The panic sets in and my lungs
Turn into mice held in the tyrannical
Grasp of the boa constrictor.

Tsunami waves of fear rush over
The surface of my skin like the
Tremors of an earthquake.

Heat rises to my eyeballs,
Red from the hot springs that
Were leaking from their ducts.

Breathe. Calm. Repeat
Until it becomes a mantra,
Or perhaps a curse.

Hire the witch doctor to
Medicate me, and exorcise
The demons from my brain.

Breathe. Calm. Repeat.
Fake it till you make it,
At least that's what they say.
I take everything to heart,
So watch what you say.
It'll run through my head
And bounce around my brain.

I don't know if it's the hormones,
Or my talent of overthinking,
But something isn't right in me.
I feel like I'm sinking.

I'll take everything to heart,
Even if you don't mean it that way.
I'll let it settle within my ears,
Make me sick to my chest all day.
Wholehearted regret;
Lips strike like the King Cobra,
Venom in my words.
I remember the hatred I had for you.

You, the glowing beauty I wish
I could be, waltz back into a life
You left broken and I
Picked up the pieces to.

You, the smiling sun, attempting
To blind those who stare in awe,
And set fire to the heart of one
Who would've given all for you.

You, the toxic waste puddle,
Returning to a person who
Was once home to seep
Back into his blood.

I remember the hatred I had for you.

You, the brave dragon,
Showing up to wreck a home
That never belonged to you;
I think you've always known that.

You, the wilting flower,
Beg to be served your water
From a crystal ashtray, getting
Attention you did not deserve.

You, the broken heart girl
With teeth like a shark and eyes
That wander; disappear like you do.
You are no longer welcome.
   I gave myself to you
   And you
   Gave yourself to another.

   You, the zealot that just
   Could not
   Remain satisfied with just me.


   I became a foreigner in my body
  All while
  You were on an expedition with hers.

  The slap in the face of
   Loving you
   Leaves me a bleeding heart.


   Sever the memory of you and I
   For a
   Sweet relief to this unending pain.
This piece is based off of the artwork "The Memory" by Frida Kahlo
The morning bleeds hues of
Vibrant violet and rose
Over a peaceful world.
Feathers fluttering, leaves whispering
About the day to come.
The sun, like eyes opening for
The first time, shines like
Jewels lying in the creek bed.
Godless night washed away
With watercolor wildflowers.
Without such beauty,
The alarm clock chirping
Would surely be my enemy.
Me plus you,
Minus compassion,
Multiplied by tension,
Divided by a figurative wall.

The equation
Doesn't add up,
Throwing off my

Without showing
The work on this,
How am I to
Find the solution?
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