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  Aug 2014 Miranda Jo
what does it mean to be lonely.

what does it mean to be lonely,

what does it mean to be lonely?


they're so






      ­          them?
  Aug 2014 Miranda Jo
Jorge Echevarria
Memories memories go away
That's my conscience everyday
I make overthinking seem like a chore
You only hate when you do it more
Keeping me up late looking for security
Wishing my hands were full of yours and you right next to me
Sip life straight out the bottle and enduce
A time where time stops ticking and tocking an impossible truce
Unable to let go of your daily habits
Lay down on your mattress toss and turn from the madness eye lids peeled open from the sadness  
To think when I didn't know your name yet you looked my way and I couldn't fake it but
I have to forget before I remember
All these memories, burn deep it's the embers
All I wanted to do was love her
While my lungs inhale the smok.. my feelings are being smuthered
  Aug 2014 Miranda Jo
People always tell you to
get over it
but only until you experience it
do you you realize
it's not that simple.
Miranda Jo Aug 2014
I just want to say the things we're all thinking.
You're thinking about how it felt when he smiled at you for the first time.
How his lips tasted like mint and cigarettes.
You're thinking about your first kiss with him now aren't you?
How it felt to feel wanted in the most romantic way.
Now he smiles at her.
Now she taste his lips and doesn't even appreciate the smell of cigarettes his breath carries that he tried to hide with mint.
Now he looks at her and undresses her in his mind like he used to undress you.
You miss him.
You miss the way he used to tell you "You're mine."
He doesn't care anymore and it's killing you.
This is what all of us broken hearts need.
What we need to hear is hidden in our skin so we tear it open with blades until we are satisfied.
We never find what we need.
So we dig deeper into our broken souls and continue to bleed.
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