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Adrian 7d
Like a spirit’s stringless song;
Soundless and brief,
Beauty remains hidden
To those with prying eyes.
Sometimes it’s found in the most unexpected of places, sometimes even in yourself. I tend to find it when I’m not actively looking for it.
Adrian Apr 11
Whispers follow me,
Muttering their taunting mirthful cry.
I listen from my liar’s chair,
Too far gone to care.

Smothered voices sing to me,
Calling out my name
Through distorted chords.

I have no lips to speak of,
No eyes to embrace the world;
Only these silent ears,
Listening to my tormentors fears.
Adrian Apr 10
As the humid summer days
Sift into the crisp autumn nights,
Like the shimmering sands
Of a young hourglass,
She longs to once again
Feel the raging warmth
Of the midsummer sun.
Adrian Apr 9
As the clock continues
Its everlasting tick,
The candle begins to sing.
Weaving words of spider silk,
Leaving a trail of scentless smoke
Through the silent night.
Adrian Apr 9
Fear sets in
Like a soft chill.

My comfort becomes my enemy,
And my silence begins to crumble.

Lost, cold, and alone.
All i have is the road ahead,
The hill behind,
And the mountain to the side.

I am stripped of all my pride,
Through the deafening emptiness.
Nothingness comes off in flakes

As my screaming silence breaks.
Adrian Apr 7
Shimmering silence
Blooms over the desolate horizon,
Beckoning my fragile soul.

As the sun begins to fade,
Letting the darkness inch closer,
I’m still standing still;

However, now I’m worlds away
With nobody around.
Adrian Apr 7
Keep quiet,
Silence is your friend
And so am I.

Don’t listen to them,
They’re trying to stop you.
You’ll see this through.
That’s the one thing I’m sure you’ll do.

So shut up
And drive.
Only when far away,
Will you begin to thrive.
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