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143 Jun 2019
There’s a little porcelain doll I come to tell all my worries to
Worries that I can’t seem to tell you
Particularly nights this week I’ve found myself whispering in her ear
Telling her everything that I’ve come to fear
As I tell her more and more I start to notice her weep
Her glass has cracked where her tears would be
Making me fear that these secrets I’ve said might be too hard to keep
Her tears of cracked glass will soon spread, shattering her mouth
Spilling all my worries and fears for your own ears to hear.
143 May 2019
My favorite pass time is sitting with you
Preferably outside, on the grass
While you count my freckles and tell me how pretty you think I am
As I blush and wonder how I got so ******* lucky to have you.
I love everything about you
143 May 2019
The sun shines down when you smile
And I swear everything disappears when you look at me.
Your eyes share a complex pattern with each other and a melt a color that reminds me of coffee beans
With your freckles covering your face making me wonder how someone can be so cute
And a personality even more beautiful than your outside appearance.
he makes me smile
143 May 2019
A question I ask myself a lot.
I wonder as if love is real but in actuality I’m just wondering if love can last
Because whether I admit it or not I sure as hell know what love feels like
I want someone to love me that will last
143 May 2019
I’m sorry I disappointed you.
I never meant for you to find out
Or atleast get it confirmed enough to confront me about it.
I know she means a lot to you.
And I’m sorry that my opinions don’t line up with yours.
I wish she didn’t bother me but she does
:/ :/ :/
143 May 2019
I’m sick of being cold all the time
And feeling like there’s no one around me.
Every day I notice more and more how we’re all growing a part and we all talk a little less.
I want to fix things
I just don’t know how
Or if there’s even something there to fix.
Maybe it’s all in my head
Or atleast I hope it is.
I’m just counting down the days for summer to start, because maybe then things will start feeling normal again.
i miss everyone
143 May 2019
You’re the type of person to be the reason my eyes are filled with tears
And tell me I’m pretty when I cry.
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