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I'll plant a kiss in your lips,
So that a smile will grow in it,
Then its roots will reach into your heart and soul,
And that love will be its fruit.

© Earl Jane
♥ E.J.C.S.
For Brandon ❤❤

***. Lol. I didn't realize this became the daily poem ON MY BIRTHDAY. Hahaha.. Lots stuff are happening today and I am really happy. Thank you everyone
You will always be my little girl
Though now a woman in your own right,
And as you step out into the world
I pray to God you will be alright.
Though in cotton wool I would wrap you
To keep you from all harm if I could,
I understand that if I were to
That I would do you more harm than good.
Over the past few years you have grown
Into a wonderful young lady;
The strength of character you have shown
Tells me I have no need to worry.
So go girl! Do what you have to do,
There's a great big world waiting for you!
But remember, whatever you do,
That I shall always be here for you.
Love Dad x
Inspired by my two wonderful daughters <3 <3
 Jul 2016 Molantwa Mmele

They have feelings,
They experience pain
They love deeply
They cry often
They laugh loudly
They know happiness
and they know sorrow
They express emotions
They get stressed
They relax
They have hearts
and those hearts break at times
They dream
and they imagine
They worry
They help
They wish
They ask
and they tell
They create
They design
They work
and they play
They think
They learn
They hurt
They smile
But most of all
they pour their souls out in their poetry
just hoping someone, anyone will read*

Poets are people too
 Jul 2016 Molantwa Mmele

A bridge above the river fern,
we wander hand in trusted hand
As each has found this sense to yearn,
illumined by a destined plan

A chipmunk scurries through the brush
to gather up the evening fare
Time moves slow, no need to rush  
and us without a single care

Before a cascade flowing free,
a whispered mist beckons our eyes
To dream of our eternity
as witnessed by these summer skies

A narrow way, a winding path,
majestic trees stand far and near
In thoughts we find the aftermath
shows every ounce of love so clear

Through rough terrain of rocky ways
and valleys where the sun does shine
Of all that nature now displays
and countless words to call you mine

We pause this wobbly footbridge rail,
side by side to share the scene
Knowing that we shall not fail
to live in this our perfect dream
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