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Monie Oct 2018
So silent,
Probably the loudest silence you’ll ever hear,
So peaceful,
So sincere,
So graceful,
Take me there,
Where the birds sing a lovely melody,
And the wind softly whistles a tune,
Where the water wishes,
And at night rises a full moon,
Where the sun sets and you could reach out and touch,
Where the grass is greener,
Have you ever seen beautiful this much?
Monie Oct 2018
You the only reason I got heart emojis in my keyboard history,
How you make me feel the way I feel is a mystery,
Cause I don't understand it either,
Confessing and showing my feelings
To do it I wasn't eager,
Use to wear my heart up on my sleeve
Kept getting hurt,
Had to stop and take a breather...

I'm back and more cautious of where I wear my heart,
And with you I get a fresh new start.
Monie Oct 2018
With you I felt safe
I held on
Kept knocking me down
I stayed strong
Beating on my heart
King Kong
Am I supposed to feel this way
Feels wrong
Should I leave or do I stay
Im gone
Try to come back
Leave me alone
Came to my door
Don't want you here
Can't keep on
You had your chance
It's gone.
Monie Feb 2019
In my life I have been to more funerals than weddings,
I noticed that there are more endings than new beginnings.

— The End —