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Moon Wolf Oct 2018
I finally found you
The world will never be the same
Before you
I was in endless game
I was in endless pain
I felt no shame
But I wasn't fine
I was the one to blame
I wish I could even know your name
Now I have my pearl
A very beautiful girl
I love you no matter you do
I miss you all the time
Come next to me
Come and be mine
Let my life shine
My heart is full of joy
Full of love like a baby boy
Jessy, be with me
Stay with me
Hold me
Kiss me
Hug me
Love me
I will be wherever you will be
Moon Wolf Feb 2017
Pain is an evil monster
Once you let it in
You forget where you were
It goes under your skin
Sadness would be your twin
Your heart will be more thin
A war you'd never win
You'd be haunted by every sin
Your power would be gone
To darkness you'd be drawn
You would walk like zombies
You'd walk on your knees
Your breath would be slow
It would be your friend and foe
It would be so much noise
Like in your chest millions of toys
Your soul would be ******
Your throat would be jammed
Pain and only pain
Moon Wolf Oct 2016
Tonight was the last
It was ended so fast
Pain was so intense
I was vulnerable
I had no defense
I have been changed
I lost every single sense
My soul must be avenged
My heart was darkened
It was filled with hatred
Darkness has no end
I hate you all
I hate when I always fall
I lost you my love
I had nothing to do
I can live with my pain
I can walk in a heavy rain
But you, my dear
What would you do with your fear?
I know you're so sad
This makes my every day so bad
I wish I could give you
All I ever had
I am sorry
I hope days would make it up to you
I am so sorry my angel
My tears would be a river
My love, I will miss you forever

I have just lost my love..
Moon Wolf Oct 2016
My heart is shaking
My soul is taken
My chest is weeping
Your face is haunting me
Please set me free
I'm captured by horrible fears
My heart is bleeding tears
I can't let you go
I would freeze in a dark snow
I can't wait all these hours
It is like ages of losing powers
Babe, I will never give in
I'll fight all of them
I'll take you on my horse
I'll take you by force
No one is beating me of course
I'm the hero of your story
Babe, please don't worry
I was feeling so sad as I was about to lose my love.
Moon Wolf Aug 2016
I found you by chance
I felt happy in advance
The moon was looking at me
She was wishing me luck
She gave me the key
I took it and I felt free
Finally, was it you?
I didn't know what to do
It wasn't a dream
It was true
I was like a little kid
Lost in a dark cave
Finally he found a warm bed
We met in a beautiful night
For you, I would always fight.
I would water our love tree
Would you ever give up on me?!
Moon Wolf Aug 2016
I have a heart of a Caesar
But sadly it is always in fever
I just wanted to feel warm
Instead, I found myself in a storm
I was a naive little boy
I thought I would soon have joy
My chest is always in pain
Like thunder with no rain
Like a child captured in a chain
I wish I could fly
I would try to touch the sky
And when I find that impossible
I will take a free fall to finally die
I hate love that ruined my soul
Moon Wolf May 2016
I love my best friend
If I told her,
Our talks would come to an end
She doesn't know
But she can pretend
"I love you"
A text I cannot send
My best friend cast a spell on me
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