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 Mar 2019 Em Orrman
First there was fear
A stranger approaching.
Caressing me
Touching me,
Stroking my neck
with fingers so silky
I questioned whether they were there.

There was no use fighting
But I didn't know
And so I tried.

In one swift spin
like a lady on a dance floor
I was whirled into a wall.
Gentleman, ever so gentle,
He lay me against the brick
Like smoothing a poster flat.

Moving his hands
deft and soft,
up and down me, like a lover,
but only as a hunter.

I melted under his touch,
He took me by the chin and pulled me close.
And my breath was taken away from me
upon smelling his heavenly scent.

Like the vermilion rose of a summer's day
dipped in honey,
Sickly and welcoming.

I eased into his embrace,
His lips brushed my neck,
Pressing harder, harder,
I could barely feel the pain.

His lips pulled at my skin,
the warmth rushed into my head
and I grew sleepier and sleepier.

Sighing into his collarbone,
Against his open collar,
'Twas a rip into reality
When he pulled away.

I never got to see the face
of my ten second lover.
He vanished before my blurry eyes
And left me weak and trembling
With blood running down my neck
and from his lips.
Vampires! #BeingInspiredAt2am!
I love it when she’s blue,
I love it when she’s gold,
I love it when she’s silver,
I love it when she’s cold,
I love it when she’s quiet,
I love it when she’s bold,
I love it when she’s calm,
I love it when she folds
I love her for her secrets,
I love her for her songs,
I love her for her rights,
I love her for her wrongs,
I love it when she moves me,
When she pulls me,
When she soothes me,
I love it when she’s red,
I love it when she’s gray,
I love it when she’s mine,
I love it when she strays,
I love her for her warmth,
I love her for her stare,
I love her for her depths,
I love her for her care.
I’m in love with ocean. Her beauty, her grace. The secrets she harbors, the life she gives to all creatures. I love the way she holds me & makes me feel free. I am euphoric, I can see her now. No caps because I am truly meek in her presence.
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
I cannot justify
Nor can I dismiss
My own participation
Within a stolen kiss;
But in violence I bleed tears
And in love I cry red,
The difference being my response
And his indifference.
Suicide, I thought,
would be my stage exit


until the pills got stuck in my throat, the doctors got stuck into my heart

pounding, their television screens bleeping

bringing me back
to Hell

when I was just a
step away

from Heaven
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
Run away, child,
Don't let me in,
I'm a demon,
I'm a devil,
I'll teach you how to sin.

Run away, little son,
Don't look into my eyes,
They are black-blue, they are deadly,
And full of dangerous lies.

Run away, little daughter,
Before your mind I will slaughter,
My existence knows no love,
I was expelled from above.

You can never run away,
Your mind is my slave,
I will haunt you until you die,
Never to leave your side.

Run away, child.
While you're still alive.
My last poem was very focused on a time in my life where I had a lot of problems, this is also a poem about that time.
I went through some very traumatic experiences, and I believe that a lot of it was super natural.
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
I'll steal your essence if I please
You're the only thing I really need
I promise you, I wouldn't tease
I yearn for your neck to bleed
I have this terrible disease
Every night I go out to feed
I'm sorry, I don't mean to displease
If you'll excuse me I need to proceed
It won't be long after you begin to wheeze
We are born without teeth
yet, instinctively bite
peach lips forming circles
around fingers,

I remember the first bite,
he was pale and wore dusty
jeans. He came into my
bedroom, offering wine
he had laced with crushed
pills, unknowing that
to me his skin was laced
with ecstasy

the numbers mount up
in the same way they
fade, days disappearing
when a calendar turns,

memories are meant to
etch themselves into
our bones, but I  realised
that it was blood, blood
that preserved our former
selves, each drop a day,
each mouthful a moment,

they think I bite out of
spite, out of fury and

but I am merely a collector
of moments that do not
belong to me, a predator
of the passage of time

I am gluttonous, I admit
but feeding on men that
prey on women does not
seem like greed,

I remember....
the night I was bitten.
He was tall and tattooed,
I liked his shoes,

***** flowing like water,
clear, crystal water
purifying (I thought)
until it hit my brain
paralysing all thought
and then...

Hell moved inside me,
a self-gratifying demon,
inked with a dragon,
as gunless as I
was Godless

I bite these men now,
these haters of women,
who **** and drink and dare
to slip a finger in,

I am reflection -
less and yet I know
what a mirror would show
about me,

the exit left of the battered
woman, who dared to change
her set, her scenery, her script

no, I am not ashamed of the
blood I take, but I am not
an animal who kills
for sport, for fun, for food

I am vengeful, I am every woman
sick of settling for less,
I am that woman you pitied
then despised,

I am that ******* a cold
bedroom floor, reborn

with fangs
 Sep 2017 Em Orrman
They call me human but all I see is the vampire
The taste of blood in my mouth makes me no liar
The fire in my soul burns flames which none can control
The dreadful burning and torture of my soul
Once I had a soul of an angel now doomed to eternal unrest
The demon inside is more than a pest
He comes with ravenous hunger for gods meat
What is holy must now retreat
I drink in christ's blood wine and devour salty bread flesh
See what is holy wasn't living on the death of a doomed god
Who's sacrifice I use to get into a heaven
What was good and holy was following his actions and words;
and yet
I regret all I have done
Love that should unite us and makes us one
It's the thing that keeps me here
But let's be clear everything is wrong
Backwards in this world of grief so strong.
Children are the only ones who truly understand
What it means to be inside heavens gates
This could have been heaven but maybe it's too late...
Christ would be afraid of the cross if ever he came back
Maybe christians are vampires living on his death
After all in holy communion they drink his blood and eat his flesh as bread
Religion the great see saw
One day you are up tomorrow you realise you are in free fall.
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