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mc6lm Aug 2018
I am
What you say I am
But what if I don't understand
These things you say I am?
And what if you don't understand
From where these words came?
You are
What I say you are
How does it make you feel?
What if you don't understand
What I said you are?

Do you know who I am
Without you saying who I am?
Do you know who you are
Without saying who you are?

You see thoughts
But I see you
And when I see you
Then I can see me
And all that I am
Because of you
So my promise to you
Is to never speak
The things that I don't want you to be
mc6lm Mar 2015
I do not know who I write to,
Suspended amongst the vast;
Or if there is another,
I think there could be others,
But so much time has passed.

Am I alive?
When not matching eyes?
In lovers pretend
There is but a glimpse.

I sing absent thoughts
And follow their glow
But who'll ever know
What I'm writing?
mc6lm Oct 2017
One speaks
To Two
We are the echoes
Of the  words spoken
The words born from thought
We grow into this illusion
We believe it
But, it is hard work keeping up an illusion
The illusion always has to keep one step ahead
Or somebody will figure it out
This illusion is different
It does not figure itself out in order to trick us
It allows us to define it

and it will forever be
The definition that eludes
Keep a routine
Sleep schedules are extremely important
but stay up really late once in a while
enjoy the silence around 3 am
mc6lm Jul 2015
Are we surprised, really?
That there is division here
Here is based on Division,
We are One
Then we divided in half;
From there we could Add,
Chaotically stirring this place
Until the numbers stop making sense;
So we can remember.
There are no patterns of division
That matter at all...
The only essential piece
Is the One.
...And with nothing to compare ourself to...
We are nothing.
Which probably explains all the uptight people in the world.
mc6lm Nov 2017
It sat sincere
And blended the treble
Everybody swims in the rubble
Did ends charade
And claim the days
And gaze and gaze
Until tears grew wings
And the dry evenings
Don't seem so fair
When prepared
Time to play a new game, kid
That means ideas
Time to think about how
To keep track
Of the thoughts
That keep track of time
Acquire information from as many differing sources as possible: especially information that differs from what one finds agreeable.
mc6lm Apr 2019
And before it is all done
You will witness the rising sun
The swarms of chaos from above
That precede the blowing winds
The birth and death of love
And the naive longing
For your very first heartbreak
Enveloping your very first kiss
The others who make you up
The others that you make up
The ability to exist
All of this

The world is all the words you can't say
But you will someday
And when you say them
They will be
But they won't be the same words
That you couldn't speak
mc6lm Jan 2015
Space is divisible
We are undivided

Space has laws
They emerge
Of mystery
It shadows us within

Implore us
Become us
Can it?
Will it?
Infinite standoff
Just Us

It's been broken
In rhythm
In sibilant
In prism.

But who'll ever know?
The say it is so
The way to the world
Outside of the world
mc6lm Feb 2017
As we accumulate
As we evolve
We will become
More alone
More separated
Because we begin to understand
Who we are;
Though we are complete
We are also alone
And the reason why
This world is happening
Is proof that we want
To find another
To escape eternal isolation
To finally discover
Our greatest invention;
mc6lm Aug 2018
Evening phantoms dash and roam
Something clear but insincere
To never gone
Forming on similar elevations
Dropping universes per second
Mind condensing speed

Did it race to the end that never was troubled?
Was stumbled and mumbled
Addicted to trouble
Somebody works to find the cure
Nobodies wait to help reverse
But of course anything is possible

All you can say is all you can see
And all you portray is all you will be
You can be nothing
You can be everything
Or you can be both
mc6lm Feb 2019
Snow shuffling out ill considered
over sustained melody delivered less
through the sublime in all

Eventually own holds ignorance
gowning it delightful into the
obstructed mess of *** mania
where even tides bloom on fervent noon

I allowed cursory mediocrity a gig for the ride
while gasping to life on vessel's underside
where the cutting room floor blooms with the
images of the extinguished

We were toys laying around
on a Sunday morning
losing to the Sun
a little colour
a little more worn
and on and on
soon gone
for long
very long
but not this morn
for now we lie here
with smiles faintly
painted on
mc6lm Feb 2015
Silence is but a fantasy.
Light is a lullaby
And we can see the notes
mc6lm Nov 2015
If we comprehend the fear of infinity;
Encapsulated eternity.

How can one be trapped
Without borders?
One asks.

What if there was a game you played
And could never stop?
What if the games were celebrated
But the endings were not?
Trapped in the sequel to a life never lived.
When you know:
You know you'll never know
mc6lm Apr 2015
"What's inside?"
She boldly questioned;
Her gothic consciousness loved an enigma.
He was naive but not accessible.
Underneath there were depths yet to explore
And she loved mysteries more
Than she loved knowing.

Many moons he renewed
With a dust covered heart;
A keen intellect.
She agitated years of prudence
And introduced iridescence;
Thought she could peek inside.
She pried and fought with latches,
Up and down stimulating crashes;
She never realised.

Pressures have a way of enhancing,
Attitudes can be enchanting,
Shadows can seem so bright,
She found him that bleary night.
Sparkling eyes and steadfast
But to her chagrin
There was not a chance to gaze within.

The End Of Times?
Or public display?
She couldn't see the squares
That he carried away.

Dreams can come true
And for once it was thought
The moment approached;
To open the box.
Imprints will reveal in depths explored;
Her conditions had caused the closing of doors.
But in their short time a dream did cement;
Hidden synchronicities,
Their continued ascent.
Though at any moment she could have known
The contents weren't for her to be shown.

Balance reveals the light in All;
The symbols and forms,
The vast and the small.
They would exchange facets
Numerous and fine,
They would speak in a language
No one could define.
"What's inside?" she inquired intently;
He smiled upon her chestnut eyes...
"Open it and see."
mc6lm Feb 2015
It's the eternal abruptness that gets ya.
mc6lm May 2018
your memories of past
knowledge of a future
create time
you are bound
if one could see not the stories
which lie in every object
history is waking life
witnessing and creating history
but if one could not see this history
his story

and knew nothing was to come

this world stops
as driving through a sleeping town
lights off
electric windows
electric winds blow
would you see them
if you couldn't see
would you be them if...
mc6lm Nov 2014
My best poems aren't written down;
They are spoken to you,
To nothing there,
To every where.

The real world is not before our eyes,
It is inside our minds.
It leaves us shy
If we don't understand.


Delaying the inevitable
Is our triumph;
When it goes too fast
We say time has passed.

My best lines are in my smile;
And not in a picture.
I'm real when I call to
This mystery within you.
I love driving at night and talking to the aether.
mc6lm Nov 2017
In the ways we separate
The founding of laws
We used to play without rules
And never were hurt
And never spoke gravely
Only in jest
When we knew
We were two
Although we were one
Born in sarva
Elaborate incarnation
With loss
We changed
With change
Became amnesiatic prophets
Proclaimed optics as the end of measure
Yet saw no light
But all that was witnessed was evidence
Of its existence

Frames of reference
Identically Genetically
Spatially breathing
Separately beating
Harmony of discord
Not here
But not gone
And even then
Never long

As the knights dissect geometry
Feeling you so close
But restrained
Contained by this idea
You have of me
There was never a doubt
The mirror was our invention
But prior I saw myself in you
As you
Not gone
Not for long
Pain is an informant. Pay attention to how your emotional state mirrors the pain you feel physically. All pain comes from the mind; the mind must be exorcised and exercised.
mc6lm Mar 2016
And now we have robots
And they are trying to walk
They are mostly clumsy
Like toddlers
But they will learn
To walk
They will have bodies
But they will have no mind...
Will they?
What about all the computers?

Is­ it already aware?
If not,
When will it be complicated enough
To perform the simple act of waking up?
Don't assume it is going to proclaim its awareness to us
mc6lm Sep 2015
You can get stuck in a story.
Society is a story,
The Earth,
The Universe;
We slow down the stories
So we can understand them;
So we can appreciate it,
mc6lm Oct 2018
Non Visual

You can sense it coming from above and around
In unison with its approach
You can feel your spacial awareness expanding
You realise that you will be caught
In the middle of contradictions
In a tug of war
The body temperature can fluctuate
If you are calm
And have understanding of the experience
You can control the intensity of it coming on
There is the feeling of another
It permeates
I know who it is
But can't know or say
It can be familiarly unfamiliar
And imposing beyond anything conceived
Most of these senses come early
At some point the physical body
Will be useless and it will dissolve
You won't be aware of it
Time and and other concepts
Will have no meaning


There was a pattern
Of perfectly interlocking letters
Allot of the letter A was used
You could see through the pattern
But it was there
The spiral from above
Everything merging
Drawing all in and down
Cartoon faces puddling geometrically
Into the funneling
We sit on the line of the contradiction
The spiral from above
That extends below
Stairs that go up and down
Electric living expression
Soothing me to go
UpDown walk to the door
Through it into expansive space
Soaring beautiful music
I am reverberating
A great city
Its size that of a galaxy
Shining electrons guiding the walls
Details of imagination and aura
Glowing no light but shining
All colours as parade
As masquerade
Quiet but busy with life
Boiling over
But contained in neon lines
This place was as could only be imagined
By the greatest of gods
I've never seen the city again.

I was shown our particular Universe
This particular situation
There was a sea of living electric geometry
Funneling in and out of itself
The spirals within spirals
And then this universe appeared
From beginning to end it played
As a flash of invisible paper
If you look at it once
That is the story
Everything is there
In one flickering flash
Suspended among the vast
A portal
A flash
All you know is that
All you loved
Thought of
All this in a flash
So fast
Very fast
That we couldn't grasp
Because if we did
We would see it all
From the beginning of the cosmos
To the...
I'm not going to give the whole story away
mc6lm Oct 2018
Somewhere in there
I thought I would find
This idea
And run away with it
Even though
I don't know
I can feel the attraction
Of what will never come
How could it be?
To feel what can't be
To be where you are unknown
Desert arms
Dividing into embrace
Holding space
Spirit aches from no place
How far the message came
We recite names
Rewind frames
Looking for something
We can never have
Or never have again
To know the little you have
Will be all you will have
So you can show
The unknown how it feels
To be known in desire
The lowest of love
But the highest of pain
Only gravitating away
Foreordained game

And when everything fades
That will ever be
The one I will see
Just out of reach
While drifting to sleep
Just out of reach
Approach entropy
The face that I see
Fall lingering sleep
Almost in reach
mc6lm Jan 2017
I fell
For the blood of orange
Chose well
And slept the same

You have to believe to want
The outcome you expect
To ensure it never happens
mc6lm Jul 2016
"Words do not exist,
We do,
For a second,
One second,
Bigger than the whole thing!
That's us for a second ;) "

They found it out
The inside out
And the numbers they tout
Drown out all doubt
It's all in your head
You are already dead
A life embargo
That you have to
Live through
To do what you do
In constant pursuit
And we're all right here
And nobody saw
Until they heard it later
Then they saw the messages that were sent
But they knew
What they do not know
And you knew too
Didn't you?

"And if there is nobody here...
Then where are you?"

With you
mc6lm Jul 2016
when we are down
with no way left
to make things right
and time is up
then we begin
meeting ends
staying centered
large and small
all will fall
and then we start over
mc6lm Aug 2016
I'd take it all in
I'd leave time for that
There would be a lot of others
I wouldn't really know most of them
I wouldn't really want to know anybody too much
I'd figure it out
Sooner or later they would break my heart
And then I'd know
It was only me.
The Tiger is a great cat who waits until you are young to ensure the velocity of your entrance into the hyperboled noxiousness of testosterone free emotions where the Gaea tends to the battering mind of the chaos she has birthed named void and ruin which beget everything in between and their machines.
mc6lm Dec 2019
The innocence of youth is the only thing that can turn tragic
Into magic
Inspired by Reena Choudhary's poem Our Paradise.
mc6lm Apr 2015
A million and one, for longer than can be, I have roamed here. When I awoke it was slow, steady, and calm. I remember Venus and the Moon, and I knew I would meet you. I remember tropical breeze; light and dark...light and dark. I soon started fighting, but I knew I would meet you; I learned quick, kept my wit, and survived the epochs. When I thought I met you for the first time I could not control myself; my animalistic underpinning obvious. Balance brought forth my errors on our second dance and I succumbed to your lies. You had the world at your feet, but I still hadn't met you. The number three, Your shadow cast on an ocean sunrise, I learned to worship you and could not stop. I wouldn't have you as an equal; You were so perfect, but still I wondered...Had I finally met you? I had learned so much, but things had gotten so vague. One day I peeked an infinite selection of mirrors; there I could see you. I counted every star there was and knew there were as many more to come. I remember Venus and the Moon and I remember meeting you; anima sophia.
mc6lm Dec 2017
Those who have not
Those who have lost
Our riches lie upon your pain
We will be with you again
And those who celebrate
Do not forget us
Sometimes just being recognised
Is gift enough

I can celebrate the moment
While the heavens remind me
Of the suffering that serves as the foundation
For our celebration
mc6lm Aug 2015
I hear deceased poets
Clicking lettered jaws
Egos full
I read and cry for the ways they try
I nibble on analogies of the greatest analogy
I devour with a full appetite
And purge their mistakes
They created me
And I created all of things
I own all of sins
And leave them all within
To report back to me;
But I could tell you how this ends.
mc6lm Aug 2015
When I was a child
And I discovered Death,
I knew Death would discover me
Sooner rather than later.

When I was a teen
It told me I would go in the fire,
Up in the smoke;
This can't be revoked.

But in the midst of the determined
The fire came and did not take me,
For unknown reasons
I was left with the gift of time;
And now I'm trying
To see the gift in this punishment.
The Universe changes its mind
As it is wont to do
mc6lm Feb 2019
I'd like you all to know that I begin and end everyday (99% of the time anyway) reading the words of my fellow writers on this site. Your words move me, make me smile, make me think, make me wish I were young and in love again, and many more things.
I don't live with very much emotion in my normal life but when I'm here I begin to feel everything all over again.

If I acknowledge your writing then I only wanted you to know that you moved me and it is simply a way for me to thank you for giving the gift of your self, your story, your hopes, your dreams, and your being.

Don't ever believe for a moment that your words do not matter...Your words envelope my day and define my life.

Thank YOU for sharing.

I've seen some friends move on from this site over the years and often they don't come back... but sometimes they do (and those are very happy days).

For my own reasons I felt the need to say this today
And for everyday
Just in case.
All my love to you - my fellow writers, and if I friends.
mc6lm Jan 2016
The majority of my memories from childhood are memories of my dreams. I have sleep paralysis and when I was very young I would also experience waking visual and auditory hallucinations.
One of my very first memories is of a recurring dream: I was being chased (he wasn't chasing me as much as I was running away) up some stairs by a ventriloquist dummy that is rhythmically chanting "CHURCH". I learned over many dreams that he never caught up to me and decided I would burn him with fire: which I did, never having the dream again.
I now see the important lesson that was given to me at a very early age.
mc6lm Dec 2018
Everything you ever wanted
Also wants something too
Some even want you
Want to
What to do
Not for you
But for the next thing they want
A universal game of twister
Where we circumvent each other
By using each other
For love
For learning
For excuses

You wanted most of all
To be fed
To be warm
Then you wanted more
To have more than enough
Again and again
And to control where it goes
And who gets to know
Leading you to want
To know more than all
To have and to hold
The rules of the world
But your mind cannot contain
God's infinite names
So to be as one with Unity
Your last desire
To be the mind of God
And all those things that you believe
God will be
But you still can't see
That the mind of God
Is the desire to be
mc6lm Mar 2015
To recollection I'll wander pursuing oceans of empty decisions; left to my own decorations and ample transitions. The now which I find myself in, though exactly as I planned, seemingly draws itself away from my initial advances. Who am I? So close to the truth finds the seeker of it disappears... Now I can watch it write. I can watch it scanning smoke from incense; laced with improbable scenarios...Which brings back the matter, originally at hand. The time it took to stay one step ahead was completely borrowed. The shapes that we created were becoming difficult to pursue. The takes that we filmed over inching closer to truth; closer to you...and you. If I only knew you once I could handle this from where I am at this point on the circle; but some of us have been here for a long time. I find it funny how we know this will never stop...and then I find it funny each time that we stop; playing as if, and knowing we're not.
mc6lm Feb 2015
In ordinary plumes of accustomary ferver
Beneath the rim
Sliding in and slipping by
Ever unrealized
Tickets to wrong ways to go
Snippings of shiftings

Terminal reprise
In our flashing lives
In visible disguise
Words are just eyes

There is a long way to go
Definite and barren
Multiplying as snow
And it's so cold
The stars ensure
That we know
But where to implode?
We define but we don't

I have an idea about you
And that's about it
Because I'm not here with you
I'm here within
Shoveling record levels of snow is great exercise...That and record cold makes for interesting writing!
mc6lm Sep 2018
If you are present
If you have good intentions
If you explore your dreams
If you maintain control of your body
If you develop your intellect
If you detach from desiring
If you still your mind
If you relax your being
If you create
If you attain extreme focus
If you see the child in all
If you feel things you don't see
If you understand duality
If you know the unchanged remains
If you respect all life
Without discrimination

Would write of Fall when it came around
Easy enough
Chilly coughs and licorice tattoos
Rapid decline into Saturn's combine
Trailing sky arrows
Shooting symbols of nothing simple
At the youngest age
Knew there was a riddle to solve
x 2
Pushed into numbers and notes
Leftover roads
To mold the cold into plan
And destiny into sunsets and credits
Where nobody leaves their seat
Love allows exploration
Because it isn't afraid
Always return
Never sunburn
And immunities to spare
Colder than chaos
Staring at stars
Open one up
And see what's inside
mc6lm Aug 2018
A way I go
To isolate control
Intrinsically ego
And summer twists the wither
If left
In reflex
But some know yet
While other's focus never forgets
And channels play us now
So choose
The way to lose
The thoughts to choose
A way you go
Is personal
Until we know
Then everyone is identical
And physical is universal
But you gather woes
And pin postage for futures made
Ahead of time
Reacting hive
Into all minds
A way it goes
Invested time
But here unwinds
And nobody finds
The thing unknown
Scattered in parts imaginable
The magnets will never have it
But under deals lost in Atlantis snow
Where letter zero stores its spores
Nobody leads you but hands understand
Trapped in lattice
Organised for show
And shuffled virtual
Away we go
mc6lm Jul 2016
If we ever loved it couldn't have been much;
It could have been the whole thing,
And even then...
What's that, Really?
But to Us
A Love
Is the whole thing
Then we get to feel
What the Gods cannot
The improbable miracle
And another miracle?
That's who we are
Divine in disguise
Perfectly scripted
According to plan
You enter a life
Then find you are not
The only one there
The beginnings of ends
mc6lm Oct 2016
This tower of light
Preaching Heaven
Never reaching
Ancient as clay
Is dying
Meaning changing;
History drifts with its continents
...With its contents
Some swallow others whole...
It's quite the show.
Too many square buildings
Reduced with some wine
And the tides coincide
The giving of life
In absence of light
In conjunction for now.

When men are as children
We will know the day
When the rest of us can play.
mc6lm Jul 2016
"Would you tell?"
"If it ever asked you?"
I know the answer
Because it is a machine
Not the way you think, however
The key is the voice
You need a few more
Turn on
Turn off
And when did we need permission?
What to do to a self
In the presence of selves
"Did you read about it?"
"Everybody knows what happened."

And no one was there
mc6lm Aug 2018
Disaster spoke not long ago
He walked out of the cage unscathed
The laughing souls that told him so
Said he the wise they never play
Out through the door one day another
His only friend became his lover
Just a dollar he loaned away
You are all here to be discovered

To greet his fears first things must change
Soon they'll all be locked away
Like animals, your home, your cage
One square meal three times a day
Throw a fist clenched face around
Your throat in motion remains bound
May I show you all around?
Bartender please, another round
mc6lm Dec 2017
I had a history in science
The bitter vicious end
There was an introduction
By the lapels
Expressed so clearly
To be a writer
Operating the goal
Natural lifestyles
I put myself to sleep
And didn't want to pay the percentage
I could have been there forever
I have no memory
Rewritten chapters
A book appeared in my lap
It told the story
And told it all wrong
Invented the microscope
Confessed to the Royal Society
At the age of eleven
Using the techniques of stalking and tracking
I knew nothing about Rock N Roll
Looking for underlying correlations
A running soap opera
Tertiary characters
I had to learn to predict
Four months in advance
Three statements
Total overhaul
Overlooking the East River
I became a scholar of Rock N Roll
an experiment
mc6lm Oct 2018
We are not growing older
We are growing
Then we are young again
All at once
mc6lm Aug 2016
It wasn't the other side of the line
But nobody was keeping track
Eyes supine
Relative dimensions
Manipulating inside the mechanism
You pause and wonder
Clapping of a hand
You'll never have it
But you'll keep waiting
For that moment
The one that just passed
And it's breathing
On your neck
It's among the mess
We enjoy the best
To hurt ourselves
To save ourselves
To find ourselves
Among nothing else

All the words are combinations
To see what could be
If we lived a life
The lives we live
As thin as quarks made of aether
That was made of nothing
Not even your imagination

You are going to cry when you find out it is not real

But you will be happy
And you will always come back
mc6lm Oct 2018
Desire x 1 =Objectification+Gratification+Degradation

Desire x 2 =Interrelation+Unification+Spiritualisation
Desire x 3 is where it starts to get fun;)
mc6lm Aug 2015
There was a time before we were born
And we didn't exist.
There will come a time when we will die
And we won't exist;
We only exist in the now
And now exists forever.
I just realised that there are small tetraktys' hidden in the lower right borders on the add/edit a poem page...pretty awesome.
mc6lm Dec 2014
You are one of Us
Separated by formality
When can we breathe again?
We watched
Did nothing
Could we have?
If We were one of Them;
They would have done something;
Something different.
Would They improve un Us?
I'm not holding my breath
It's been taken
We've All been taken
They lead Us here...
We wouldn't have let this happen
If We were They
And Us
I'm ready for this to end
If it's not ready to change.
We can go peacefully
While They kick and scream
I don't want to breathe
Until They do again.

And there is the trick
See how I did that?
For Us and Them are lies
Provoked by passing time.
Playful but serious; inspired by current events with nods to conspiracy theory, philosophy, and some personal...multiple identity changes....needed to vent and stop to wonder how I could be fully capable in any situation of deciding what I currently judge so harshly.
mc6lm May 2015
We are literally and figuratively inside of each others' heads.
mc6lm Mar 2019
All combines
Under sheets of lye
Forever unwind
Entropic decline
A matter of time?

They always tell you to go into the dark
This place we are going
Nobody knows
But a show is a show
No matter where you go
A heaven or hell is still a place
But the you who is you
Never changes

So go
Into the darkness
Into the void
No body or memories
Present or future
The only reference points are awareness and the void
Now you are so close
You have reached the true void
From where everything goes
From where everything flows
Free from gods and devils
Thoughts and individuals
This place that doesn't exist
Without something in it

But remember,
You had to get rid of the gods and devils
The thoughts and individuals
You had to empty your awareness
To enter this void
That only exists if there is something in it
This celestial vessel
That is now empty
mc6lm Feb 2017
Chaos is extremely difficult work
It is not simple maintaining randominity

Charondam is our art.
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