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Monika Dec 2018
I´m in love...

Attracted to the man,
whose deeds have changed.

Behind the angelic face
rests the cruel truth;

There were signs of warning,
along the way,  
I should have seen them.

Even he himself
tried to protect me from falling.

But I never listened.  
Being blinded by his charms
that remained.

Even the devil was once an angel...

It´s a perfect irony
because he once fell too.

And landed in hell,
instead of heaven.
This might be his second fall.
Monika Jan 2018
The words that left my lips,
the ones I never meant,
hurt you in a bitter way.
It´s too late to get away...

Baby, I promise,
I never meant to hurt you.
I never meant to say
the words that left my lips,
on a Christmas day...
The only thing I have left is regret!
Monika May 2017
As it fell out on a long summer's day,
  Two lovers they sat on a hill;
They sat together that long summer's day,
  And could not talk their fill.

"I see no harm by you, Margarèt,
  And you see none by mee;
Before to-morrow at eight o' the clock
  A rich wedding you shall see."

Fair Margaret sat in her bower-windòw,
  Combing her yellow hair;
There she spyed sweet William and his bride,
  As they were a riding near.

Then down she layd her ivory combe,
  And braided her hair in twain:
She went alive out of her bower,
  But ne'er came alive in't again.

When day was gone, and night was come,
  And all men fast asleep,
Then came the spirit of Fair Marg'ret,
  And stood at William's feet.

"Are you awake, sweet William?" shee said,
  "Or, sweet William, are you asleep?
God give you joy of your gay bride-bed,
  And me of my winding sheet."

When day was come, and night was gone,
  And all men wak'd from sleep,
Sweet William to his lady sayd,
  "My dear, I have cause to weep.

"I dreamt a dream, my dear ladyè,
  Such dreames are never good:
I dreamt my bower was full of red 'wine,'
  And my bride-bed full of blood."

"Such dreams, such dreams, my honoured sir,
  They never do prove good;
To dream thy bower was full of red 'wine,'
  And thy bride-bed full of blood."

He called up his merry men all,
  By one, by two, and by three;
Saying, "I'll away to fair Marg'ret's bower,
  By the leave of my ladiè."

And when he came to fair Marg'ret's bower,
  He knocked at the ring;
And who so ready as her seven brethrèn
  To let sweet William in.

Then he turned up the covering-sheet;
  "Pray let me see the dead;
Methinks she looks all pale and wan.
  She hath lost her cherry red.

"I'll do more for thee, Margarèt,
  Than any of thy kin:
For I will kiss thy pale wan lips,
  Though a smile I cannot win."

With that bespake the seven brethrèn,
  Making most piteous mone,
"You may go kiss your jolly brown bride,
  And let our sister alone."

"If I do kiss my jolly brown bride,
  I do but what is right;
I ne'er made a vow to yonder poor corpse,
  By day, nor yet by night.

"Deal on, deal on, my merry men all,
  Deal on your cake and your wine:
For whatever is dealt at her funeral to-day,
  Shall be dealt to-morrow at mine."

Fair Margaret dyed to-day, to-day,
  Sweet William dyed the morrow:
Fair Margaret dyed for pure true love,
  Sweet William dyed for sorrow.

Margaret was buryed in the lower chancèl,
  And William in the higher:
Out of her brest there sprang a rose,
  And out of his a briar.

They grew till they grew unto the church top,
  And then they could grow no higher;
And there they tyed in a true lover's knot,
  Which made all the people admire.

Then came the clerk of the parish,
  As you the truth shall hear,
And by misfortune cut them down,
  Or they had now been there.
This is one of the best poem I´ve ever had the opportunity to read... NOT MINE!
  Feb 2017 Monika
"Why do you only wanna talk about the problems with public school and suicide?"

Because the blood in the restroom stall,
And the ghosts that walk the halls,
Are only increasing in numbers.
Monika Feb 2017
How stupid can one be...
to fall in love
with best friend´s man?

How stupid can one be...
to fall in love again?

This time with his friend...

How stupid can one be...
to tell everything to another friend?

Rather than do
unforgivable things with them!

Just one kiss
on his lips
would be enough for me
to bury the desire
*deep inside
At least that´s what I keep telling myself...
Monika Feb 2017
Your skin is so white
(as a freshly fallen snow)

I love the smell of you
I love touching you
I love you
and I want to marry you...

So will you please marry me now?

And I jumped in the middle of night
from my bed
because that man
*was not the one sleeping to my left....
Monika Nov 2015
(Na)vždy si tu stál
a jemne sa ma dotýkal.

Vtedy, keď naše prsty zostali zjednotené
v nerozpletenom zovretí...

Na deke pod stromom  
moja nežná dlaň
hladila tvoj obličaj...

Teraz však pri mojom dotyku,
dotyku nezmenenom ba predsa inom,  
odvraciaš tvár.

Strácala by som sa
v myšlienkach na teba...
Keby *** nebol čas, od času svetových odlišností
tak krutý.  

A napokon, keď sa tvoja ruka vytratí
ako posledný vánok zo zeme...
Napokon zostanú *** rozorvané objatia.
I wrote this as a sad option how relationship fades out... Hope some of you like it...
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