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morallygray Dec 2019
In these dreams I've seen myself die
The bullet pierce my skull and my head explode
I watch myself lay there
As a ghost
It makes me wonder as to if I am even present
In the many letters of life
They will never spell my name
I do not know how I'm still alive
morallygray Dec 2019
We lay together amongst the earth
Gazing at what seems unobtainable
I am in awe
The light that may not even be there
Oh it is so hot
I am grounded again
By the star that sits next to me
morallygray Dec 2019
I saw you staring
Out of the corner of my eye
Like a vulture at a carcass
You sat next to me
And kept staring at me
You tried to speak
But i did not hear (i did)
I was a fool
i will probably not get to see your hoop earrings again.
morallygray Nov 2019
Eres el camino a la felicidad
Una lágrima para ti
Sentir es dolor
Algún día serás un recuerdo
In english: you are the path to happiness
A teardrop for you
To feel is pain
Someday you will be a memory
morallygray Nov 2019
I watch you from your window
Your angel
How you move, how you breathe
Sewn into my eyelids
Why can't you see me
Just look, only for a second
But for now
I am your shadow
#stalker #watching
morallygray Oct 2019
Carry me with your waves
I cannot separate thoughts from it
Your exterior
I bite into it, that's where the addiction lies
Creo que sientes lo mismo
Even your aches I think of every aching moment
This is the devil, but i am done with heaven
morallygray Oct 2019
I had a dream
I sat on a rock with a girl, i could not see her face
She told me she'd meet me there again
We always missed each other
She'd sketch little drawings for me on the rock
I knew it had to be you
I saw you in the dream, sat with you
Another girl walked in and said
"Did you like what i did with our place"
I knew then I was meant
To let you go
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