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3d · 89
Adrian 3d
A frozen visage,
Steeled through an eternal cowardice.
Stripped of glimmer and glory,
Your meek egotistical values
Lie in pieces; devoid of glory.

Words spoken a the edge of a cliff,
Fabricating the final push.
The spiral lies below,
So just take the final blow.
The term spiral refers to the golden ratio. That bit was inspired by the song Lateralus from Tool. “swing on the spiral…”
4d · 58
Adrian 4d
The somniferous mist
Soothes my erratic soul
With a gentle touch,
Like soft blue watercolors
On a radiant white canvas.
Jun 12 · 72
Adrian Jun 12
The tide proceeds to escape the shore,
Receding like a quelled rebellion.
Now a pair of lonely eyes
Becomes the sole true witness
Of this snapshot of life.
Jun 4 · 61
Adrian Jun 4
Like a sopping wet leaf,
Floats in the northern oceans,
As if it is a single drop of blood
In an autumn wheat field,
The echoes of reality reach deaf ears
As the final leaf falls,
From its hibernating host.
In a continuation of the last note, very few house flies have died since them, none of which were intentional murders.
Jun 4 · 64
Adrian Jun 4
Do we really know
Where our soul shall go
After we decide to die,
And let our phantasm fly?

Or do we cry
After another futile try?
And do those who pass us by
Suffer through the same lie?
It’s been a while, or has it? Depends on your viewpoint. From a house fly’s viewpoint, they’d have died and rebirthed several times since my last work lol
May 26 · 75
Adrian May 26
You are the bleach searing my eyes,
The blade entering my veins,
The truth behind my silver lies,
And the silent screams of my pains.

Necessary but unwanted…
Or was it wanted but unnecessary?
Now it’s just a still ballroom, long haunted.
Ghosts and specters dominate the ferry.

Once a burning memory
Now a fading sheet of music.
Silence carries no remedy,
Besides the voice of your mimic.

You broke through my inaudible screams,
Now you linger amongst my deepest dreams.
This goes all over the place, doesn’t it? I wrote it last night then passed out while writing the note. For context, the speaker is talking to the writer.
May 11 · 104
Adrian May 11
Silence calls for dusks final breath
As we say farewell to sight
And lay our bodies to rest.

Our minds, however,
Live nocturnal,
Like our souls—
Living, eternal.
Apr 30 · 125
Adrian Apr 30
Within shining walls,
He lies on opulence.
If only time was kind enough
To let him lie forever.

In the end,
He has to stand.
In the end,
Time beckons forgetfulness.
There’s a bit of a double entente in this poem. It came in naturally at first, but I probably forced it in at the end. The riches suggested by opulence are riches of the mind, otherwise known as knowledge. That’s why the last line is what it is.
Apr 25 · 127
A Faded Fragment
Adrian Apr 25
Have you fallen again?
Through the world of dreams
And into the endless expanse?

Lifeless yet living,
I ponder your loving existence.

The silent voice
fades to a whisper.
Where have you gone,
My sister?
It’s important to note that the speaker doesn’t have a sister, he never did.
Apr 15 · 137
Adrian Apr 15
Like a spirit’s stringless song;
Soundless and brief,
Beauty remains hidden
To those with prying eyes.
Sometimes it’s found in the most unexpected of places, sometimes even in yourself. I tend to find it when I’m not actively looking for it.
Apr 11 · 143
Adrian Apr 11
Whispers follow me,
Muttering their taunting mirthful cry.
I listen from my liar’s chair,
Too far gone to care.

Smothered voices sing to me,
Calling out my name
Through distorted chords.

I have no lips to speak of,
No eyes to embrace the world;
Only these silent ears,
Listening to my tormentors fears.
Apr 10 · 114
Untimely Affairs
Adrian Apr 10
As the humid summer days
Sift into the crisp autumn nights,
Like the shimmering sands
Of a young hourglass,
She longs to once again
Feel the raging warmth
Of the midsummer sun.
Apr 9 · 72
Adrian Apr 9
As the clock continues
Its everlasting tick,
The candle begins to sing.
Weaving words of spider silk,
Leaving a trail of scentless smoke
Through the silent night.
Apr 9 · 192
Broken Silence
Adrian Apr 9
Fear sets in
Like a soft chill.

My comfort becomes my enemy,
And my silence begins to crumble.

Lost, cold, and alone.
All i have is the road ahead,
The hill behind,
And the mountain to the side.

I am stripped of all my pride,
Through the deafening emptiness.
Nothingness comes off in flakes

As my screaming silence breaks.
Apr 7 · 70
The Muted
Adrian Apr 7
Shimmering silence
Blooms over the desolate horizon,
Beckoning my fragile soul.

As the sun begins to fade,
Letting the darkness inch closer,
I’m still standing still;

However, now I’m worlds away
With nobody around.
Apr 7 · 2.5k
Shut up (and go)
Adrian Apr 7
Keep quiet,
Silence is your friend
And so am I.

Don’t listen to them,
They’re trying to stop you.
You’ll see this through.
That’s the one thing I’m sure you’ll do.

So shut up
And drive.
Only when far away,
Will you begin to thrive.
Mar 31 · 107
Adrian Mar 31
A shimmering thunderclap
Shines across a million seas.
I stand landlocked,
Left to count the endless leaves.

The golem’s silent lament
Leaves the lightning to grieve.
The execution of silence
Set to be, without reprieve.
A golem is like a robot but made of dirt or stone, in this case it is representative of the earth. After all, the earth and sky form a precious duality in which we thrive.
Mar 22 · 257
And The Flames
Adrian Mar 22
Burn brighter than steel,
And stronger than a star.
You’ve stoked the flame,
Now take the reigns.

Subdued no longer,
Your ambition grows stronger.
You’re the unyielding flame,
Burn the fields away,
Nothing shall stay.

The match was lit,
The air became flame.
There’s only ashes left
And I’m to blame.
Mar 22 · 112
The Fire
Adrian Mar 22
Stone upon stone,
Laying down the bricks
For a worldwide collapse.

Tear at the membrane,
Nothing can stop you now.
Why limit yourself?
Nobody watches you
When it matters most,
So rise.

Walls are built to be broken,
So let your heart become molten;
The time has come to be awoken.
Mar 20 · 189
Adrian Mar 20
As we listen to the silence,
A world of noise
Populates our barren mind.

We bring life
To the once subdued void,
Only to ***** it out
Like a whimpering candle
When we inevitably forget.
Me writing poetry at 12:30am lol. Time for some ice cream.

Edit: after rereading this in the morning, I realized I never ate any ice cream.
Adrian Mar 14
Like pearls,
Like glass;
A shining immaculacy
bereft of the past.

With an infinite capacity,
The vessel holds the soul,
And two parts become whole.
Take a swing, see what you think it means.
Mar 11 · 113
Adrian Mar 11
Place the bets
Run the cards
Jack of hearts?
You’re just the joker.

Face card?
It’s all a facade.

living freely,
Yet chained to the game,
Life’s got my soul; my flame.
I’ve long since lost my name.
Playful thoughts of cards and chance.
Mar 6 · 405
Adrian Mar 6
Into the ground,
Pulling up dirt.

It splashes like water
On a brilliant summer day,
We all love to play in water...

Bury me
Under this weight,
Bury me
Under my sin.
Bury me,
for I will never win.
Inspired by “Dig” from Mudvayne
Mar 5 · 103
Adrian Mar 5
Hidden to all.
What was going on?
It’s anyone’s call.
Think of it this way, if someone gets into a car accident, and dies, you may think it was a horrible accident. What if they did it on purpose because they wanted to die. Nobody would be the wiser.
Mar 2 · 112
The Equalizer
Adrian Mar 2
At time’s end
We stand before the leveling blade,
And whisper our sins
Towards the crimson shade,
And are put to rest
Within the silent glade.
It’s been weird recently. This (as with many other thoughts) have clouded my mind, almost blocking my ability to think.
Mar 2 · 115
Adrian Mar 2
Don’t go
You’re leaving me
To the endless flow.
You preach destruction,
But the sands of time still stand,
a subtly worse construction.
Mar 1 · 424
Adrian Mar 1
As the gloomish clouds
Silently weep,
The world darkens
And we fall towards sleep.
Mar 1 · 64
Adrian Mar 1
The darkness brings comfort
With a touch of suffocation.
All’s not unwell, though,
For he exists too
Within this space made for two.
Silently peering,
Deathly fearful of rest
Or of a loss of control.

Both of us are but mere parts
To a far greater whole.
Is it really better? Can I state thar with confidence? No, and no.
Feb 25 · 74
Adrian Feb 25
Your silent hypocrisy;
A now faded memory.

Wishing for well
With directions to hell,
Purifying me
With oil and flame.

We weren’t meant to be,
Yet you still reside, now tame.

It’s only a matter of time
Before you rise from the grime.
The more I become less myself, the more it splits away from me, and teaches me all of the wrong ways to cope, under a ruse of helping me. It is too unlike me to be inside of me, yet it is there.
Feb 22 · 54
Adrian Feb 22
Tugging at my eyes
With the gentle touch
of a light-bathed savior,
Time has once again
Caused me to lapse
Into the world of waking dreams.

Reading what I hear
But all I hear is latin;
The voices in the confusion.

Spikes cloud my vision,
Disintegrating the border
Of self-awareness.
Half baked poem. I’m too afraid to sleep ****. I’m such a ******* wimp sometimes. Honestly I know it doesn’t matter in 2021, but I feel like if someone listed out my qualities to a stranger the stranger wouldn’t even think for a second that I’m a dude. It’s almost pitiful, but it isn’t, so that’s what matters.
Feb 22 · 65
Adrian Feb 22
Dancing to the music
Which has long ended,
Static replaces
The now distorted confusion
Leaving a shimmering illusion.

Forgetfulness is an imperfect crime,
And so I truly am
Everywhere at the end of time.
“Everywhere at the End of Time” - The Caretaker
Feb 21 · 59
Adrian Feb 21
Hold the rain;
Follow the fall,
Catch it before the splash.

Little umbrellas
Are all I have
Lay upon the grass
And feel the silencing grasp.

Live vicariously
Through my rain;
Through my pain.
Feb 21 · 67
Adrian Feb 21
Spiraling through the sharpened skies,
Slicing at the wind
With a blade sharper than air.
We say all’s fair,
But with a corrupt mind and body
Do I have any right to endorse it?

In a world of bladed air,
The act of falling
Hurts more than the impact.
This is the world we live in today. If you are cast out by society, the fall to rock bottom hurts mire than being at rock bottom.
Feb 18 · 59
Adrian Feb 18
The tug,
The pull,
The snap.

Giving way to the fall.
Time, flowing like water
Among glittering beaches.

Darkness moves in,
But a flaming defiance
Rises like a screaming gale
Along the gap
Where the string once existed.

In the flames of renewal
A new string is born,
Holding back
With a grip like thorns.

Spiraling in and out
Of a fruitful Existence,
We stand on the brink of life.
Hi~ hi~ everyone! I was listening to some Bring Me The Horizon today, and I caught myself thinking what would happen if I just drove my car into a tree (while I was driving my car I thought of this). I knew it was a dodgy thing because I don’t know how fast before I die. In the end I figured out one thing. If I went fast enough, I’d be dying, blinking out of existence, but I’d be screaming to live, in every last cell of my body. This poem is to reflect that. I didn’t crash my car. I’m not dead yet *******! (Said in a joking manner)
Feb 14 · 107
Adrian Feb 14
Clear and transparent before me,
Lying calmly and silently.
The dawn rises behind the horizon,
The moon, once gone,
Now over the silver land.
Electrified emotions
Left to stimulate a dim moonlight.
Feb 10 · 133
Adrian Feb 10
False whispers
Sounding alarms,
Poisoning the will;
Drowning the ill.

Pulling you down
Just to push you up,
And burrow inside you,
To be a viciously vicarious
Vile remnant
Of whats long gone.
Feb 10 · 112
Adrian Feb 10
A violent struggle for air,
Lasts like a star’s radiant flare.
As the void turns to ashes,
Breath resumes control;
A frozen silencer thawed dry.
Feb 10 · 85
Adrian Feb 10
Decompression overwhelms
Concrete mentalities,
Shattering them
Like false glass.

Heavy is the head
That dawns the crown;
An anchor of lead,
Pulling us down.
Using greek letters i can make interesting things, take the uppercase lambda for example: ΛIDΛN cool i guess.
Feb 9 · 67
Adrian Feb 9
What ails these sorry veins,
Plaguing the mind and soul alike?
Boiling blood, sores and pains,
Killing what’s left of life.

Maybe rubies are all I need;
To make a mark and watch it bleed.
I’ve overworked this sickness further into me. I can’t even laugh it off anymore, I don’t have the strength. It’s tearing me apart.
Feb 7 · 277
Adrian Feb 7
Within the midst of your lies,
Hiding among the corner
Of your drifting eyes.

I stand surprised,
Activated by what’s lost
Awoken by the cost.

These cold blooded veins
Warming to your pains
Attempting to hide your fear
Of doing man right.

Internalization taking flight.
I still am up and weird about what I did. it’s nothing bad. I gave someone a gift and it made them “disgustingly thankful” in their words. but still I’m in turmoil. Was it right for me to do that, from a personal standpoint? From an impersonal standpoint (not considering me) it was a nice thing to do. I do remember their reaction and smile because it made me happy, but why?
Feb 2 · 153
Adrian Feb 2
Losing grip
As the void opens below me.
A rage like a flame,
Ready to consume it all away.
The water douses the flame,
The smooth visage
Of the silently stoic seas
Now threatening to drown
Rather than to save.

One good tug deserves my time,
And so I unwillingly fall
Into the drowning sea.

Reddened hands,
slick with broken skin
Reduce the sea to an abhorrent red.
Now sadness has a new color.
Feb 2 · 103
Adrian Feb 2
The darkness holds me tightly,
Wrapping me within
Its—mine—our sin.

I see it shifting in the corner,
The forlorn spectral shade
Slipping through the thin fabric
Of my weak perception.

Embracing my body,
Living in my soul;
The shadow lies dormant,
With it I feel whole.
It’s not just the good parts that make us up, it’s the bad parts too. I started watching people stream videogames. It’s actually pretty chill.
Jan 31 · 93
Adrian Jan 31
Like the sun
Blazing through the sky,
A master swords
Cleaves the fallen knight,
Bringing forth
The golden sunrise
Of a gilded age
Jan 29 · 84
Adrian Jan 29
Arriving with an air
Of delicate stillness,
The cold slips between our fingers,
Much like the marsh mud I threw
As a young child,
Or as the years of my life
That disappeared before me.
Yeah idk where I was going with this it’s 10 degrees outside rn (yes, degrees F, it’s below zero in Celsius)
Jan 28 · 83
Adrian Jan 28
The thunder of gods
Hitting like a stone,
Yet fragmenting
Like hollow glass;
An insufferable impact
Followed by a spectral radiance
Of the refractive prisms
Which now litter
Our wandering minds.
Inspired by “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC (the first line is my mishearing of the song, and all the inspiration) the second line inspired by “IMN” by Mudvayne. The rest is original to me.
Jan 28 · 102
Adrian Jan 28
I’m the whisper
Among the piercing scream;
The subtle vertigo
Of an early morning dream.

I’m the darkest burning star;
Your wandering mind
When you’ve gone too far.

I’m the voice you could not hear;
The voice you should not fear.
Advice that most abhor,
Given with an air of valor.

Don’t follow my whispered suggestions,
All it becomes is bad recollections.
Jan 27 · 82
Adrian Jan 27
Without constraint,
Without boundaries,
Emotion persists
Through the trials of time.
Jan 26 · 75
Adrian Jan 26
The purest expiration;
The train has left the station
There’s no need to lie it out
There’s no need to contain it
It’s just a small remainder;
What’s left of our container
But shattered resonation?
A silenced inhibition
Led me to emotion.
There’s no thoughts to control,
This mind just isn’t whole.
Jan 26 · 69
Adrian Jan 26
Youthful spring,
Slowly drawing itself towards winter.
We wish it would stay forever,
But time grows old,
As all things do,
And barren days
Arrive in a haze.

All seems lost and lifeless,
But hope is not yet futile,
Because spring lies beyond
The approaching horizon.
Jan 24 · 83
Adrian Jan 24
As we make this mess whole,
We look into the distance, intoxicated
By the silent, corrupt vessel.
A terror once prominent, now abated.

A sickness soon to grow,
But the infection has long sat, dormant.
Break the dam, beckon in the flow,
And watch as we sing our silent lament.
My parents seem to be under the impression that I’m a closeted transgender. I’m trying to figure out how to tell them that dudes are allowed to like cute stuff too ****.
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