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May 22 · 221
Good night
If the moon calls out your name
It lets out a whisper
Because my heart speaks to it softly
May 21 · 179
Place in my heart
There is a place in my heart
It is where the ocean is still
For a second of love
There's an everlasting fire

Of desire and knowledge
Wanting more, you set my mind aflame
Laying waste to my restraint
Dousing my defenses in pain

You changed me in a million ways
Moments at your feet felt rare
I wish I could care for your presence
Your smile encapsulates your essence

After you left, I'd hold on to our confidences
And sing a song
Hum your words, lose track, and move on
I was lost in the wilderness

You left behind a kinder person
And forgot to take the piece you left
A place in my heart
Never forgets
May 17 · 356
Rains of Remains
The coldness of the pouring rain
After a day spent sleeping on the benches
A smile that rises like a tide from a calm sea
Once you let go

These scenes woven together
By intimacy
Made beautiful by your hands
And destroyed by mine

The moon smiles when you look
And it hasn't been the same
Once I called out your name
From the nook of my heart
May 7 · 88
Summer Streets
Tomorrow I'm going to wake up
The same person, in love with that one girl
From a long forgotten past, hiding it well
I'll carry the weight of it through the hours

As the troubling cries of children fill the summer streets
And my car amidst the many corpuscles of this city
Reeks of a thin air of smoke and pride
I'll be the same person in bed, a memory in someone's head

A lonesome struggle emerges in the hearts of my mother
She cares a little, I do too
But its just enough to fill the silences of our neatly decorated lives
I'll come back to these things, and a little dog who changed it all

It's May, I know it tonight because its loveless as the summer heat
A drenched sweet air fills the trees, flowers, and street
But there is a lightness in my every step because I'm sure
That I'll be the same person when I wake up in my bed

A fountain pen and river of consciousness pours this poem
Time feels like a malleable object, spanning decades in this lyric
And lasting only a few seconds in bed, spending an eternity
Dreading over the past instead

You and I can walk into the skies, but we are chained
By our desires, and dreams seem to belong elsewhere
On this bench, it does feel like I'm free
It's a memory, I shall share from a little corner in my head

Her scent, sweater, sweetness, and kindred spirit
Lips, hips, and hair, all effervescent as the next day
Vaporized and emulsified into time's ocean and outer space
She often told me that you are just a small instance of my life

But the pain inside has left a lasting trail of scars and human faces
Everywhere I look I see you in them, even in a cup of tea
Our species is a strange one, its evolving everyday
As time fades and space expands, why do I feel the same?

So, many raindrops fall from the sky, often they feel like one sound
But those that fall on her face after a hard day at work
They seem special, like God had made that moment for us
Since then, I have changed because of her
Apr 2 · 37
Wordless Whisper
To you this is my song
In this earth
That needs so many people
Like you

Be someone
Whom you can love
Without any question
Without anyone holding you down

To you this my last call
If I can't be the one
To make you feel beautiful
I'm just not the one to look to for the right words
Apr 2 · 35
It was your spirit
Your ambition
That tested the limit
Every stance held passionately

I will miss those eyes
Cutting through mine
In the air of smoke rings
You held me, words lingering

I still feel lighter
Thinking of you
But that's all one can really do
If I can no longer make you feel like a feather
I was so close.
Apr 2 · 103
Nature is Pleasant
Trees under the sky
The leaves rustle tonight
In anticipation of the breeze
The flowers open and blossom

To the morning light
In your eyes of brown I can see
The distant forests
Dancing with ease

In step with the little leaves (under their feet)
Mar 15 · 48
If You
It felt just right
Your hand intertwined
In my fingers, and hair
Lazing on my shoulders
But I couldn’t say the right words
To keep our hearts together
Beating as one
And arms holding one another
Aching for each other’s touch
I could have tried a little harder
To be someone else
But this is who I am
An emotional wreckage looking for some solace
If in those moments of my angry impulses
You cannot accept me
Do not be ashamed because I am yet to accept myself
For who I am along with all the mistakes that come along
With it
No one knows what tomorrow brings
I hope that I am a different person every breaking day
But when the sun comes out and in my vast sea of regrets
I’ll find some peace knowing that with you
I had found some acceptance for who I was
Some gratitude for who I’ve become
You taught me to love and to live life
I found the essence of everything in nature
It continued to stir my soul and reinvigorate that lost zeal
That I thought would never come back, suddenly it all
Came back to me
Feb 9 · 120
Lazy Flower
The dawn broke
And she finally
Feb 3 · 67
Colors of the Clouds
In a tussle of the wind
The trees shed their leaves
This fall
No one to tousle their flowers

I'm darker than the deepest sea
Lighter than the shallow breeze
Feb 3 · 63
Sea Ship
A whisper in the south
Called the girl in
The sun set on the frothing waters
And a little innocence went a long way

The storm had just arrived
As the kettle came to the boil
I could've played the flute
In a drunken haze

I spent my days
Exploring the world
The magical wind
Had cast its spell
But your hair was in your face
And your eyes would peer through

As soon as the clouds broke
And the lightning took the silence away
Feb 3 · 37
Goodbye Skies
I always thought the sky could be blue
In those paintings, the clouds were out of tune
They were grey like my heart
They were white at times

The blue sky never knew
When the rain would pour
Or if the sun was to come out
If the people were there
Jan 30 · 66
In Time
Beauty encapsulated in brief time
Time left at forlorn bay
Not enough to say
Except it was a beautiful day
To be alive
Nature gives
It takes
You remind me
Of the nurturing
Arms of the breeze
It took my breath away
But gave you a stride
In the cold winter
Under the stare
Often brushing the trees cold and bare
Jan 30 · 235
Sleepy child
A song bird sings
The autumn skies
Laziness rises
Jan 30 · 63
Time Wasted
If you stayed a second
The novel would have been
Left cold and bare
Some books are
Best left unopened
There is no warmth
When I wish you the best
There is no cold touch
Of your eyes

The air between us
Has passed
Jan 30 · 42
To Where Will We Go?
When friends come and go
You are
The silence reverberating
Jan 30 · 42
Numb Fingers
I've opened myself
To the possibility
That love exists
Yet I don't want to rock this boat
Nor awaken this sleeping giant
Jan 30 · 32
Darkest Dream
It's my fault
But I won't apologize
For the way the words
Seemed to carelessly fall
Out of my lips
And enter into nothingness
As you would grasp for some
Hanging onto my every last
Jan 29 · 86
Melody of Autumn
The leaves are playing
This autumn
My heart plays a tune
It's you
Jan 29 · 71
I chose to get lost
A smidgen of dust
On your nose
My heart went numb

The storm doesn't care
That my heart is numb
But the waves rock my boat
And make me feel the wind
Jan 29 · 387
Empty Oceania
You aren’t with me
This harbour is lost
The stale air that I breathe
It is simply washed by the sea

The sweet air
The silence
The agony and despair
Is all left of this place

Nature says
What the heart knows
This empty bay
Filled with promises of yesterday
Jan 29 · 84
Ex marks the spot
I just want
My second chances
-An old lover
Nov 2022 · 172
Ask Me Why
Love isn't the answer
To every question
But I still love her

This is the start
I might be thinking about you
Soon, I'll feel lost

Is this love true
Or do I just forget
About what I've been through?

Is this love real?
I have so many questions
Just ask me why.
Nov 2022 · 82
Nothing stays forever
We shared the nights under the moon
Our beauty was spent
Soon we would yearn like fools
Time burns like an essence

Like a bird, she took to the skies
She would circle the stars and skyline
But she wanted to light the fire
I wish I was alive

Art and poetry flow through her
My heart is filled forever
But there is the promise of memory
That lurks behind, to end this reverie

Then, the trees will await her return
Lush with green orchards
This bird has flown
My love wasn’t enough
Nov 2022 · 54
This winter is different
When clouds break
The cold rain welcomes us all
Watch their droplets fall
Scattering carelessly on the roads

Dawn brings the light
Reminding me of you
A distant breeze flows through
Stirring the remnants of the night

There is a sky open wide
For us two
We can share it too
But I give my world to you
Nov 2022 · 226
With winter you left
The sun waits over the hills
To liven the lilies and daffodils
As I am caught in its embrace
You have left this place

The grass plays
Sunshine is scarce
A breeze chills
It is beautiful and powerful

The trees are bare
But they let in the sun's hue
Its warmth shines through
But I miss the shade

Winter has come and gone
Summer isn't far behind
You have left a coldness in my life
To you, this is my song
Fear is the relief of
Being lost in the woods
When the canopy shines
Before the night arrives

Fear is the relief of
Being greeted by the sea
Welcomed by the breeze
As the storm subsides

When I lie awake at stark midnight
At night, I find relief
In the darkest reliefs of the mind
Where fear is a friend of the dark
Nov 2022 · 173
Two Strangers
Conversations over the smallest things
Thoughts of each other
Nights of talking
I still can't tell the truth

Morning skies rush to the north
The rainy cloud stations over south
Nature doesn't know which way to go
So do you

There is no dawn, no new beginning
No stretch of imagination
That brought us together
No way forward

Two strangers under the umbrella of the sky
Running from the rain
There's no real truth
Only comforting lies
Nov 2022 · 303
Sleepy Haiku
Flowers blossom
The morning dew pours
Lazy dawn
Nov 2022 · 58
Mountain Flower
Flowers lay asleep
At the foothills and *****
Awoken at the peak
Oct 2022 · 49
This will be the last time
I will ask to stay
There will be the sky, moon, and stars
Waiting for you outside the door

You are now alive
I know you were trapped
Yet I hear the waves crashing inside
I see the waters lapping against the shore
Oct 2022 · 197
Tears in the Rain
The stars are dancing yet time is still
Different moments have changed us
As the gust
Gathers us in a swirl

You opened your soul and I could see
Shattered remains of what was once a heart
As the clouds break
Do you still feel the rain pouring?
Oct 2022 · 186
White as Snow
There's a light
At the end of the tunnel
Soothing the darkness
Inside my heart

Its good to be optimistic
When nothing goes your way
There are times when reality
Is hard to come to grips with

There's a darkness
Inside my heart
That's enveloped in the blackness of the soul
There will be light and dark once more

Living peacefully in this mind
That hasn't known love
For a long time
There is hope as white as snow
Oct 2022 · 86
Freedom of birds
A bird watches the sky for a while
Then every flight she turns to the trees
She takes a breath and turns again to the sky
While she traces the ***** of the gentle breeze

She swims in the sunshine but waits for her fall
She feels the breeze but leaves at around ten
Then, she listens closely for the sound of stars
Yet the night has shivered too often

It takes all her worth to fly to her escape
She might but she is chained by her fears
She waits for another world to open its cityscapes
What would it be like to leave after all these years?

I hope to see, her walk against the breeze one day
As the leaves fall and circle to hit the streets
She circles the orange trees tonight in a sway
She doesn't see me but I am glad to see she is free
Oct 2022 · 67
Something about you
There’s something inside me
That lives on without you
There’s something about the moon
That tells me, we’ll meet again too
While I like writing small poems, I wish that I could do better is expressing my emotions through these works. Suggestions are welcome.
Oct 2022 · 254
Midnight's Experiences
The stars pale in the distance
Hail emerges and the night listens
As soon as the sun comes out
My wait will end

The blue ceiling is on fire
Hail is scarce at this time of the year
Dust over desire
Time is lost to the tears, I won't lie

The trees whiten under the pale moon
The rising dawn is awaiting its turn
I too wait
As skies take me from my feet, illuminating me

Seasons change and time is endless
With these wings, I will circle the trees
The wait continues
For once I look at the night as it does at me
sadly, hello poetry has become a terrible poetry website. but this poem is about coming to terms with death and rebirth. This is in the simplest terms an ode to midnight and how a person passing before dawn finds the beauty in its odd happenings.
Oct 2022 · 83
Cosmic Blue
The calm sea
Is bluer than the
Thousand rivers flowing in

But pay attention
For the spare moments when
You find clarity

Listening intently
When in doubt
Of how you can proceed

Even the river
Has its journey
When it is young

People come by
Offering flowers
The trees shed their leaves

The river slowly dies
Blessed by nature it drains
Into the cosmic sea
Oct 2022 · 60
All your tears are fresh in my mind
Yet, I wait for every clear morning
Wrestling the desolate storm without hope
Hearing closely for sight of some longing

I remember when we watched the rain
A rogue wind hit us and we were the same
But every rush of the waves drew us further apart
We tried to justify the isolation because help never came

What can signal some change of heart
The sun and Earth are quite estranged
We are birds of the sky worn by the gusts
We're enduring the storm's eye in August

It's October, I listen to the beat of the heart
We have seen worse times in the past
Moving ahead from our last, first to last
To start a fire, you have to light a spark
Oct 2022 · 49
Together Again
We were letters that burned in the same fireplace
Our stamps were different, yours was a pound
I was just a few pennies for your thoughts
In a race

You're always questioning the order
I always follow you and end up in trouble
We are looking for cure-alls and bursting bubbles
You've taught me to separate the liars

Some lie to steal and others lie to live
While you have stolen, you never lied to me
I know you may be part of my destiny
But we will never be together while we live

If we meet again, we'll be together
Oct 2022 · 977
Ember in the Dark
All your tears are fresh in the morning
Yet, I wait for every clear evening to cope
Wrestling the desolate storm without hope
Hearing closely for sight of some longing

You remember when we watched the rain
A rogue wind hit us and we weren't the same
With every push and shove drew us further apart
We tried to justify the walls because help never came

Did we have some change of heart?
The sun and Earth aren't quite estranged
We were birds of the sky that lost trust in flight
As we endure every month in silence and slight

It's October, I listen to the slow burning of your arms
We have seen worse times in the past and waited hours
Moving ahead from our last, first to last, for the stars
To start a fire, you have to trust the dark
Oct 2022 · 65
Poems for/from the Heart
I have so many words to say
But my mind is constantly
Averting a crisis daily
It is in a state of flux that I can't explain

As I scratch and scrape for the emotions
My heart cannot tell its difficult story
But my poetry goes through the motions
It searches for words, that I write spontaneously
Oct 2022 · 75
I'm looking at the world through your eyes
Tonight the birds shall fly
The trees will be verdant under moonbeams
Yet you're always unhappy
Oct 2022 · 747
Being human
Can take you further
Than most people
Oct 2022 · 49
The Color Red
We had our time under the moon
Our light was spent in the spotlight
Soon we would live like fools
Enamored by the color red and its sight

Like a caged bird, I yelled for her
Let me out for I need you to see
She didn't want to hear me much longer
She didn't want to let me out to quickly

It pumps red blood and feels
While it flew, it felt the rush of being free
This is the truth behind her love for the sky
Set her free, she too is a bird that is free

I was captured by her
While she was free to fly through myriad skies
Like a fish swimming in the seas that belongs there
I was caged in her presence, choked by her light

She had brought out an obsession in me
I asked her have you read this or that
We shared interests by the dozen really
But it wasn't enough for us to get back

I'm possessed by the love I need
While others find their cold comforts in a one way street
Belief tells me to write poetry and find the right one
The right one will fly as I wait on the autumn trees
Oct 2022 · 94
Lunar Eclipse
The flowers are tired tonight
Breathless as the air around
A mix of moon dust and star light
A lunar eclipse comes out

The stars evade the clouds
With a sky so silent, I hear moonbeams
The wind beckons to the distant hounds
"It is his last night, run free."

Let's accept this moment
Where is the harmony
In those free from inner torment?
It is rare to be without fragility

As I shed my frayed clothes
My nature is laid naked for thy senses
I accept the highs and lows
Knowing the depths of my resilience
A poem on my mother.
Sep 2022 · 187
Numb reflections
Time is a blur
The faces of the past
All belong to a broken mirror
Sep 2022 · 157
Scent of a Woman
She was that kind of woman
That the wind washed over her face
The flowers emanated from her
a scent of a time forgotten
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