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Your smile will shine
But not everyone will appreciate it's beams
Your touch will heal
But not all
Because sometimes the shattered shards of the human soul like shattered glass may be better of alone.
All of my first few poems will be part of a remember series.  Just some reminders of certain aspects in life. I know it's negative but I believe that we can never really match each other's energy
We'll stand together, just like we would at the alter, side by side, equal, as one
And though your eyes are fixed on mine, slowly falling into the brown eyelids that are hedged inside,
Your ears, are elsewhere, swallowing whole, the words from below
That tell tales of the man I was,
The rapid blinks protruding from your eyes, overshadow your mascara,
As you try deeply to cover your ear, but the reminder that echoes leads yor eyes to whatever the source,
I ask you whether you're okay and you reply me in a mellow tone, as your mind turns into that of a phone,
Scrolling and selecting,
As you tolerate the comments section
That allows you to see another me.
And in that moment I only ask that as your mind spins you do not search for the answers as you would on your phone, but instead you remember the memories that continuously play on in your mind,
That you see past whatever I am to them,and look to the past to see what I am
Who am I to you?

— The End —