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 May 2015 Missy
 May 2015 Missy
Love is persistent
and so are rapists
I could be resistant
but Cupid's grip ain't nothing to **** with
 May 2015 Missy
 May 2015 Missy

I'm ignoring myself.

To save myself.

From myself.
 Apr 2015 Missy
A Poet's Heart
 Apr 2015 Missy
A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It's the tears that trickle with radiance through words.
     It's a treasure trove that hides but longs to
     be found.
          It's a book shelved high that wants to
          be read.
               It's the freest of all birds caged but

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It doesn't beat to the capable strokes of the artist.
     It doesn't pump in the most vibrant of
          It doesn't wield a paintbrush to
          translate its thoughts.
               But it can see through the eyes of

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It doesn't conform to the conventional parameters of lyrics.
     It doesn't bind itself to the requirements
     of musical harmony.
          It doesn't follow the conventions of
               But it sings its voice loud without
               restrictions of melody...

A poet's heart isn't like any other...
It's an open secret, that whispers in metaphoric codes.
     It's an exploding universe, that merges
     back into galaxies.
          It's a sought after painting, that boasts
          of unfathomable beauty.
               It's an everlasting song, that echoes
               within the poet that embodies...
Dedicated to all of you...

If you're reading this...
This is for you...
 Oct 2014 Missy
Joshua Haines
 Oct 2014 Missy
Joshua Haines
Hard to miss, you can take me home.
I'd rather be anyone than to be alone.
Marlboro-stained teeth
have my lips controlled.
Don't mistake the chemicals
for our souls.

I move with the waters inside your ribcage.
Because when I drown in you,
it's the perfect place.

Softly, please, taking off our clothes:
I can see the kisses that have left holes.
You've been acid-washed
by love that wasn't stronger.
Take off your armor,
so you can stay here longer.

Your face is as cold
as the place I found you in.
You can let go of the hurt
trapped beneath your skin.

I keep warm in your fire that beats fast.
To be alone with you, it to be, at last.

Hard to miss, I will take you home.
You can be anyone, rather than be alone.
Remove your shoes, but not your heart.
You can stay here, as our world falls apart.
 Oct 2014 Missy
Ricordati di me
It gets darker and darker.
Every day another shade.
Today it was so dark that I lost sight of who I was.
I could't see myself.
I couldn't feel my own skin.
Reflection couldn't help me either,
what looked back was hallowed out.

I could feel it in every inch of me.
The want,
The need to pull myself back together.
Find my pieces and resurrect.

I was supposed to protect myself.
Protect the adolescent in me,
The one I still am.
I know she wouldn't be proud.
I sank deeper and deeper.

But tonight,
Tonight it started to get a little bit lighter.
The illuminated hands reached out to me,
Pulled me out of the water,
Saved me from drowning,
From sinking any further.
They held me up and I never wanted them to let me go.
Wrote this through my recovery.
Thank you Adam for always giving me strength.
 Aug 2013 Missy
Hermann Hesse
Don't be downcast, soon the night will come,
When we can see the cool moon laughing in secret
Over the faint countryside,
And we rest, hand in hand.

Don't be downcast, the time will soon come
When we can have rest. Our small crosses will stand
On the bright edge of the road together,
And rain fall, and snow fall,
And the winds come and go.

— The End —