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Elizabeth Feb 17
Everyone says love is freeing
Everyone says love is revered
Everyone says love is between a man and woman

Which means this can’t be love

Because this is condemning
Because this is detested
Because this is NOT between a man and woman

Yet it still feels like it

So maybe they’re wrong
Maybe not all stories are the same
Maybe this is love
Elizabeth Nov 2019
I’m not ashamed to be myself anymore.
To show my true colors to the world, even though people might not accept me for who I am.
I know that the world is not a forgiving place so I won’t ask that of it, but I am asking it of you.
Elizabeth Nov 2019
The feeling of sinking hits me like a wave
It could happen at any time, come out of nowhere
Even when I’m the happiest I’ve been for a long time
The wave will come and wash it all away

The wave doesn’t care if I’m in love
The wave doesn’t care if I have people supporting me
The wave doesn’t care if I’m trying my hardest to get by
The wave will come and knock me down no matter

And once I’m down it seems like I’ll never get up
Like I’m going to be stuck feeling this way for the rest of my life
So why struggle and fail to get back up when I could just accept it
Accept the fall, sink lower and lower and lower until it’s all gone
Until the wave has washed away all the pain
Elizabeth Nov 2019
You had a plan set out for me the moment I came into this world
I would grow and marry a man
Have children of my own like you did

But now I'm shattering that plan
Destroying the false ideas that fill your head
And telling you the truth

It's not a him but in fact a her
She's the one I love
The one I want to grow old with

You don't look at me the same anymore
You don't hug me the way you used to
The way you hug my sister

I'm not asking a lot
I just want to be loved
And if you won't then she will
Elizabeth Oct 2019
You leave me
Time and time again

You forget me
Time and time again

You hurt me
Time and time again

You ignore me
Time and time again

Yet I keep coming back
Time and time again
Elizabeth Oct 2019

You left when I needed you most
One minute you were there then the next gone
Like smoke in the wind, never to be seen again


I try to talk, to get your attention
But there’s always something more important
Or someone, it’s her now not me


Thrown to the side like a piece of trash
No meaning or worth
Something that was once useful but is no more


I used to be the apple of your eye, adored and cherished
But you don’t seem to remember anymore
As if everything that was once between us never existed

There’s no one to save me from the dark abyss anymore
To shine your light when I need it most
No one to reach down and pull me above water, allow me to breathe
To be safe in you company and feel joy seep into my life once again

You left and now I feel empty again
I grew so much from when you found me
But now I’m back at the start
Back in my pit of self loathing

Maybe another one will come around
Pick me up and dust me off
Show me the thrill of life again

Or maybe she’ll leave like you did
Maybe they’ll all leave like you did
Will I ever find love again?

— The End —