to
You are the friends you spend Friday nights with
You are the boys that you kiss
You are how you talk to your parents
You are what you love
**You are how you love
The moment you were brought out from the hospital room
and I saw your soul open its eyes for the first time and
the drums of your heart start its beat
all my troubles, all my cares, all my worries fell apart
and at that moment I decided
that I would teach you to live.

You were born in the age
where to write is vintage
to think is ancient
and to love is prehistoric
but I will rewrite history for you
and make sure that you live in the past
before buildings that block out the sky
before someone decided to take time’s hands and spin them ‘til they whipped like a tornado
before people had to start paying for oxygen
because the air had become too polluted with chemicals and greed and so-called innovation but in reality every nation was just trying to be one cent richer than the other.

You were born in the age where
books are only found in museums
and flowers are only found pressed in between those books
but I will make sure you grow up with a garden of words and wildflowers
I will teach you to treasure every letter, every seed, every fern
because there's no better remedy to anything
than a good old paperback and a fistful of freshly picked lavenders.

I will teach you to walk
in a world that tells you to run, to glide, to ride
the latest, the fastest,
I will teach you to walk
not to be late for school, but to be early enough
to see the city opening its eyes
to see the machines hum to life
because there’s nothing more beautiful than beginnings
and to see the morning sun push and pull
push and pull
push and pull you away from the strobe lights
away from the stench of loneliness and lost time
I will teach you to walk so that you will be forced
to slow down, breathe, and think
because it seems to me that your generation hasn’t heard of that word before.

You were born in the age
where people look at themselves as gods
but I will teach you to see beauty
without mirrors and empty words
I will teach you the wonders of the heart
I want you to know how it feels like to watch something grow
I want you to know the joy of licking a homemade ice cream cone
but I also want you to know failure
to know how it feels like to struggle and strive
to know the pain of losing someone
because no matter what those empty advertisements and
neon screens tell you
life isn’t a dream, and the pain
shakes you and
aches you and
breaks you
reminding you that
you are alive and there is still so much to learn and
there are a million other things I want you to learn
but most importantly
and I swear to you
I’m not leaving this earth
until you learn how to live.
Liars and thieves
full of selfish greed
found the need
to butcher and feed
on every inch of my integrity
So I repay the fee
with eloquent misery
and conjure poetry
calibrated for the annihilation
of my enemy

Yet in the end
the truth be told
the greatest enemy
is me
© JDMaraccini 2013
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