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f Jun 2022
had these gods ever felt the way your lips draw on mine—temples would arise to worship you instead.
cigarettes after *** . sunsetz
f May 2022
beauty has sharp teeth—fire claws
there lies no redemption in Her fiber,
solely bites of uncut consumption.
f May 2022
hungering that you would not leave.
visions of a future without you,
emptied out—i tread contrarily away from it all.
florence and the machine . back in town
f Feb 2022
i yearn to never part from you.
i crave your scent in my atmosphere and my gaze on you
to be unfamiliar with relinquishing you.
allowing these years to wash us by,
so at the End’s doors,
i can face Death and her scythe urgently, to kiss you once more.
my love . kisnou
f Feb 2022
what about me?
darling creator,
what about me?
all the mountains you raised
every land you made flourish
these oceans you cried
and i remain forsaken?
what about me?

darling creator,
i know,
there is no home.
on the nature of daylight . max richter
f Jan 2022
this heavy heart of mine,
makes friends with the roots of the earth
as it sinks me into its embrace.
perhaps i should remain.
perhaps i will be,
strong enough to bear all the tears
kept away in
my soul.
tears of the moon
f Jan 2022
lay weary in bed with me.
let the minutes morph into hours and hours into days,
the world is right here at the tip of our fingers,
in the way we embrace one another.
lullaby from home
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