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 Feb 19 Adrian
“What is a poem?”
My English teacher asks,
then barely pauses before answering his own question.
Lists of rules and reasons
spill from his mouth,
so many that he’s cut off by the bell.

I refrain from raising my hand
and telling him that anything can be a poem
if you want it to be.

The painting on the wall,
the fleeting peace that comes
from looking at the moon,
the little boy whose hands are already rough
and calloused with use.

Nothing makes a poem
but our minds and thoughts and wishes
for “poem” is just a word
but what it gives us is ours to decide.

Maybe even this is a poem,
though my English teacher would disagree.
Felt like trying something new.
 Feb 7 Adrian
karly codr
i've discovered recently
that i really like
oversized clothes
not because i'm trying to be trendy
but because it's easier to hide
 Jan 10 Adrian
karly codr
sometimes it makes me sad
knowing there are people out there
who fake being happy
and who are there for everyone
even when people aren't there for them
and then i remember
that i am one of those people
 Dec 2020 Adrian
Brooke Walbrecht
in the heart,
in the lovers eye,
the days bleed into the darkness,
the walls came crashing down,

perfect doesn't exist,
lost in the mind,
going insane for a lover,
scared to know their truth,

lost to the abyss,
lost to the guilt and lies,
found in the horrific truths,
found in the feeling of fear,

in love with a lie,
in a fight with the truth,
never wrong but never right,
thin as water, thick as blood,

poisoned wine,
****** antidote,
drugged drinks,
blood money,
 Dec 2020 Adrian
Brooke Walbrecht
nonexistent, a lie,
everyone is imperfect,
everyone has a lie, and a truth,
everyone can be anyone they choose,

the wanted are the needed,
the loved are the other half,
A whole doesn't make a right it makes a something,
relationships can be toxic but they are never perfect,
 Dec 2020 Adrian
alyssum withers
quick fire thoughts
like bullets in the night
refuse to let me be
and so i am condemned to my plight

made friends with the moon
and wave at the sun when she rises
the bruised sky outside my window
reminds me of the untouched pills my doctor advises
 Dec 2020 Adrian
It’s me
But it’s not me
The witness behind
It’s always watching
I pretend to hide

This is my life
So why would it care
What ever I think
It is aware

And when I give in
Nirvana take over
The laws of nature
Intoxicatingly sober!
Traveler Tim
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