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Marina La Verde Feb 2018
A lump in my throat like I dry swallowed pills
Replaces the excitement that I no longer feel
And there is no explanation, no reason why
That can satisfy this feeling, it can't be justified
No child, no teen, no student should feel
Fear and anxiety just going to school
We want an education
We don’t want to be shot
Accept your “thoughts and prayers”
No! We will not.
“There’s nothing to be done” while you sit and collect
The NRA might pay you but we will not let
This keeps happening over and over
We won’t sit idle while our friends are deprived the right of growing older.
All because of you and your stupid *** laws
“We call BS” look at the pain you’ve caused
So many dead, and it won't stop there
“We call BS” because we know you don’t care
We want change, not your “thoughts and prayers”
“America the Great” “The Land of the Free”
Free to buy guns so easily
“Guns don’t ****, people do”
But if he’d had a knife, I might still have you
“We call BS”, If I was green they would care
“We call BS” We shouldn’t have to be scared
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
Red and blue colors flashing.
The colors of our country yet, I am filled with fear.
License and Registration, please?
Can you step out of the car?
Hands where I can see them!
I want to get out.
My mind tells me "no" but my hand is reaching for the door and soon I am running toward him.
One shot fired out, two people hit the ground,
him first and then me, on him.
Fluid ran freely.
Is it his blood, my sweat, or tears?
The answer:
tears of the race.
This time a ghost
I can hear it every time I close my eyes,
Aaghost of the shot and a ghost of him.
My friend,
A brother,
A son,
A ghost.
How can they keep doing this?
I see the patriotic colors: blood and tears.
This poem was inspired by the book "The Hate U Give" by Angie Thomas. I strongly recommend it. Also a small disclaimer: I am not African American and I mean no disrespect by this poem. I do not mean to feel the pain or oppression of being a black girl in this country today because I never will. Interpret this poem how you want, but know I mean no disrespect or harm by this.
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
These little white bars dance around my head.
They speak to me.
They know me like nothing else.
Our relationship, a complex web of emotions,
intense love and euphoria when we’re together
and immense pain when apart.z
A dangerous combination.
Mix me a drink and I couldn’t be happier
Where did my legs go?
Where did my head go?
No time for friends or family, I only want you.
Don’t leave me it hurts too much.
When I wake up and you’re gone,
I can’t see straight,
I can’t feel straight.
I need you. You know me like nothing else.
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
What is my soul?
Is it the piece of self fulfilled with love and meaning?
Not for all.
The soul,
the body,
the head
Is empty.
You can fill me with a need for a purpose,
you can fill me with parts of yourself,
you can fill me with ideas of religion and facts and opinions,
But you cannot fill the gaping hole that is emptiness.
Because everything is temporary
except for my emptiness.
The stomach,
the heart,
the eyes,
are empty.
You can fill me with food,
you can fill me with false conceptions of love,
you can fill me with sadness and happiness,
But you can not fill the gaping hole that is emptiness.
Because everything is temporary
except for my emptiness.
Its huge jaw swallows me whole and I fall
And I fall.
When will I escape this eternal hole of nothing?
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
Trying to provoke emotion,
I feel nothing now;
no happiness, no sadness, no love.
She threw her love for me away
but I keep it still
deep inside, where it is safe
from me.
Now I can’t feel it
but every now and then  I catch a glimpse of her
passing in the mirror
or I’ll hear her favorite song
and I’m reminded of who I am.
It so hard when you lose yourself
but it’s even harder to find someone you don’t know.
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
I cried when I left.
I cried when he said he would stay.
I cried because I knew it was a lie, still,
I cried when he left.
I cried when I made it worse.
I cried when she only treated me with love.
I cried because I miss it.
I cried when he didn’t want me.
I cried when I thought I was in love, now,
I cry tears of love.
I cried when she wouldn’t let go,
I cried when he did.
Marina La Verde Jan 2018
he loved her with such a burning passion that he felt sick when he was near her.
her voice cracked when she tried to express the love she had for him, for there were no words strong enough
and this ears rung from the absence of her sound when she was done.
his hand trembled when he touched her
and her whole body shook from the soft touch of his hand brushing hers.
the shiver down her spine lasted an eternity after they'd kissed
and his lips could no longer be seen by any other human eye.
they're love was so strong,
that it killed them in the end.
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