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monet vanbuskirk Oct 2016
You go back because it's comfortable
But the bed is lined with thorns
The comforter a prickley mess against your skin
Love is thick here but the trust is thin

His arms are warm around you
But something stirs inside

It remembers more than you do
A scream that dulls with every rejection
Eventually being buried
By more pleasant things
monet vanbuskirk Dec 2015
Love kind of feels like wine
And also like standing in front of a podium
About to give a detailed speech
On a topic you know nothing about
monet vanbuskirk Sep 2015
Airports are sad places
Or at least that’s how I’ve seen them
Through my fog laden eyes
Bright, florescent lighting
Lines upon lines of people excited
Or scared to death
Or drained from the previous three flights
And then there are families
Babies who look just like their adult counterparts

And then there’s me who sees you
Out of the corner of my eye
Hiding behind a pole
I’m brought back to reality again
Back to this tangible hole
I’m elated and devastated
At the same time
monet vanbuskirk Sep 2015
It alters you at your core, the inmost part of you
And expands outward into all of your limbs
Until every cell inside you
Begins to softly hum the same note

Continuously you become this-
This buzzing higher frequency
And it shines out through your eyes
Reflecting back at you
In the smiles of those who feel it too
monet vanbuskirk May 2015
One could argue happiness buffers creativity
While pain greases the slide
monet vanbuskirk May 2015
night time is always the hardest
all of my strings
all the mess of strings
i've created
some thick some thinner
tug and pull and empty me
yet fill me at the same time
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