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Jun 30 · 68
Michael Jun 30
in a dream my mother ran into a field of flowers
each one lit ablaze by the last ray of sun
red like her lips
red like her hair
at war with the deep green sky
they dipped and bowed their heads of fire
offering a dance to their queen
fragile emptiness still with silence
no hand was offered
her Mona Lisa smile never held me me
I was swallowed up by the oncoming storm
whipped up into the clouds by rain
I watched her tip her body against the wind
and fall into the sway like a burning petal
Michael Jun 9
train cars sway without the weight of the flock
did a new world unfold
empty out and flood the streets?
each scream along the tracks is into the void
I clench my fists in my pockets
silenced behind every pair eyes
which ones crease with a hidden smile
grim comfort with no joy
shared and sheared
no sir, no sir
black sheep with no wool to spare
May 3 · 77
Michael May 3
a desert mirror holds every cloud
“gold is the richest and poorest color”
I think this in a stupor
like I’m half asleep
chewing on glass
pretending it’s ice while it cuts me
it’s so loud I hear almost nothing else
I just pretend it’s the roar of thunder
watch sharp stalks of grass dance
noncommittal breeze
and away
just sun and heat and not enough wind
an overtired well that draws no relief
as above so below
echo in the dim
bucket hits bottom
dark and cool
a friend like sleep
memory of cold lakes
midnight stars laced through lashes
sky blue an ugly blue
it doesn’t quench thirst
I unravel and sink into myself
a spindle of bright red thread
sewing every stone in a zigzag
they shiver as though they’re cold
quilting together all distant thoughts
the memory of a shadow that burns
freckled cheek laughter
lively shoulders the color of a rose
bloomed and blistered
the longest, tired summer
we all dream of water when there is no rain
Stay safe.
Feb 27 · 85
Michael Feb 27
I always write about my hands like they don’t belong to me
illness has dragged seasons from them
maybe I shouldn’t have likened my father to winter
the memory of my bruises lives in the soul now
I’m not sure which hit hardest
six feet of snow or the back of his fist
I have struggled my whole life to fight back
my knuckles are pink from cold I can’t even feel
this isn’t the first time they’ve bled
these days they crack in between the fingers
splintered like microscopic branches
I imagine them like the bare trees of my hometown
their nakedness in the sun was always so humble
like them, I pray with my arms outstretched toward heaven
I ask God for forgiveness
I don’t know who I’m referring to anymore
after the first green leaf and fragile bloom
I think I’m answered with spring
Nov 2019 · 116
Michael Nov 2019
the pullgrab
the uplift
the swallow me whole
I choke on the warmth of you
a pocket of air trapped beneath the ribs
tugging and expanding infinitely
as if there was no breastplate
and beneath is just the heart
a quivering bird nesting
enclosed in barbed wire breathing
I dig in with short fingernails
what is this skinshape
what is the encapsulated story held in my marrow
why is the muscle so hard to scrape from the bone
I’ll be a little boy forever
with scabbed-over knees and a pink nose
burning eyes that have forgotten how to cry
Nov 2019 · 107
Snow Globe.
Michael Nov 2019
remnants of a star
bits and pieces strewn about
death like a child’s playroom
littered without consequence
abandoned kaleidoscope
mirror fragments
blood splatter prism
heaven smeared like paint or jelly
the color violet for breakfast
bright red lip curled
crumbs of the bluest Indian summer
trapped in this grin of fire
pink gums and overturned snow globe
the body of confidence lost to the floorboards
glitter impossible to sweep up
even more disgusting to hold
shining universe adhered unwillingly
trapped between sticky fingers
Sep 2019 · 131
Michael Sep 2019
what a shrill cry; a thousand sirens
I have always hated the way my mind speaks before you
every tangle of fire licks the heels of passing gentleness
I pry open the shell of us for a hideous pearl
and hold in my hands the stillborn body of trust
Apr 2019 · 329
Obsessive Compulsive.
Michael Apr 2019
with neat knots
(in a fashion that is
the winding red thread
(that holds so much significance
despite fear
despite fire
despite blood)
around the neck
although I can’t control it
even pain must be
and with your hands
(which would
knot neatly with mine
if I let them)
pull tight
Sep 2018 · 2.2k
Michael Sep 2018
Mythos anecdote
just on the brink of fiction
evening potion

Berry stained laughter
sipping slowly to savor
breath caught in the chest

Ah, yes, crystal gaze
Cards that fit the palm just so
A spark —brief luminescence

If there is a storm
There, too, are hands catching rain
and the green-eyed girl
Aug 2018 · 920
Michael Aug 2018
That moment the cage
Robs the bird its chance to fly
Ambulance instinct

Feathered wing breathing
Warbled heart monitor song
Gold horizon pulse

Tangerine lover
Citrus at her lips, my lips
Passionate headlock

Tangles her fingers
At my neck with knotted sighs
Auburn cat's cradle
A small batch of these.
Jul 2018 · 1.2k
Michael Jul 2018
An orange storm cloud
Rises proudly from the horizon
A rain that burns the eyes
The bad god I need
Its altar pierces my chest
“Bow,” it says
My knees buckle beneath the weight of thunder
“Worship,” it demands
I lift my hand skyward and pray
I swallow each protest
every desperate plea for rest
Like hot iron in the throat
Fire in my trembling heart
May 2018 · 311
Michael May 2018
Fossilize my heart
in a sticky Southern summer
Shiver and sweat an uncertain future
103 degrees (With heat index?)

I can’t tell if it’s my fever
or if the hills are undulating
Freeing themselves of wrinkles
like hanging bedsheets

As they sway, I brace myself
Close my eyes to the dance
Still each painful breath,
seal every beat in amber
Oct 2017 · 346
Michael Oct 2017
In the mirror, I watch my eyelids flicker like a projector, a frame by frame film nested with worry, with exhaustion. I am a rusted suit of armor. Rattling the chest plate, my heart drums within from a distance. If it echoes, it’s still beating. If it echoes, it’s still beating.
May 2017 · 1.9k
Michael May 2017
I've got the rip down just right
The soft tear, grated misnomer
Perforated here in my middle
Like I was meant to come apart
Out of view
Hot with friction
Hot with longing
Kinetic energy
The low sound of cutting construction paper
Thick with each blade passing
A sharp kiss
Gripping like this
The right tool for suicide in the wrong hands
I have hands like those
******* I'm dissolving in a tear drop
It never left the eye
The sting feels like drowning
in pieces
Like paper.
Mar 2017 · 746
Michael Mar 2017
I had a dream I die
I ride a taxi into hell
I'm sweating but my driver is kind
He taps the meter when I arrive
Says, "pay up," gently
There is no tax

A flock rises from the magma
My eyes narrow from the heat
They glow as they sing
and cut me when their wings spread
Red hot and beautiful
Birds made of knives
Mar 2017 · 684
Michael Mar 2017
If it's empty does it grow?
earthless roots reaching out
floating idly, belly up
dreaming in a glass of water
rich, dark soil
a sky with no roof
freedom beyond walls
and the sun without a window
Missing the sun so much.
Jan 2017 · 3.2k
Michael Jan 2017
My boyhood pocketknife
Sits in the bottom of my bedside table
My skin is healing
But I still feel a little cut
I thank God every time I leave
Say goodbye to flat land
the long stretches of road
I forget the peonies
but they still bloom in me
My old backyard is littered
with noise and ***** snow
Cold trickles into the lungs
Slowly, like it's afraid to let go
Each exhale is proof we're alive
A cloud of condensation
curling away from mouths
Small, sleeping dragons
in an even smaller city
where all the jewels are gone
Jan 2017 · 504
Michael Jan 2017
The roots of our ghosts lay in brittle earth
drinking up all that's left of a dry well
hungry, savage rainclouds
open-mouthed and empty
tongueless and sharp-toothed
the jagged claws of thirst
we can't swallow what's left of our conversations
your salt water lashes cling to each pause
the smallest ocean haunting me
storming a little
pouring deep into the spinal column
stripped bare like bark
peeling sheet after sheet
of collapsing microscopic webs
spiny snapped synapses I wish I could tear out violently
break, trash, ruin, I don't care
while caring so profoundly I can't breathe
I whisper car crash questions
and feel so far from myself
I can't even tell if I'm asking you anything
like thunder in the distance
lightning for a moment
each spark failing to jump the bridge for souls
a suicide note when we tangle ourselves
an EVP, "remember when **** was better—"
white noise between cracked lips
the loudest silence, too
what are we even listening for
this static electric current can't leap
from my mouth to yours with a kiss
even if our hands touched
even if you keep crying
even if there is nothing left
even if we planted ourselves right here
and we can't ever grow again
Nov 2016 · 657
Michael Nov 2016
I have to shout to you over the noise of the television
In the form of a million other eyes
Standing, waiting, weeping
Watching our country slowly drip with wet paint
Stained in the color of loss
Peace, by piece, by piece

Smothered by your haughtiness and weak foresight
I have abandoned hope to the intangible concept of your knife
slitting the throats of a future generation
cutting out their docile voices
so only yours can be heard
Our love is stronger than your hate.
Nov 2015 · 615
Michael Nov 2015
If there is a wall
it's made of silk
or skin, my own skeleton
the veil of distance
soft, but obstinate
cloaks me in a Sunday morning
where I am yours
I forget about time
cages and bones
I only feel your mouth
static shock kisses
linger in a space shared
two worlds apart
Jul 2015 · 485
Michael Jul 2015
What a rush, a terrible rush
At my own expense
Running blind like always
My sordid adventures
But I'll be back soon

I don't know how to drown
In your tall trees yet
And I envy them a little
Embraced at their necks
By loving ghosts

Please hold me, too?
Find me when I'm lost?
Perhaps I'll kiss you with my eyes closed
Pull you under me
Wade more gently

I'll cool you down
Leave you just long enough
To shiver in my absence
Or taste the salt
I left on your lips
May 2015 · 984
Michael May 2015
I made note of my run
Marked it in the leftmost lane
Speedy Gonzales Saturday mornings
with the radio on
drown out my panic
and the caricature of my self-loathing
with a schedule
song, speech, song
forgetting the nostalgic
High pitched sounds of
Getting anywhere
Too quickly to measure accurately
I'm already halfway there
My destination highlighted
On the map in my dad's old truck
Tucked in the pocket behind the seat
Curled gently and careworn
I know this route
It has your name on it
and I'll be there soon
you just got there in a hurry
fast as lightning
Apr 2015 · 736
Michael Apr 2015
Blue petal skin folding inward
A shivering self embrace
Trembling shoulders
and small cool notches
Freckled spine lingering
Beneath pale raised rivets
Scarlet fingernails rest for now
Having clawed at the neck
Never quite comfortable with how
She’s gotten bone deep
Tucked within the marrow
Perhaps until spring
Mar 2015 · 843
Dream Catcher.
Michael Mar 2015
Retrograde brides
Sink into the warm pool
Catatonic smiles
Beneath hooded lashes
My poor ancestors
Foolishly donning a white veil
With bright, crystalline eyes
Their still bodies
And pale, sullen cheeks
Drown me
Finger brushed collarbones
Apathetic embraces
Pull me deeper
into a wavering mirror
Of deafening static
Their collapsed chests cling
Against my beating heart
And I decide my suicide dreams
May **** me in the end
But only because
While I am alive
I am painfully aware
I have not lived
Mar 2015 · 613
Flower Picker.
Michael Mar 2015
Did you capture spring yet?
Take it into your greedy hands
and dress yourself in lilacs
(in jasmine, in ripe fruit?)
it stains your strange mouth
drunk with plum wine

Do you still smell of honey?
Hide your palms
your sticky fingers
beneath your contrived sweetness

I keep picturing you
drenched with dew
carelessly imagining
that you, too
are a daughter of the earth
even though the sun
scalds your thin shoulders
(and she thinks
you quite deserve it, I believe)

you cannot stand wet soil
and you are only truly at home
beneath the shade
of your very own
(very sad
poor girl)
weeping willow
Dec 2014 · 642
Michael Dec 2014
I'm finding you in the snow again
and I can't seem
to stop
chewing on
my bottom lip

in worry
out of habit

I don't know anymore

Some slightly chapped "I love you"s
"I'm sorry"s, and "I need you"s
curl around my ugly Midwest winter;
drift in and out of the sleeves of my coat
and the skeletons of these poor trees
dust-colored oak leaves
shivering boxelder branches
("Acer negundo...")

I want to sleep, just like them
Breathe backwards
Keep still
Rooted firmly
Nice, calm, steady

But I can't

I'm still waiting
(somewhat impatiently)
To pluck your, "I'm here now, love."
Your, "It's okay."
Your, "Kiss me?"
Right from your mouth

Before you can even say it.
So anxious.
Nov 2014 · 2.2k
The Gatherer.
Michael Nov 2014
These days
I am too cold
My palms are at rest
Down for the long winter
My coordination and
dexterity will hibernate
And I'll cloak this poor body
With anything I can

An almost married woman
Clings to the hems of my sleeves
With thin fingers
With scissors
There to cut away the warm wool
With wild eyes
and a bitter mouth

She gathers my coat in a basket
Unravels all the careworn fibers
To cast upon her empty loom
As though she'd spun them

Casts off newly sewn kisses
Threadbare affection
Muttering crossly about the weather
And how the sun
does not melt the snow

She is only my friend when
She can touch my bare wrists
Give me white hot iron to hold
And ask me if I'm warmer

Only my friend when
She can graze my skin in surprise
Wrap my hands up with stiff yarn
And ask me what burned them
Oct 2014 · 14.9k
I am lonely, not lonely.
Michael Oct 2014
I am lonely, not lonely

the choice up to now
has been mine

I will slip away
(at will)
into the recesses
of small shops
of empty rooms
or quiet spaces

to avoid her touch
or his gaze
or their judgement
our subconscious desires.

But all swallowed up

deep in the belly
of fog, of smoke
a vast, impenetrable

night sky

suddenly the
all-encompassing fear
grips me

washes over
so suddenly

I realize
I have not lived at all

that I am
the only one left.

Down a long, winding road
that trudges on endlessly
into the fading silhouette of trees
and broken sidelines

dim headlights

I am lonely, not lonely.
Oct 2014 · 3.9k
Michael Oct 2014
After all this compression, perhaps I am becoming something after all. Crawling away from my potential worth I feel myself writhing my way from between the rocks, taking quick, shallow breaths —learning to breathe again after all this time. Each inhale still feels heavy and constricted, and every exhale still brings a sense of dread for the rise and fall of my chest but I am moving forward. Even relieved, my ribcage is adjusting painfully to the freedom, coping with more lung space; a gift I received from you.
Did you know: Most natural diamonds are formed at extremely high temperatures and pressures around depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 miles) within the Earth's mantle. The name "diamond" is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας or adámas which can mean "proper", "unalterable", "unbreakable", or "untamed", from ἀ- (a-) and "un-" + δαμάω or damáō which means, "I overpower" or "I tame". —According to Wikipedia, anyway. Incredible what a bunch of carbon becomes after being locked within rock for so long.
Aug 2014 · 1.8k
Michael Aug 2014
The house I have built within myself for you
is not an empty nest
It's cupped palms that hold water just fine
a cool, stone cage for a hummingbird
the door is open
I am waiting for the right moment to fly
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Michael Jun 2014
She cannot sort the grain. After all these trials, I have been lost yet again. —But fairy tales have been this ruthless before; myth has given me wings, has painted my shoulders with fur, with scales, with scars. Legends have broken me down into all the smallest invisible facets of myself until I could do no more than vanish entirely. Who will love me behind the walls? Within my keep, another girl's impatient hands will light the candle to gaze upon sleepless eyes, and wake within me all the anxious demons hiding inside Pandora's Box.
East of the Sun, West of the Moon.
Jun 2014 · 2.3k
Michael Jun 2014
I want to kiss you so fiercely that I finally understand the depth at which I fall and the height at which you rise. I will meet you again, even still —in the center of it all ("Like a ring."); the two of us caught in a tangled mass of scarlet cord, wound and knotted so tightly around us that I almost feel indistinguishable from you. ("Two bodies, two lives, one soul.") I can feel all that red humming and chanting beneath my ribcage like a war song, running through my veins to deliver to my heart a desperate echo of longing.
You are essential. You are automatic.
May 2014 · 1.0k
Storm Chaser.
Michael May 2014
I’ve been saying, “tomorrow,” for the last three months, dreaming again in a bent and hollow sort of way, shoving myself into all of my crooked corners. I’ve purposely avoided it up to now, trying to dodge it, like an expert lightning runner —my sad attempts to slip unnoticed past the inevitable summer months.

It denies my wishes for a moderate temperature and ruthlessly tortures me with its slow crawl in my direction, wrapping its clammy hands around my throat to pin me to hot pavement; sparks within me and kindles unkempt fires, burns me at the shoulders like Memorial Day fireworks —feels so potent I can almost see it tucked behind the horizon. Waiting.

I want to taste a sky that slowly darkens, bowing its graceful head to welcome a storm that may never come, existing only to fool me into praying another day for rain.
May 2014 · 1.7k
Michael May 2014
It is almost sunset but it is still too hot. She sits next to me and passes over a mason jar of crushed ice and lemonade and I take it gratefully into my hands. Instead of drinking it, I rest it against my forehead and allow the condensation from the glass to drip down the sides of my face with closed eyes. I take more of it with my fingers to drench the back of my neck, but my palms burn more for it. When I sigh because this small jar does not alleviate my apparent and immediate threat of heat stroke, she laughs at me.

She is my best friend. There was a never conscious moment that I made that decision, it just happened. Before she'd joined me on her concrete stoop I'd been turning over the idea of whether or not there was an exact moment that I'd perceived her differently, but could not pinpoint it. I’d been eyeing the patches of dirt and dead grass scattered within her yard, listening to her hum If I Ain't Got You out of tune, mumbling some of the more repetitive words here and there, picking out the sounds of her fetching things as she sets them on the counters of her run down kitchen. I try to guess what she is doing as I am hearing it, but feel unwilling to join her. It is even hotter inside her house since her air-conditioner is broken. We are devastated.

After a moment of silence she narrows her eyes against the sun tells me that she misses him. I nod, but say nothing. Three of us sat here last year and suddenly the heaviness of his absence rests between us. She quickly changes the subject and tells me she wants to start jogging because when school comes back around she’ll be thin, for sure. “I’m going to be so ****, I’m not even joking.” I smile at her determination. She talks about a girl in our year that everyone calls pretty, but I shrug. She asks if I think she is pretty. I can only nod my head. I can’t compliment her properly because I haven’t found the right words to tell her that it’s not about being thin. That is not what makes her perfect. Not to me.

I never liked her lemonade, but I begin to drink it anyway, thankful that some of the ice has melted fast enough to be a bit watered down. I don’t mind. It made it less sugary. The first time she’d given me lemonade, her father had laughed and said, “If you eat the ice, it’s like a dessert,” not knowing that dessert was literally the last thing I ever wanted. I have never been fond of sweets.

She laughs a little and crunches away on her ice and I cringe. She knows I think it’s an awful sound, but I’d grown so accustomed to it after the years of hearing it. For her, it was a typical summer treat. It wasn’t even real lemonade. In her freezer were small cylinders of an odd, condensed yellow mush that they’d dump into a plastic pitcher and then add water to. Remembering this, I no longer feel like drinking it. I hand it to her.

“Don’t want it?” she asks. I shake my head, watching neighbor girls sit under a tree with a small dollhouse as I wait for her to finish both jars. I don’t like the way it leaves the back of my throat feeling dry anyway and I never feel less thirsty after drinking it. She sets the empty jars between us and we talk about where we’ll go this summer, what movies we’ll see —lamenting that there really haven’t been any good ones recently and that maybe it’d be way more fun to see if we could convince her parents to let her join my family at the lake house. She doesn’t want to swim at all but seems excited to lay on the dock and get a bit of color.

She wants to take pictures. She rises from the stoop to return the jars to her kitchen sink and grab her camera and we walk through her neighborhood. I trail behind her consciously as she raises it to her eye, letting my fingers run along her neighbor’s chain-link fences, dreading the moment she finds a way to somehow sneak me into the frames of her photographs. She’s seemed more eager to try and capture me now that I am taller. I have grown so much in just a few months that I’m not sure how to handle my limbs just yet. They are too long and too thin and I am strangely aware of them —but even more aware of where she points her lens.

We find out that there is construction behind her neighborhood and sneak past the half constructed fences, large barricades, and signs (Keep Out, Construction Ahead). It is an odd place for nicer houses, we decide —right next to the ghetto. She laughs at the brick wall and shakes her head. “That’s not going to keep them out.” But it looks intimidating anyway. Maybe that’s the point.

In the middle of the area rests newly planted trees shading a small, wooden gazebo. They overlook a manmade pond, just large enough to swim in. She knows me too well. My first instinct is to jump in so she dares me to. Practicing self-restraint I tell her all I want is the shade and I lean against the railing of the gazebo instead. I watch her snap more photos —of leaves, of ripples, of her feet, the construction. She asks again if I want to join her and shrugs at my reluctance. She dips short legs in the water and casts a teasing glance in my direction. Her pink hair looks silly against her warm face and I smile. She tells me she knows I want to, that I’m a *****. I shake my head. She draws it out mockingly and threatens to take a picture. (I cover my face with my hand.) “Paaaaansssyyyyy.” She laughs and tells me to just get in. “You gunna just take that?” I was a lot less eager to break rules, but no. I wasn’t going to just ‘take that.’

So I jump in, glad to be cool. The momentary weightlessness frees me for just a small space of time. I feel it cling to my skin when I surface, but my clothes make me feel twice as heavy. I want all of my thoughts to feel the way your body does underwater. Light. Careless. Far away.

Suddenly, behind us, someone is shouting at us in an indistinguishable accent. We trade horrified glances, swearing we catch the word cops, and we bolt, leaving a frantic trail of water and wet foot prints to evaporate behind us. We don’t stop running until we get back to her porch, the sun fully set, and we collapse against her concrete stoop out of breath, laughing much harder than we should. “Oh my god,” she repeats over and over again with exasperated giggles and small gasps for air. My heart cannot be tamed, like it's run ahead of me. I’m sure I won’t be able to find it for a while.

“Oh my god...” She tells me she doesn’t want to run anymore and I cast her a confused glance and tell her we’re definitely in the clear, but she shakes her head. “No, I mean all summer. Forget being thin,” she says. Suddenly I feel her in that missing section of my chest. “Who wants to run in this heat?”
I'm so sorry for the length.
May 2014 · 993
Portrait: Old Man
Michael May 2014
His dead wife used to spit. He tells me this on a hot July day on his porch. “Yeah, a whole fifteen feet,” he boasts. He’ll laugh, but I am noticing his large golden cat with her eyes half closed, dreaming in the summer heat behind the open screened windows of his old house.

He collects newspapers, and they lay in yellowed stacks that I can see beyond his open door within the stillness, still ******* with thick cord. Some of them rustle lightly at the corners, swaying up and down as his electric fan rotates this way and that. I momentarily question how fragile they’ve become with age against the hum of blown summer air, but his slow almost-southern-drawl takes me back in and I shield my eyes from the sun with my arm, keys in my left hand, sweat at the back of my neck.

The roof and trees have offered limited shade, and I’ve leaned against the side of the concrete steps to feel the coolness of the bricks against my knee. I’ve meant to go for an hour now, but he keeps me here with a, “Hey, y’know—” and another story will follow.

About his son sometimes, who he always says is also his best friend. I’ve never met him. He’s like a ghost of someone I think I could know but he remains unnamed and I have never questioned it. He’ll continue on —how he wants a new dog but he doesn’t know how his tired self would keep up with a little pup, and his fat old cat —oh, could I feed her this Friday and Saturday? “I might go out and see my son.”

I say that I will with a small pang of jealousy. She curls around my legs in her eagerness, unaware of her master’s weekend absences, purring at her first few bites of small, orange fish-shaped kibble.

When he is tired and doesn’t feel like driving he’ll take the city bus out for his errands and call me with his “cell-you-lar” to see if I can pick him up. “If it’s no trouble,” he says. It isn’t. I’ve taken him home on several other occasions.

His thank yous are quiet, but I feel them anyway. He is nothing like my father but some part of me hopes that when he looks at me he is seeing his son just as much as I am seeing all the years of neglect and false hope all wrapped up in this lonely man.
Apr 2014 · 802
Michael Apr 2014
I put on your old watch. "Like father like son." ( —Not quite.) It is too big. I took a few links out but I'm leaner. All of the windows are open and the quiet fragments of unasked questions linger. I think I lost them in the newly occupied rooms of houses strangers now call home. Like an attic with limited storage space, I arrogantly discarded the opportunity to inherit your more worldly possessions —as though I believed your thoughts and memories weren't even worth it; like they would have been clutter. Unusable. But we are still too much alike. Every year I find more of you in my mirror. In my house. Downtown. At the dock.

Will I love my future children the way you loved me?

Mom still wakes up at 5:30, did you know? She makes me tea, and gives me a look she used to give you. I can see that she is afraid that I am becoming increasingly unreachable; that she is watching history repeat itself. She read it in your cards, and I guess she read it in mine too.

"You are so much like him," she'll fuss. She'll ask me to cut my hair for the hundredth time. "He liked that too," when I breathe in fresh air. Her garden was your favorite place in the world. "You know, your father..."

—She's getting married soon, but I can see that she still misses you. Your name is still on her lips, but she keeps them pursed to take a slow sip of her too-hot drink. She doesn't want to burn herself on the memory of you.
Alt. Title: Hebrews 8:12

"For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more."
—Hebrews 8:12
Jan 2014 · 3.5k
Michael Jan 2014
Optimism: I’m in love. Pessimism: I’m dying. Realism: We all are. It’s hard to say goodbye with chapped lips and clumsy words, but empty pockets feel better when they’ve spent more time capturing your body heat than bits of metal and paper. —I didn’t look at the cup long enough to know if it was half empty or half full because it was dropped before I could reach the sink. Now it’s just a bunch of shattered glass beneath bare feet in the middle of winter. My hands had become so numb just before they touched warm water for the first time since the chill and it was a surprising sensation —an unexpected pain as I started to feel again; you feared frostbite but I only thought about the painful walk home.
Jan 2014 · 799
Soul Mate.
Michael Jan 2014
I know you like the back of our hands; I have you saved in the spaces between our fingers and have read your fortune in the lines of our palms. I know your transparent gestures and have found your eyes in my mirror, vacant only because our thoughts have built the cities we’ve been longing for. You sync the rise and fall of our chests and I’ve found your mind wrapped around mine, trapping us in the dark. Together we understand the current, wading through the fabric of space time. We have discovered us once again.
Dec 2013 · 637
Glacial Lullaby.
Michael Dec 2013
And with all that white, what can you do but drown in the imitation of warmth? So bright, yet unforgiving; a pale triumph of gods wishing to stamp out life and begin anew. How can you feel whole when you are born again, just to relive every trial? The journey for self-righteous winters hangs on the boughs of my family tree, singerless, and in the middle of the coldest season, I am searching for the song you’ve sung in my dreams, falling gently against me like snow.

— The End —