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Mohammed Nusky Feb 2018
It's cold and the wind kept blowing,
I kept looking at the dire less waves.
Endlessly they came to see the shore, from
limitless distances. A tear rolled down my eye.

Thinking that no day would come for goodbyes. I've been fooling myself and I don't know how. Never thought to be alone again, and expectations ruined.

I know she loved me and I, more than ever.
The dream I've been living has fell apart.
Shattered my mind, wandering why this tragedy is dying. Or did she ever loved me?

Just four words from those beautiful lips had me ripped apart. She was leaving me, farewell and be safe. No! It's not her! It can't be. But it was her.

"Why" heard all around the walls and far beyond. Rather for answers, they were filled with oceans of tears. It's all over! She's gone! She'll never come back!

I stood up from the bench which was wet by the rain I never felt. I walked still watching the waves, a ship fading in the horizon. A whisper said "It's time for you to let go"
Mohammed Nusky Feb 2018
Let a seed grow into a tree,
Let a tree grow into a forest,
Let a stream turn into an ocean,
Let grains of sand turn into a desert,
Let a breeze turn into a hurricane.

Let her thoughts dwell in you and witness your demise.
Mohammed Nusky Feb 2018
Peeking through the window,
A glimpse caught him in the far meadow.
The dancing dandelions filled in the air,
Running midst the crowd was a white mare.
Warm as a sleeping child,
A touch he felt when her arms had him coiled.
Her breath like the musk of lavender blooms,
He'd come to life from his gloom.
Peaches and plums she wore in her cheeks,
Tempting for a bite made him pique.

His hands slipped, his chin hit the wooden pane,
For nothing of it was true but an illusion in his memory lane.
Mohammed Nusky Feb 2018
Hopes die when your trust overdoses, strange.
From the little things I saw came admiration,
Like hot lava it slowly but with quantity it filled.
And rapidly did it started turning into stone unaware.

Exchange of words would be great joy,
Only until her decision was to lose interest.
Little by little I saw it coming collapsing down,
Yet I denied judgements and chose patience.

Sometimes everything looked so easer,
I never knew how they change so fast.
Dying to reach a place in her heart, rejection
Just one word to vanquish all you're.

The so called fortress of hope shattered,
A barren wasteland is what's left of it.
Confusing to understand why all the time
Leaves you unanswered intuitions.

Constant and stable is an unpredictable paradox.
Forget all and go on or stay and wait,
Stumbling upon choices when thoughts invade your mind,
Always the unpleasant but still confounding,
Fight the painful war thence you may reign once, at least!

— The End —