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Molly Lynch May 2020
Look at the flowers,
watch them dance,
hear the birds sing,
as though they were dumb,
and now they are free,
feel the breeze  that lifts the butterflies,
hither and thither,
as they dance the waltz,
that only they can see,
and perhaps
make one of your own.
Molly Lynch May 2020
I cry,
the tears are silent
I walk,
the click of boots on concrete fall on deaf ears
I speak,
yet none speak back
I'm lost,
yet no one cares to find me
Molly Lynch May 2020
He brought down us in a pile of smoking ash,
but he was also the one that blocked the wind
Stopping it from carrying us away.
Salty in his sadness. Cracked and broken.

— The End —