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644 · Apr 8
Adrian Apr 8
How many blades
Do I need
To sever these connections?

Or are they just too strong
To accept severance
By mortal blades?
What kind of connection might I be talking of? People, emotions, life, or etc?? And how many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?? The world may never know.
601 · Feb 16
Adrian Feb 16
If I posted a poem
Containing my feelings,
Would she see it?
Or would it be lost,
Like many other things,
In the silky sands of time?
I mean it’s not like she uses the sight,
I hope she doesn’t see all of this. Embarrassing stuff...
534 · May 21
Adrian May 21
Beyond this ashen landscape,
And the sifting smoke,
Lie melodic rivers,
in their chilled iridescence.

Blossoming orange clouds
In the morning’s shining sun,
The softly stagnant lake
Sleeps, a dormant source
For the singing streams.
Maybe the charred forest seems long, but such a landscape is not endless.
533 · Jun 4
Adrian Jun 4
What lies in the eyes
That stand just out of sight?

The void is endless,
But who can see that far?

If one is set to leave,
Why bother looking back?

Just because you’re out of sight
Doesn’t mean you’ve left my mind too.
470 · May 29
Friday, March 90th
Adrian May 29
The leaves May be a May green,
And spring May almost be out,
But to me it is still March,
And April May never come.

May-be it will be March
Until I get back in August.
May-be March won’t ever end.
;) so that means in all of March I’ve been rejected 3 times, one of which I probably shouldn’t count.

Also I just realized that I have 72 followers. Thank you, you amazing 72 people! (I thought I still had 49)
450 · Feb 20
Over The Precipice
Adrian Feb 20
Sometimes I wonder
If I’ve gone too far.
Stepped out of my place,
Reached up that extra inch,
Or ran that extra mile.

Sometimes I have,
But usually,
It just becomes a wonderful conversation starter.
I always wonder this for two firsts with a friend:
When I first swear,
And when I first make a ****** remark or joke.
(Dark humor is usually acceptable for ppl my age if the previous is ok)
426 · Jan 31
Adrian Jan 31
All of you precious people,
all you precious men and women:
do not fret or fear,
you are never alone.
Just as I am here,
someone is there.
Someone exists
to repair your breaking soul,
and help you rebuild yourself whole.

No matter who you are,
someone out there loves you.
You may not think this true,
so then keep living
and prove me wrong.
You'll realize I'm right before long.
For all those people who really need it. I wrote this with two people in mind. One of them is you, M. You know who you are. If you read this, please don't do anything rash.
398 · Dec 2019
Adrian Dec 2019
For each step I take,
I’ll have one more step to give.
So I’ll move onwards
Someone’s probably made this connection into a poem already, but think of this in terms of life and what comes with age.
392 · Dec 2019
Adrian Dec 2019
Set me on fire;
Put a match to my clothes
Watch me rise in a pillar of flame,
Listen to my livid screams of pain.
Feel my existence slowly fade
As my body finishes fueling the glow,
As my screams mellow into the silent cracks.

In time, the fire will turn to embering ash.
I will have been consumed by a long gone inferno.
And when I have been burned to the ground,
I know that the only place I can go is up.
Im not sure why I write so much about fire. I mean I don’t think it describes me or anything.
377 · May 6
Adrian May 6
Light clouds
softly dance
along this azure sky.

The wind
lies unseen,
and unfelt
along these vernal days.

As much as I freeze
in her gusty presence,
I can't help
but miss the company.
Yep. Back with another weird wind love story thing. I honestly don't know why I chose the wind as a symbol for love but whatever. In actuality, it has been quite breezy where I live. (I'm by the ocean so what else should I expect?)
352 · Jan 23
Adrian Jan 23
The moon reflects
the sun's simmering shine
onto our planet's nightly shade,
just as the sun
reflects her circulating radiance
onto my darkening world.
Written in math class again. It's been a wild week for me with workload so that's why I haven't been posting as much. I haven't had time to do what I love, which *****, but school is important.
325 · Mar 13
On The Hill
Adrian Mar 13
Sparks fly
Ashes fall
Coals simmer
A crumbling wall.

Torches flicker
Down a lamplit hall.
The fuel dies down,
And a new man stands above all.
Covid-19 is a cool shortening (COronaVIrus Disease 2019)
312 · Mar 15
The Flowers In Bloom
Adrian Mar 15
A soul caught in the past,
A planet covered in cables
Was never meant to last.

Fly the flags half mast,
And wait for it to pass.
Love flies up in a flume,
But why will these flowers
Never bloom?
I can only wonder... and regret.
300 · Jun 1
Adrian Jun 1
Venomous voices
Tempting fate.

Listless lisping
And culling words.

Silence prevails,
Pervading my guilt...

And feeding my
Venomized thoughts.
The things I say sometimes...
298 · Jan 10
Shining West
Adrian Jan 10
Stepping out
Of the shadowed veil,
And Pulling off
The masquerade mask,
The sun beckons dawn forth.
Thought of while washing my hands. Odd time to think of poetry. Jan.10.2020
292 · Jan 10
An Assumed Statistic
Adrian Jan 10
Everyone has watched ****,
It’s like peeing in the shower;
Everyone has done it,
Yet it’s too wildly embarrassing
For anyone to admit it.
I hope it’s not just me for either one of those...
And I hope that I don’t sully the innocence of any younger people.
271 · Dec 2019
An Oddity
Adrian Dec 2019
I love you,
Truly, I do.

From the bottom of my heart,
You shake warmth into my core.
But not from the base of my ****,
My mind dares not open that door.

I could never defile you in my head,
It sickens me to even think of it.
In all my honesty:
My heart will forever love you more
Than my ****. To me, my genitalia’s a bore.
After writing this it made me reflect on how someone said I’m innocent in a way.
239 · Feb 24
Adrian Feb 24
If I’m getting involved,
Give me a reason to care.

I can help with matters
Pertaining to your mind,
But I am not so kind
All of the time.
I’m not the nicest man alive, but I assure you that it’s unintentional. Sensitivity isn’t my forté (I think that’s the accent placement).
231 · Jan 10
Clamor & Commotion
Adrian Jan 10
All the voices
Running through
My mind, mistaken.
My thoughts feel taken.
They can’t be my own,
But yet here I lie
Writing yet another one
Trying to wind back up,
Rather than come undone.
Written on the bus while listening to metal music, kinda ironic, right? Jan.9.2020
226 · Jan 13
Adrian Jan 13
I know I’m Li’l late,
My love’s just a dying shield
That shelters my hate.
Input a but after ‘late’ and before ‘my’. Just my passing thought I had as the bags under my eyes grew... saggier i guess...
226 · Feb 4
Fallen Apart
Adrian Feb 4
I just want to cry,
I want to spit my tears upon my pillow,
and cry in my silence for the remainder
of my raven eve.

Why can't I cry?
Where is the salty mix
running down my cheeks?
Why do I feel the tears well up
even though they don't release?

My mask is broken.
the fissure ran its course,
and split my face right open.
Usually I'd be mad or frustrated in times like these, but this time I want to cry (well duh).
220 · Dec 2019
Untitled for a reason
Adrian Dec 2019
cannot publicly acknowledge the existence of angels,
Such an outrageous act has been outlawed by the council.
So here I am to tell you about these nonexistent beings.
They come from a place called heaven, a serene place
Lying in the clouds that do not fade; they are everlasting.
In heaven they soar free, using their feathery wings,
Which glisten like scheelite in the eternally dawning sun.
Their halos are a gold, 10 carats more pure than the element,
And seemingly glow, even in the most minimal light.

And their souls, as pure as a diatomic gas,
As white as the everlasting magnesium flame.
But most importantly, their souls glow like the firey sun,
Always ready to make us happy, and eternal in existence.

But I once again forget, as a note is passed my way,
That “angels,” in fact, “do not actually exist”
The council.
It also says to stop talking about these forms,
Or I will be detained... then executed...
Welp, that’s a sour note to leave on...
If anyone has listened to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, you’ll know where my inspiration for the denial of said winged creatures. If not, listen to it, it’s a funny sci-fi comedy podcast. Also again, look up any names that you don’t know, chemistry is pretty cool too.
218 · Feb 21
Adrian Feb 21

Cold wind
Shaking shackles
In its violent breeze.

Voices chat
Of odds and ends,
Have their arguments
And make amends.

Silence once more
Not a voice heard
Over this uproar
Of silence galore.
216 · Nov 2019
Giving my thanks.
Adrian Nov 2019
I give thanks to all around me.
Animate or not, it all served a purpose
A purpose that allowed me to rise
To who I am now.

I rose out of depression,
Out of a need for death,
Out of a cycle of seething hatred

Into forgiveness.

Into love.

Into life.
Thanksgiving, might as well give thanks! So thanks for reading!
216 · Dec 2019
Camel Notation
Adrian Dec 2019
My life is in shambles.
As destitute as that essay...
For English. This sounds wrong...
3 things:
1, camel notation is a way to name variables in computer coding
2, look closely at the haiku, i messed something up on purpose.
3, I may fancy myself as a poet (idk if i can call myself one) but ******* i am horrible at writing essays.
215 · Dec 2019
The Wake of Change
Adrian Dec 2019
We will change,
Make things greater,
Make them better,
Fix it all up.

Not with petty bicycle patches,
But with entire tubes and rims.
Not with concrete filling,
But with fortresses of stone.

I promise it will work out,
But I cannot do anything by myself,
So I want your hands to help.

We will rise like the flowing tide,
Creating a motion side by side,
And reach for the ever falling sky.
Originally written to be a poem about how friends can make the world a better place. Turned into trying to make a relationship work...
Written on Dec.31.2019
208 · Apr 11
Adrian Apr 11
The morning dawn
Begins to light a darkened sky,
Painting colors onto the black.
Like a how printing press makes stories,
The sky paints it’s morning glories.
A child watches this transformation
As it whisks away his trepidation.
A warm sunny light
Shines through these
Once gnarled trees,
And the child finds it
A fine replacement
To the icy blue moonlight
That pervaded the night.
Standing up after a long night,
The boy gingerly steps off the roof
And through his ajar window.
Within seconds of touching his bed,
He’s entrapped, from toe to head.
Slumber takes its firm hold
As punishment for the stunt he pulled.
If I had a window that could let me get to my roof, I’d be up there a lot. I think we’ve all had a fear of the dark’s unknowns.

I’ve never been great at narrative writing, but I thought I’d try my hand at it once more.
195 · Dec 2019
3. Again! Again!
Adrian Dec 2019
You know I love this, you do as well
We all love the feeling of the dripping blood
I know this feeling brings us closer to hell,
But I cannot live through this emotion flood
I need it to stay alive and sane.
The feeling is good too, it’s bliss
I love all the self inflicted pain
I want more, everyday, without miss.
You may think I’m out of line, I’m crazy
But i know you love it too
You are a *****, you’re lazy
I deal with that **** everyday, and so do you.
We need our emotion vents to let out the crud.
Why not again use our own blood
so I’ve figured it out. The even numbered poems are me, while the odd numbered poems are... also me. But the odd numbered ones are by the ****** up me, the one that wants me to die and hurt myself.
195 · Feb 10
Burning Away
Adrian Feb 10
Incineration of the mind,
Quenching the white coals
Of the overheated fuel.

Gazing into this furnace,
Which radiates more
Than the distant sun.

Inflammation on touch,
Festering blisters crowd
My already damaged hand.

Before contact is made,
The hand will reel away.
Only the foolish dive in,
Because the water
Is not fine.
The different ways in which you can express the one you love as an untouchable rose. The ”this” in the first line of the second stanza refers to the furnace as close by, unlike the sun.
194 · Jul 11
Adrian Jul 11
How many more times
Will I die
Before I find life
In its scarcest places?
188 · Jun 8
Paper Madness
Adrian Jun 8
As ink is left to fall,
Another paper
Is left to stain.

As my veins
Decide the path
Of my blood,
The ink in my pen
Decides the stain
Upon this paper.
Sometimes the stains
Are legible words.
Sometimes the stains
Are my blood.
185 · Mar 3
Adrian Mar 3
At the value of nothing,
Zero is a dead cold end,
Or the mark of new beginnings.

It all depends
On the arithmetic
That you choose
To use.
I mean, it’s true!
185 · Apr 6
Adrian Apr 6
The glistening tide
Flowing in
From the sunset’s side.

A splashing red surf
The flow of a molten ocean.
But the red turns to black
As the sun finally turns it’s back.

A million stars to light the dusk,
A million lights to paint the mire.

Now I’ve found what I desire.
**** it. I’m gonna write what I want to read, not what I think others want to read (this is not what that last line was about, that last line’s about smth else)

The sunset does indeed happen in mere minutes.
183 · Jun 29
Adrian Jun 29
Numbers rising
Like falling stars.
Galaxies away?
Right outside my door.
Covid numbers are rising around the world. We recently hit 10 million cases, and 500,000 (yes with 5 zeros) of those people died. Please stay safe everyone. We are having almost 200,000 new cases each day because everything is opening up.
176 · Feb 13
Adrian Feb 13
A house is a home,
But only if one makes it so.
In a home,
You can drip emotion,
Free of care or conservation.
In a house
There’s no lack of protection,
But the loneliness becomes an infection.

I have a house,
But I want to make it home.
176 · Mar 4
Adrian Mar 4
If you know, you know. If you don’t, ignore this.

**** manga is good too.
172 · May 4
peppered air
Adrian May 4
the glimmering tides
glisten like December snow
in the faint moonlight

a short yet swift breeze
blows clouds of majestic surf
along salted rocks

the frigid air-strewn clouds
capture the faint radiance,
in each moonlit drop.

a thousand jellies
fly through soft luminescence
and for a moment

time is paralyzed
I decided to forgo punctuation and capitals on this (the only capital being in the word December)
Adrian Jan 29
Lessons learned through progression of life.
Lessons I had unknowingly tried, and never met success.
Lessons I all learned at once yesterday.
Lessons I will now follow.

Life is what I am to make it,
So it is no longer an autumn hell,
For I terraformed it into a vernal heaven.
Funnily enough, it’s when life gives you a pile of **** that you learn valuable lessons. I wish I had paid attention to these lessons when I first found them 2 years ago. Maybe I’d be less broken.
169 · Jul 31
Adrian Jul 31
Trailing out what’s left inside;
Leaving a path.

Lurching into the fray
Letting come what may.

I don’t know what’s left
Inside of me;
Bloodless, emotionless.

What keeps me running
Away from my problems?
169 · Dec 2019
Adrian Dec 2019
Don’t say you hate it
Without having tried it first.
Hell, you might like it.
I doubt there are many other  people in the poetry community who watch anime... maybe in japan though... nah.
168 · Jan 2
Adrian Jan 2
I lay there in the field,
An unlit Marlboro in between my lips.
Gazing into the summer sky...

My breathing starts matching the lengthening shadows,
My pulse slows down to even out with the intermittent owl hoots,
The cicadas fade into the crickets, and the crickets play a lulab-

A sudden warmth hits my face,
The light of my lighter is shining back into my eyes.
Once the end is in embers, the lighter is pulled away.
I take a long drag and gaze into nothingness,
Once again wondering who lights my cigarette,
Because they always steal my lighter too.
Took a change in my style when writing this over the summer. I don’t actually smoke, just a bit of my imagination at play.
165 · Mar 18
Adrian Mar 18
A crisp ashen smell
Waves in greeting,
And the hotpot bubbles
It’s spicily warm curtsey.

A sliding, wafting heat
Caresses your skin
With it’s cottage comfort,
And the small light
Finally reaches your sight.

Too long have these lonesome winds blown,
But now your company dashes in.
So, welcome home.
Tried to get that ***** feel that’s nice to think of.
165 · Feb 23
Adrian Feb 23
An article of stagnance,
With a heavily dusted window,
And a soul in heavy fragments.
Looking at you through the glass,
Wondering what has come to pass.
I’ve been here forever,
But nobody stays forever.
Now forever feels like home,
And I’ve turned up alone
After you vanished from my head
And filled my mind with lead.
Through Glass, by Stone Sour. The lyrics are so loud in my head rn, and I had to restrain myself from copying it. I was recently reminded of the dude I liked who I ended up rejecting and it took a toll on me. I wonder, if I had said yes, would we still be dating now? Would I be happier? No clue.
164 · Jun 4
Between life
Adrian Jun 4
Life flows on
Even if we are stagnant.
Through all it will travel,
Harboring our emotions
And our experiences.

Nothing lasts forever,
But anything good
Is worth trying to keep close.
I’m sorry.
164 · Mar 9
Adrian Mar 9
Time, time is a valuable thing;
We never see our seconds sliced
By an archangel’s bladed wing
Even if I am like I am currently, my mind still forces me to write something. Time goes by too fast. I always end up waiting too long on the important things.
163 · Feb 18
Adrian Feb 18
Why does my fear overrun?
I just want to be honest
And end all the forsaken lies,
But, again, my mind screams and cries,
Looking for a way to hold
Our currently standing ties.

Why be such a coward
When people say
That I’m a fearless Leo,
A Lionlike leader
That fears none which precede her,
And will stand for her rights
As well as uphold her dignity
Across these eternal nights.

I am not a lion...
I am just Aidan.
Yes, Aidan is my real name. Adrian is part of an anagram of my full name, and is the pen name I decided on. I saw someone with a rant poem, so I tried it. It’s meh.
162 · Apr 18
Adrian Apr 18
When you gaze into
The darkness inside your soul,
It stares back in you.
I’m tired. About looking into yourself and how when you question the morality of your actions, your actions question your morals or something. I’m too tired to explain it well, sorry.
162 · Feb 7
Slop - 2
Adrian Feb 7
Whenever I have an exchange
with this quiet friend,
I can't help my incessant urge
to tease him once again.

His reactions lighten my mind,
and bloom flowers in my soul.

It is not a romantic attraction,
but he helps remove the dark,
a welcome distraction.
This is why I don't like love. I know I don't love him like I have liked other people (men and women) but I don't know what exactly these emotions are, they may or may not even be love tho. Same dude from the original Slop poem.
162 · Feb 2
Adrian Feb 2
Wings for Mary,
Donate her wings of smoke,
To carry my mind ever so higher,
Where the wind is softly blown.
Mary Jane sounds like someone
I’d like to take to the smoke-zone
It’s based on a joke my friend told me about bad undercover cops, and how they try and be hip with words for drugs. I don’t do that stuff.
158 · Dec 2019
7. Don’t leave...
Adrian Dec 2019
Why did I need to leave
It was so much fun dragging the knife through
1 for every time I shakily breathe
On a wave of pain, we flew.
I have always loved that other side
It breaks me that I left
He just wants to hide
Leave me to carry it, to heft.
I have no words for my treacherous acts
I hate me down to every last shred
I want to rip them apart with... possibly an axe?
He means nothing to me, i will turn him red
If it’s the last thing i will ever do alive
I will **** him, or at least stop his thrive.
Said more as an aside than directly at me, but since it’s myself I kinda knew what was going on... also from my random *** suicide thoughts that came during thus time.
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