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Paint splatter on my walls
There is nothing but the drips that fall
My mind races to see its colors
but there is nothing but the wet coatings
No trivial guess
or awesome gloating
can be found from my walls
only desperate wondering
and empty spots
needing to be filled
once its done
all I can do is
hope one day
that I can see the colors
My pages keep falling out
I glue
but every time I try they keep falling out
I need to rethink this scheme of mine
A book is an experience
Well my experience is sticky
My thoughts are expressed in its pages but whats a book
without a binding?
A bunch of thoughts with page numbers
mine don't have any
I will keep gluing
but without the cover
it will never  
be finished
who knows
have to
Coming back to reality is like
swimming in an ocean
knowing that your going to drown
A slap in the face without anyone to comfort you
or having the will to fight back
Having friends but only in pieces of your life
Enjoying there time with you but you know it never last
as long as you want it to
Holding on to them until there time is up
all you want to do is climb back into your dreams
and keep swimming in your ocean
knowing that you will be saved
some day
Being able to fly  
knowing that they will be there flying beside you
Stopping time
and filling the cracks in your life that keep breaking
your happiness apart
But in the end
reality is always calling whether we want it to
I am tired of waking up cold at night
I know your little heart wants all the warmth and joy I can give
in return for the joy you give me each day
I really get tired of you stealing all the covers
when you are just a small thirteen year old puppy.
How can you say goodbye and not cry?
All through life there are hellos and goodbyes
but know one ever tells you what happens after
Do they live?
Do they die?
Do they go home and slam the door or just move on and live a lie?
Life is unpredictable until it turns on its side and opens up another world
A world where life has meaning
Where everyone you meet gives you a new perspective and makes you grow and become inspired in awesome and sometimes in slightly weird and unexpected ways.
So lets go on living day by day
where we might have to say goodbyes but hopefully never cry.
Love is like a bunch of flower blossoms
It starts out small
and then begins to grow
When the first buds appear love begins to ripen
Then in a short time the world begins to brighten
Colors become brighter love reaches out
With millions of petals
Love grows in small unexpected ways
Love is colorful, beautiful,
and blooms every year.
Ink stains on my hands
I spend ten hours a week trying to describe my passion
through a blood stained carving tool
I waste paper that last over a hundred years trying to make my ideas into realities
Through this whole process my mind rejects my heart saying
" You will never be successful in your passions!"
" You are wasting your time! "
" You will never be able to find something artistic that you love"
I try to ignore these blaring comments by working even harder
My heart is devoted to my passions but sometimes doubts my ambitions
Always cautious and reminding me that I need to find something that I love
It is just so hard not to love the only thing that makes you feel loved
Sorry guys this probably doesn't make sense but thought I would post it anyway!
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