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Adrian Mar 31
A shimmering thunderclap
Shines across a million seas.
I stand landlocked,
Left to count the endless leaves.

The golem’s silent lament
Leaves the lightning to grieve.
The execution of silence
Set to be, without reprieve.
A golem is like a robot but made of dirt or stone, in this case it is representative of the earth. After all, the earth and sky form a precious duality in which we thrive.
Adrian Mar 22
Burn brighter than steel,
And stronger than a star.
You’ve stoked the flame,
Now take the reigns.

Subdued no longer,
Your ambition grows stronger.
You’re the unyielding flame,
Burn the fields away,
Nothing shall stay.

The match was lit,
The air became flame.
There’s only ashes left
And I’m to blame.
Adrian Mar 22
Stone upon stone,
Laying down the bricks
For a worldwide collapse.

Tear at the membrane,
Nothing can stop you now.
Why limit yourself?
Nobody watches you
When it matters most,
So rise.

Walls are built to be broken,
So let your heart become molten;
The time has come to be awoken.
Adrian Mar 20
As we listen to the silence,
A world of noise
Populates our barren mind.

We bring life
To the once subdued void,
Only to ***** it out
Like a whimpering candle
When we inevitably forget.
Me writing poetry at 12:30am lol. Time for some ice cream.

Edit: after rereading this in the morning, I realized I never ate any ice cream.
Adrian Mar 14
Like pearls,
Like glass;
A shining immaculacy
bereft of the past.

With an infinite capacity,
The vessel holds the soul,
And two parts become whole.
Take a swing, see what you think it means.
Adrian Mar 11
Place the bets
Run the cards
Jack of hearts?
You’re just the joker.

Face card?
It’s all a facade.

living freely,
Yet chained to the game,
Life’s got my soul; my flame.
I’ve long since lost my name.
Playful thoughts of cards and chance.
Adrian Mar 6
Into the ground,
Pulling up dirt.

It splashes like water
On a brilliant summer day,
We all love to play in water...

Bury me
Under this weight,
Bury me
Under my sin.
Bury me,
for I will never win.
Inspired by “Dig” from Mudvayne
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