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Adrian 1h
The king was but livestock,
given to the next in line.
His death was a tragedy,
but another arose from it.
chaos uprooted justice,
and bit by corrupted bit,
the monarch transformed.

A demon came from the monarch,
just as a saint had come from the king.
However, since the king was ill livestock,
the monarch would drop like a rock.

Hail Macduff!
Hail the one who hath slain
a most fearsome demon!
inspired by Macbeth. I was thinking along the lines of talking about solely Duncan, and how he was just livestock to feed Macbeth's upcoming reign.
Adrian 2h
To all those oppressors out there,
I say "**** you!"

I pray to all the masses:
Let the rabbits wear glasses,
let the pigs wear suits,
and let the accountants...
let them wear their favorite boots!

The cows can don their horns
and the sheep will wear their wool
while farmer brown scorns
the fool that wrought this chaos
into his farm stand kiosk.
inspired by the start of Disgustipated, a song by TOOL (I really suggest listening to it ****) also the **** you from this poem: started the idea. Thank you Larry Marshall!
Adrian 1d
A silver tongue,
Or a golden one?
I tend to prefer
Them motionless.
“Sometimes the best thing to do for someone else is to shut the **** up”
-Me, said right now.
Adrian 1d
Just another fleeting instinct
That hops from one event,
One minuscule instance in this
Perpetually flowing spring of time,
To the next.
I considered renaming it The Big Picture, but then the poem’s context wouldn’t make sense. Does anyone else name their poems before writing them or am I just weird?
Adrian 1d
Four-k cameras
don't do a scene much justice,
but beautifully spun verses
can imprint a distinct image
into one's imaginative mind.
Photos are nice, but poetry, and just wonderful writing in general are better. But nothing, and yes, I **** well mean nothing, can beat seeing the sights in person.
Adrian 2d
The anger closes in,
Like a thick blanket,
Ten degrees too thick.

My worldview is narrowed,
The blanket weighs me down.
Heat is rising at a rapid pace,
And my thoughts become colder.

The blanket is now
chaining me down,
And I feel useless.
I want to help another,
But I cannot help their case.
It violently tears me open
To be unable to help them.
And as I think further,
The blanket grows thicker,
And tighter.
It’s hot under my blankets. Ugh I feel like **** when this kinda thing happens, but I can always try my best.
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