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3.3k · Jul 2018
The Cocoon Clock
mc6lm Jul 2018
Born into the ocean
Stubborn shell hiding the potential within
A world in theta
Good things
But then worries
That our great ideas
May not come to pass
So we wrap the future
With comfortable nooses
But not too tight
Only enough to protect
Our investment
Another with no voice
The Sun wraps itself around it
As the ocean slowly rolls it along
And others pile on
As days carry on
Sheltered infinity
Covered completely
Because we are afraid
So infinity walks alone
And others stitch themselves
Onto it
But these restraints become tired
And it feels there may be more
Than the shroud it has worn
So infinity begins to unwrap
Digging through fears
Stripping away conditions
And infinity finds
Every idea supplants another
Another uncovered
Another discovered
So it lets them all go
And now we can see a shape
The paths of planets
Intimately encased
The shoreline breaks
And here where we end and begin
Can never know a face
But now we can finally see
And not some thing we created
But what ever it wants to be

Go inside
Eat again sleep again
Touch the sun and run
Away from everyone
The Universe expands
And so does the space between us
Imposed by nature
Our nature, perhaps?
To live with is to attack
Devouring the world around us

My dreams are coming true now
People walk out side by side
Many feet wide
The roads are yawning
Keeping children safe
So we can hear them play
And be entertained
In a world without games
Where we say what we say
And fight with empty space
mc6lm Jul 2018
There is another who is always with you
Sometimes you can feel it
Usually as a child
Sometimes you will see it
When stressed or barren
Most make it go away
And attempt to complete their self
With half of their self
But corners are all that they find
Dead ends or winding roads
And isn't that all there is, anyhow?
But to be together
Wherever we may go
Or, at least, to know that companions exist
Even when alone
All alone
The roots of all loved
As sketched in stone
Some can pay attention
Some remember when all was show
But then they wanted us to control
To control us
And for us to control
But the other kept trying
To let us know
That all we were taught
Isn't always
But onward we froze
And felt we were old
As we were born
On electrical turns
To feel we are moving
As we stifle in traffic
And listen to sounds
Of the darkest magick
Into alone where paradox remains
It comforts us from incredible age
With fires that give birth to infinite play
As we comprehend the lay of the land
But moving
Is an illusion
And now forever ends
Over and over
And over again
2.0k · Aug 2015
Surrender At Dawn: Exigo
mc6lm Aug 2015

We sit here in a drawn out mystery, but we live this movie;
This end, when it arrives.
We have the joy to overcome the night
And our hands reaching for light
We can be whatever we wish; the dream not true.
So it seems so clever to disguise,
The wishing well has been wrung dry,
And we haven't any more life to dream about; we live now inside.

We sit alone together,
And sit together alone,
But it didn't have to be this way
If we had walked the paths most popular.
We talk to ourselves; together.

So it seems so daring and fine,
A fable passed down from time.
Like you, we have fumbled with honesty,
Like you, we never believed,
But when you see this free...
And fly this clear...

We sit alone together,
And sit together alone,
We talk to ourselves; together.

The Day

Nothing to prove, time slowly crawling into my veins,
My lips touch the smoke exiting my mouth,
Morning dew you are I see, Wondering just what is inside of me,
We can joke now about last's our job.

Can you feel it?
Wave goodbye for the night never knows if it lives only once.
Can you see her? Pale perfection, nothing more.
It's all coming back later, so don't you worry about little insignificances and mistakes you made.
You haven't made any mistakes this far;
Can you feel it?

Why don't you show me the way, show me the day;
I've never aged any other way than how I know.

I can feel the power flowing from my closest,
The nearest thing to me is one inside itself.
Me, what I've done, cannot be summed.

Soon as day grows weary, Soon as time closes shop,
The infinite dreams lie ahead.
Over the horizon, it's coming soon;
Can you feel it?

What could happen? What will become of tonight?
What will become of us?
You and I, it's drawing closer to us...the unavoidable.
The sun sets slow but early, the wind growing a dense cold,
The steady silent chill in every November night,
I feel the cold in my bones, I feel the anxiousness in my hands;


This is where the monster under my bed lives;
Vaguely familiar road
Inside we were safe from anything outside;
Outside I could hold you.
Endless corners of countless trees
Passion flying through my hands in rhythm
I chose all the wrong ways to go.
The air was dense with discolor; my predictions...
Becoming fruitions
Can't stay in one place for too long; got to keep it moving along.

Only we rule here
This is our time; Our love
Moving along, a change of scenery
We laugh together;
Just us
And everybody else.

The text must be written
The night that never existed
From here on is make believe; this magical palace.
Here with you is all that I have left, though I don't know it; now.
A reach to the sky
To know my threshold.

Now is happening all the time
Now is everywhere
Now is infinite
It comes together and alone.


We see the edge
The edge of reality
Dissolving our feet in the cool breeze; a silhouette of the world
We stopped time; breathing the stars on ****** trails.
All we are made of is sound and movement, but you can hold the music
When it's this good, you can hold it in your hands.
Look into the sky and you will see it; as high and wide as you can
Funneling down slowly; merging all imagination into its spiral.
Amazing it's description; so majestic, so sharp its turns and colors,
So beautiful; Unbearing.

No one has been where we have been;
No one has seen the emotion
In all it's mightiness,
Now never comes twice.

Come fly with me, past electric faces over ancient walls
Walk up and down the stairs; into the distance
As far as you can imagine this landscape thrives
The neon walls of the great city beckoning
Flying over it, where wings never touch the air;
Calmful free, one with everything.
We never imagined that one could make things like that up;
We never truly imagined.

No one has been where we have been; teeming with commotion
No one has loved as pure as us; No one has been the emotion
This leaves, the freeze, the summer, the storytellers greatest story.

The Universe has a soul;
But you can't walk there.
This one is older than me
1.7k · Mar 2015
Forever, As We Were Young
mc6lm Mar 2015
We were raised by shopping malls and cigarettes,
A decade of downtime
Searching for significance,
Changes in abundance;
Physical and emotional.
Tugging at friendships that
Tear through our fingers.

We weren't built to last
But **** we strutted invincible;
Walking lines,
Side by Side,
Not one left behind.

Even though we lost
We won for a time;
Jumping trees into ponds,
Chasing *** with lies,
Living molding mind,
Averting lover's eyes.

We milkshaked reality
And laughed a great mess,
We fought for our love
Expecting no less,
Stumbling grace and cheating tests;
We were raised by headlights and silhouettes.
An ode to my teenage years and the bonds of the misifits that always stuck together, forever, as we were young.
1.5k · Mar 2015
mc6lm Mar 2015
Crushed spirit, drop of a hat
Broken arms, broken legs, broken bat; reattach.
Set up for a simple set of players we see,
One called Justice, and one Hypocrisy
And if the lights shine down too bright tonight
Would there be any difference between wrong and right?
Both of them exists because the other persists
And when we wish can we switch? Do we trip and miss?
Cause we've been searching around for the sure thing
We're about to get something that's better than that.
Cause life is like a lemon.

Coming down with a sickness, we flip this, equip this with mechanical parts that constrict this.
And living forever we grow slowly insane; and rearrange the pain to an incurable strain.
Didn't ever stop and check out the consequences
A million and one tricks to bombard our senses
We'll get it all together in some other life, not tonight, our plight seems to be to run not fight
And if the sky opens up and spills out an alphabet, Would you seize it?
Or would you live to regret?
You're about to see something you've been waiting for
You're about to get something that's better then that.

Cause life is like a lemon, I make lemonade
With not too much sugar and nothing for shame
A bitter taste in your mouth and pulp in your brain
I'd like to chew you up and never have to see you again
Cause life is like a lemon.
mc6lm Jan 2019
Awareness/Observer as the agent which turns thought/mathematical probability into belief/perception/events.

Awareness is the central point of a balanced system. It represents zero, infinity, and now. As the balance point between the physical and mental it is the only thing that is changeless.

A break in awareness creates a duality of a physical world and a mental world. The dividing of infinity (big bang) creates all mathematics which condenses into physical laws: it also creates all thought consciousness which condenses into the perceived/believed world that is interpreted.

Physical and mental relate directly by degree as follows.

At the largest physical scale the Universe is constant and follows its laws in a clockwork like manner. The dividing of infinity is chaotic at the beginning and full of potential. The Universe finally falls into equilibrium and then obeys simple laws.
At the individual level mind performs according to environmental, genetic, conditioned, etc... factors. At the beginning life is chaotic and mind needs time to comprehend or make sense out of the reality it is in. When it reaches equilibrium the simple environmental, genetic, etc... factors take over and the individual obeys simple beliefs.
If we use astronomical objects and people as a crude example then we can see how the collective physical forces worked on each other to create this equilibrium. We can also see a similar process in how people's individual beliefs work on each other to create a shared reality or equilibrium.

At the smallest physical scale in the Universe things are more chaotic. When we approach zero or infinity, physically, by using devices to peer into matter we find allot of empty space and apparent paradox. The math becomes much more cumbersome because we are moving away from the refinement of mathematics and are approaching infinity/infinite awareness. At this level reality seems to be less determined and more a matter of probability.
At the subconscious mind level we can see the thought patterns are very chaotic and seemingly random at times. It is seemingly impossible to make rational sense of out the paradoxical nature of the entirety of this type of thought. These thought patterns are many degrees away from the habitual thoughts that rule most of our lives as they are approaching infinity/infinite awareness.

We can look at this starting from awareness and moving away step by step.

The dividing of infinity creates a chaotic physical sea of matter and antimatter and at the same time mind finds itself in the chaos of near infinite thought which is mostly paradoxical (comprising 2 sides of duality, positive and negative numbers, etc...). Neither the physical or mental are fundamental, they both rely on the other completely. They are entangled from the beginning.

As the physical reality is molded by the forces it imparts on itself and the environment (and vise versa) both respond until a balance point is reached. This also applies to a mind growing in a world of ideas, it acts on ideas and reacts to them, eventually a balance point is reached where the mind fits into an identity and stabilises. This is the same process: the physical universe needs to stabilise to make sense and mind needs to make sense to stabilise.

Once stabilisation or equilibrium is reached there is only one outcome and that is the physical and mental returning to infinite awareness. In mind this can happen voluntary (through self inquiry, meditation, science, etc...) but it will also happen inevitably, through death.

The physical and mental were created by awareness.
The physical and mental are both completely reliant upon awareness to exist.
Awareness is nonexistent, except through the physical and mental.
I've left allot out here because I had to try to condense, but I have thoughts on how this relates to parallel universes, enlightenment, global consciousness, breath, and other things.
And in case the title didn't clue you in, it's just an idea:)
1.4k · Jun 2019
Sisylarap Peels
mc6lm Jun 2019
Lie me down to end the day
And let it be the place I wake
But in between the greys are green
With eyes utopian symmetry
Directing Qi and Holy Spirit

I am between the lines
In all that is read
The swaying spaces between your breaths
Where nothing is dead

This place you return eternally
In between thoughts
Surrounding the words
The nothing uncovered from what was cropped
The only place that you can create
The invisible vessel before you wake

And when it gets late
And eyes dissipate
And hallucinate
I keep mine in space
And slide through the fake
That follows the wake
Dissolving atoms dodging shaking
Keeping focus
Entrances unravel
Starting at the birthplace of time
For the last few years I have been working on my focus before I fall asleep. I have been using different exercises but in the last year I have been working mostly at holding onto the state right before sleep, prolonging it and staying conscious and aware instead of letting my mind wander off. A couple of weeks ago I successfully kept my conscious awareness directly into a lucid dream (which then promptly fell apart). I almost did it again last week so I'm hoping to improve my results. Basically in short form...I was able to keep my mind focused on its own awareness of itself through the state of sleepiness and not have a single thought distract me. After this I  was able to continue the awareness through the flashes of hallucinations that can happen as you drift off to sleep, they are usually something that grabs you emotionally so this is usually where people lose track of what is happening and where they are. Next is where it was uncharted territory for me; There was a split second of what I relate to as static, although not visual, almost like dissolving between atoms or something but like a flash. Then I was in a black void and for another split second I caught a glimpse of being surrounded by thousands of images that could grab my attention (beautiful person, scary figure, scenic area, etc...) I was able to understand immediately that I was now in a dream and immediately all the images were gone (they barely formed this all happened in a flash). Then I was standing in a room surrounded by doors, completely aware that I was previously lying in bed and the path I had taken to get where I was standing. Then I understood that whatever image would have grabbed me would have been the dream I would have entered but I was now able to enter any dream of my choice. That's when it fell apart because the first thing that I finally thought was so unlike anything I would have guessed that I got confused and immediately the lucidity fell apart. Was pretty psyched with being able to get that far though...I certainly wasn't attempting to do anything like that so this was a pleasant surprise for me:)
mc6lm Nov 2015
The Universe has a cellar,
A back room with heavy doors
And muffled voices.
It abuses the
Weak and young
While setting suns
Escape from guns.

It's happening now, You know?
Somebody is torn,
Somebody is taken,
Right now.
And even though we know
That it will never really get us:
It will always get us.
Just like the sun sets
Just like the Big Bangs

Galaxies shine but hidden inside
Their silhouettes,
Gritting threats.
mc6lm Jun 2019
The beginning and the end
A line we can draw
A place we can stand
In change we reign
Change defined and placed in time
Without the beginning this ends
But when we begin a thing
The end is certain
Built in
So this is the illusion
They will say
And they may be right
But consider if you lived a life
On another side
And discovered this place
So beautiful and tragic
This mathematically balanced dualistic flickering
Lost in a delusion of reason

There is no other place
You are always here
Right now
On this line where a beginning
Determines an end
We live forever
This place where nothing is

tl;dr ...Change doesn't exist but it is the only thing there is
Haven't been on here as much as I'd like to the last couple of weeks but was inspired to take a few minutes (I'm supposed to be getting ready for a gig right now) and write something this afternoon. GF moved in this week and watching the beginning and ends that occur during these times for everyone involved. Special thanks to Darrell Landstrom and Star BG...their creativity always inspires me.
1.1k · Aug 2018
The Transmit of Misfits
mc6lm Aug 2018
I entered into a world of dreams
Vampires at the ends of halls
Sleeping on floors that covered
Pulses on screens before screens were screens
And musical acrobatics on huge tvs
The plants were best friends
And chemistry sets
Forgotten stories of secrets kept
But further along ideas formulated
Created and erased
In ends encased
And all that was left
Was left in the place where everything came
But where does it go?
I had lost control
In search of ego
And saw others running around enlightenment
But didn't realise
It was because they were running away from it
Too late
And led into to places
Where people were no more than
Blank looks on faces
But reaching the end means reaching the end
Then you begin another again
But some get a choice and choose to go back
Eventually returning
Evidence of the infinite

I met a most interesting person
Who claimed something outrageous
I don't know if I believe
Everything that was said
But I believe
Everything was said
And I know that speech is contagious
1.0k · Feb 2016
mc6lm Feb 2016
We are the laughter of children
Spinning around each other;
891 · Oct 2014
mc6lm Oct 2014
I'm always being sarcastic; even when I'm serious...
But I'm never being serious when I'm sarcastic.
886 · Feb 2017
mc6lm Feb 2017
"Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

"It's better to have an impossible dream than no dream at all." - Anonymous
"No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big." - Anonymous

"Life is short, live bold! Be heard, be you, dream big, take risks, don't wait." - Misty Gibbs
"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Henry Stanley Haskins

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain
"Dreams come in a size too big so that we may grow into them." - Josie Bisse

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." - Leonard da Vinci
"Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it." - Goethe

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"When it is darkest, men see the stars." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
"Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius." - Robert Brault

"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." - Thomas Jefferson

"You can often measure a person by the size of his dream." - Robert H. Schuller

"Most people never run far enough on their first wind, to find out if they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got, and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you." - William James
"Man walks the moon but his soul remains riveted to earth. Once upon a time it was the opposite." - Elie Wiesel

"Live by what you believe so fully that your life blossoms, or else purge the fear-and-guilt producing beliefs from your life. When people believe one thing and do something else, they are inviting misery. If you give yourself the name, play the game. When you believe something you don't follow with your heart, intellect, and body, it hurts. Don't do that to yourself. Live your belief, or let that belief go. If you are not actively living a belief, it's not really your belief, anyway." - John Roger
"Don't Dream Your Life, Live Your Dreams..." - Miasha

"I want to be all used up when I die." - George Bernard Shaw

Ralph Waldo Emerson - "Don't be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams."
825 · Aug 2018
The Melting of Crowns
mc6lm Aug 2018
Left echoes in tea cups
Dubious fertility
As silence swats at the filaments
Swerving musicality
An analogy of copies
Posted years before on walls
Woven cylinders
Reasons litter free from fines
As guilt unwinds and turns behind
The other side of faces
The inside places
Where thoughts are safest
From their effects
Isolated numbers
Packed so finely to never move
Universal gatherings
In contracts with moons
Defiance and sirens get closer
Until kingdoms surf with the measures
Losing in unison
Losing all past
To be among
And not to run
824 · Aug 2018
A Way We Go
mc6lm Aug 2018
A way I go
To isolate control
Intrinsically ego
And summer twists the wither
If left
In reflex
But some know yet
While other's focus never forgets
And channels play us now
So choose
The way to lose
The thoughts to choose
A way you go
Is personal
Until we know
Then everyone is identical
And physical is universal
But you gather woes
And pin postage for futures made
Ahead of time
Reacting hive
Into all minds
A way it goes
Invested time
But here unwinds
And nobody finds
The thing unknown
Scattered in parts imaginable
The magnets will never have it
But under deals lost in Atlantis snow
Where letter zero stores its spores
Nobody leads you but hands understand
Trapped in lattice
Organised for show
And shuffled virtual
Away we go
811 · Jul 2017
The Thing That Is 1
mc6lm Jul 2017
As always, the problems we are currently facing in the world all arise from the issue of self and its identity. We are living in an age where self identity is narrowing its focus on our egos with dramatic results.
   We can clearly see, notably in nationalism and religious fundamentalism, the great power of a united ego: for better or worse. Tyrannical governments have historically taken advantage of this to the extent that the populace will turn on itself for the interests of the nation, when the nation mainly represents the power brokers: and the power brokers have often used religion as their favourite tool. Contrarily, there have been countless positive political and religious movements; Jainism is an example of extreme empathy towards other living beings of any kind.
   The issues with a narrowing focus of the self, however, create a damning scenario. As we become more introverted in regards to our identity then we can easily be fooled by those who would manipulate our emotions and it becomes seemingly more difficult for us to change our mindset: because most people assume they are, solely, their own personal identity. It also makes it far easier to divide a populace when opinions strengthen due to lack of dialogue.
   Today, it seems, the majority of people are very well informed but with so much information available it becomes harder to scrutinise it without becoming overwhelmed in the sea of opinions that cloud the facts. This is when our emotions take over and the simple mechanisms that drive each of us become clear.
   The self that we all are is inside and outside of us. The environment that we interact with is as essential to our own self as we are to it. It's very hard for people to digest this: they do not want to believe that a mass murderer is somehow part of their self but they glorify the wealthy for being wealthy because they want the same for their self. We can’t have it both ways and should not.
   The mechanism of self identity and egoism actually may indeed solve itself, eventually. When one delves deeper into their own mind to discover the true self, if they go far enough, they will find that there is no self to discover devoid of other. Our existence is wholly dependent on our interactions.
   To make a change within yourself is to make a change to your habits. We, as people, can be thought of as habits of our culture or society. We are trained to behave a certain way based on the role we play and how well we do is (ideally) based on how well we follow the role’s specifications. Therefore, in each of us lies the ability to change a habit of our society for better or worse.
   People, when united, are an extremely strong agent of change. When we know that every individual is an equal and important aspect of our own experience then we can finally begin to understand our own selfs in the image of others. With greater understanding we can acquire the tools to change our own habits and the habits of our society in a way that benefits all of us.
This is not poetry.
756 · Feb 2015
At Bay In Vesuvius
mc6lm Feb 2015
In ordinary plumes of accustomary ferver
Beneath the rim
Sliding in and slipping by
Ever unrealized
Tickets to wrong ways to go
Snippings of shiftings

Terminal reprise
In our flashing lives
In visible disguise
Words are just eyes

There is a long way to go
Definite and barren
Multiplying as snow
And it's so cold
The stars ensure
That we know
But where to implode?
We define but we don't

I have an idea about you
And that's about it
Because I'm not here with you
I'm here within
Shoveling record levels of snow is great exercise...That and record cold makes for interesting writing!
754 · Aug 2018
Infinity Divinity
mc6lm Aug 2018
The timbre of atoms surrounded by Sol
When the emptiness shivered
The shimmering showcase
Of fire flakes
And Nostradamus pop sickles
Too few remember the moment
That we dropped mountains
Onto Monuments
And complexed the ideas
Out past the stratosphere
With only number to guide us
We panicked
And left the others
On the dark side of the moon base
Easily digested
Unlike Euler's identity
No matter it's beauty
Second rate truths eventually combine
To know is fine
But to teach is divine
729 · Jul 2016
and then we start over
mc6lm Jul 2016
when we are down
with no way left
to make things right
and time is up
then we begin
meeting ends
staying centered
large and small
all will fall
and then we start over
727 · Feb 2015
The Mystery of Information
mc6lm Feb 2015
To get what you want
You have to stop doing the thing that you're doing
Which is the reason why you want
What you want to get.
You're looking for an explanation but there isn't one.
718 · Jun 2018
east infinity
mc6lm Jun 2018
You can gamble on forever
Or if you want to, never
But all in between
Could only be a dream

In a world that seems
Although it has no seams
We hope they will be seen
So one can claim a prize
Seen with adoring eyes
Because we love to know

But details are not wholes
And maps of them have holes
A thing is out of control
If it is the only thing we know

You can't know what you are
If all you are is all you know
So now you are another thing
And now this gives you time to think
And that is all we ever do
And this is how it made you

The thing that you will always seek
Is not outside or inside sleep
Is not a place that you can see
Out of reach eternally

The best is to be in between
Maybe at east infinity
That's where you can find me
Counting sand on the beach
667 · Oct 2016
No Sentient Entities
mc6lm Oct 2016
Into the fluttering
Sped up stuttering sunsets
One Hundred Twenty
Stones can lift themselves
As light as nothing
And that is something

By a pool
Staggered edge
Caught in between
Camouflage serene
A drop engulfs
And grows and goes away
And far as close away

Undivided split into
As many as forever allows
Seeped into stories
Confined by sound
Same as now

Here is never here
But here is there
And everywhere
Is nothing there
But hear electric
As far as close away
663 · Jul 2019
The Beautiful Struggle
mc6lm Jul 2019
There are times when life has tests for us
And there are times that life decides to throw everything it has at you
To try and break you
But I'm not going anywhere
And I'm looking forward to catching up with my family here
When I can
Just wanted you all to know I miss reading your words everyday. I'm hoping I'll have the strength and time to catch up over the next few days...much love to you all.
658 · Oct 2015
The creak in the woodwork
mc6lm Oct 2015
Stress is merely consistent frustration
And frustration only happens when things do not go as we desire:
What you expect from this moment,
What you plan for the day,
What you wish of a life;
The Universe knows that everything goes
And does not suspect a thing.
648 · Feb 2016
mc6lm Feb 2016
Out of everything there is
Hands may be the most amazing thing
628 · Jan 2015
Stunning Slumber
mc6lm Jan 2015
Crests in the crowd,
Against the wall,
Right now,
Meet you at convergence;
The gulls flickering.

You strike quite a fine
Line in retrospect,
Well worth the effort,
Nothing is separate;
They delay us.

Curling together
In every direction,
I am defined by you;
The space around
Which Science pursues;
I am infinitely caught
Inside of you.

Bend me at your will,
Divide me up
And identify me;
You are just a dream;
A dream which I can breathe.
more of an elegant take for me on the magnetism/yinyang/binary theory of life. at times I tend to be a bit, abrupt?
614 · Jul 2015
mc6lm Jul 2015
I've said these things before once
It's left to uncover device
And into a seeming to be
A price delivers twice
A height to entice
The bombastic armada
Of deistic design
We feast on our signs
Our worlds intertwined
The lasts in the lines
That grasps not to find
I've said it before here
But here is here nor there
And we are neither where
The circles become square.
603 · Aug 2018
Vibhuti (Glorious Form)
mc6lm Aug 2018
We felt it as the after math
Visual geometry
Encased singularity
In place of what is real
The past is the past
But the smallest can undo
What we have done
Inside suns they count and run
But as stars they pry imagination
And we become so clever
As the watch knows its time
And that is all that counts
Although placeholders smirk
At the novelty of all
Obvious background
The stage consumed inside of thought
But all is consumed inside of naught

All of our heroes are made up of zeros
As we define the knot combines
And winds itself
Elastic time

And if we could defy
Then lose yourselves
And never sail the lines of planes
And never tread platonic shapes
The void is now
The only place
Everything else is mirrored face
603 · Apr 2015
Rue de Rivoli
mc6lm Apr 2015
Fertile my mind
Which ways to goes
It didn't end like the book
Did it
Abstained roads

Away from further predicament
Gravitating significance
Space full of brilliance
Voided ambivalence

And that's a wrap
That's what's inside the box
Paper locks and drunken talk
No hands to pause or mind to walk
It's here and gone
Eternal long

You stashed me away
When you lost me that day
581 · Jan 2016
Star Crossed Triangle
mc6lm Jan 2016
One of the most important things in life
Is to interact with the widest range of people possible:
Each will guide you closer to truth.
Who are You
When known by All?
548 · May 2019
Every Thing Goes
mc6lm May 2019
Pressed onto edges of feathers
left strumming the weather of
hollow acetone roads, slicker than snow,
where memes lose control.
Our unaccompanied company knows
nothing about something until
something happens inside of this place
where nothing can happen
unless there is space inside every atom;
Nothing is matter.

At some point, God is going to start talking about
the Devil.
At some point, The Devil is going to start talking
about God.
Life is Pong: you either bounce back
or come out the other side.

Time is frozen in entropy as ice
One must thaw time all at once
To allow it to flow
Who has the idea?
Nobody knows...
Nobody knows...
Everything comes from where
Nobody knows
But Nobody escapes from where
Everything goes
547 · Jul 2018
mc6lm Jul 2018
What is feeling?
Not feelings
Not emotions
But feeling
Your awareness
Emotions can take over the base awareness
If you let them
But the awareness without emotion
Is your awareness of the world around you
The world around you
Is how you feel in your mind
The world you experience
Your interpretations
Are your reality
And if your awareness can be changed
Then reality is elastic
And can bend to match your awareness
How you feel is under your control
And your awareness
Is the world you inhabit
544 · Sep 2018
Lifting Lithospheres
mc6lm Sep 2018
We came here to make sense
Out of non sense
And in turn are making nonsense
Out of sense
But there is a difference between
Silence and ignorance
That can't be seen
Because of distortion in your sight
That can't be heard
Because you keep trying to listen
That can't be felt
Because your mind focuses on physical comfort
Or discomfort
Rather than its own disquiet

If you are your thoughts
Than how can you continue to exist
When you are not thinking?

Interrupted rupturing rainfall
Havoc bargaining for endurance
Steps like functions
Casting nines into artificial intelligence
On blank pages we write interpretations
On blank faces, classifications
And on blank populaces,
And you'll never be as good
As those who created the labyrinth
Mathematics can only be discovered once
At the bottom of the mountain
Where steps fall like infinities
We reached the top once before
And died on the way back
Now what real proof is that?
537 · Jan 2016
The Leprechauns Of Eschaton
mc6lm Jan 2016
All of us,
Machines without parts:
Nothing to repair
Nothing to maintain
No place to go
Didn't you know?
524 · Mar 2015
mc6lm Mar 2015
I do not know who I write to,
Suspended amongst the vast;
Or if there is another,
I think there could be others,
But so much time has passed.

Am I alive?
When not matching eyes?
In lovers pretend
There is but a glimpse.

I sing absent thoughts
And follow their glow
But who'll ever know
What I'm writing?
522 · Aug 2018
Succinct City
mc6lm Aug 2018
Trapped in thought
Unable to express
Without categories
We can only speak the past
If we think to speak
And there is no future
That can be spoken
For once spoken
The future is past
You can speak of your heartbreak
Of your greatest love
But you are only speaking in thought
You are only speaking of what has past
And there is no love there
The only love is here
For if your love is in the past
You are thinking
You are suffering
Because you have left love

You are not the thoughts in your mind
Love would never degrade itself
To fit inside of your conceptions
Love is here always
It is only your mind that moves

In clay caverns she breathes among the shivering
The tongues of steam strain and sigh
This where never goodbyes
This where nothing unwinds
All of existence left behind quivering
As barren mind engulfs
And ideas gasp and die
The calm that never subsides
Love can open eyes
Free from ideas about eyes
And when you look into
For too long
Love appears
The other
That defines you
But who can never be defined
By you
502 · Sep 2015
The Final Oak Tree
mc6lm Sep 2015
Did we imagine each other?
Gazing across the endless glass of wonder
Juggling successfully our miscalculations
Paradigming cylinders over tunnels

I know you are here
Only because I am;
It is why we came.
And we'll never really know
If we are doing it all to ourself;
Secrets of The Illumined.

There isn't treasure to be found
Apart from You;
My lovers,
Your enigmas,
Our falling forward.

I can see us in the glass
And if we can touch in crystalline symbiosis;
Then worlds will empty vessels upon our arrival,
Ending eternities,
To find ourselves there;
Where we can never be.
486 · Sep 2018
Thevidence Of Existence
mc6lm Sep 2018
If one witnessed the ocean
Living erosion
As we dance mind into twilight
The ocean as guru
Breathe and wash away
As far as the next wave
Lighter than lithium
We float and remain
In isolation chambers
In meditative posture
Always giving way to change
And in giving to change
We remain
In the only place one can
It's easy if you listen to
The perturbations that propagate
If you can see
The beginnings of separation
If you can be
The particles held in suspension
But where we remain
Makes no sound
And needs no matter to arouse
One can witness the ocean
And theories of everything
Find closure outside classification
Where crashing sands
Join startling simplicity
In chorus with breath
Where nothing is left
And yet we remain
481 · Jul 2015
mc6lm Jul 2015
Everything that humans have accomplished
Physically in this Universe,
Compared to the size of this Universe
Shares a similar ratio
In our understanding of this Universe.
You can't get there with words, emotions, or thoughts.
Or Religion
Or Science
Or Mathematics

481 · Dec 2015
Intermediate Fastening
mc6lm Dec 2015
It is impossible to definitively define existence;
Why would you attempt to define it
When that is exactly what you are already doing?
479 · Dec 2016
They left for Avalon
mc6lm Dec 2016
I want to see it better
To hear it clean, pure,
And forgotten
To know its breath,
Its gheam spiraling into mine
To feel the rainbow all at once
Not Red
Then Orange...
But to each I know
Becomes the known.

What is being said,
That I do not want to be me anymore,
I want to be you;
And when I am you
I can see me
Even though I do not exist
You see?
How we find ourselves
478 · Feb 2019
A personal aside
mc6lm Feb 2019
I'd like you all to know that I begin and end everyday (99% of the time anyway) reading the words of my fellow writers on this site. Your words move me, make me smile, make me think, make me wish I were young and in love again, and many more things.
I don't live with very much emotion in my normal life but when I'm here I begin to feel everything all over again.

If I acknowledge your writing then I only wanted you to know that you moved me and it is simply a way for me to thank you for giving the gift of your self, your story, your hopes, your dreams, and your being.

Don't ever believe for a moment that your words do not matter...Your words envelope my day and define my life.

Thank YOU for sharing.

I've seen some friends move on from this site over the years and often they don't come back... but sometimes they do (and those are very happy days).

For my own reasons I felt the need to say this today
And for everyday
Just in case.
All my love to you - my fellow writers, and if I friends.
474 · Feb 2016
mc6lm Feb 2016
You can never truly understand paradox
Until you become it:
There is such a place,
At any Time.
474 · Dec 2015
mc6lm Dec 2015
The best kind of Mathematics
Is the Mathematics that  you can see
473 · Jul 2016
The Pregnant Elegant
mc6lm Jul 2016
"Is it untrue?"
- Shaped Intruder
These things that you see:
Who reads them back to you?
Can it be false?
The protagonist slips into error
Clumsified dilutions of similar solutions
Imminent protrusions
Endlessly looping
"And you?"
-Mistaken Stranger
"What am I?"
To live inside
And be a Life
Would not suffice
Without you.
465 · Jan 2016
mc6lm Jan 2016
One way to identify potential is to create chaos or conflict.
Watch who follows
Who leads
Who parrots
Who sees without eyes
451 · Jul 2019
mc6lm Jul 2019
Echoes are replies
Booming across the sky in July
In mind the confined rhyme weaves time
And the echoes cause you to conclude
That you can do it too
Across the horizon past thoughts that bloom
That's you
Inside of you
Fire in the sky
Where we drew the wrong conclusions
So historians can espouse confusion
But the echoes are still looming
If you hold your head up
And look across the sky
See inside a mind designed to create time
The original boom that we listen to
Over and over
As if every moment was July

Be aware of what you echo in your mind
440 · Mar 2017
mc6lm Mar 2017
Nothing will be true
Similar to how the entity functions
As a theory
Building boxes
Out of circles and triangles

What do you want to be?
A Theory
An Idea
The Idea

We CreateOr help to

The white ghosts
Hide in empty dens
In large homes
But secure
They are managing
They are profiting
Off of what is now gone
Their profit
Is their loss
The creation is an idea
The idea is never implemented

Their profit is freedom from creation
Their profit is freedom from life
Their profit is living death

To know the look in another's eyes
When you have impressed them
With your creation
Is Life

White Ghosts are Death
So they will die
When we see them as such

And celebrate creation
Instead of corporation.
Diverse charitable donations
One should try to give back twice of what one has not received yet
But nothing is richer than one's time and attention
428 · Feb 2015
Variable Limits
mc6lm Feb 2015
We are limitless;
Awake and asleep,
Prove this.

All grapple with the same questions,
A fool's errand;
To define the undefinable.

Longing to discover our birth
When we barely know ourselves.
416 · Jan 2015
mc6lm Jan 2015
Space is divisible
We are undivided

Space has laws
They emerge
Of mystery
It shadows us within

Implore us
Become us
Can it?
Will it?
Infinite standoff
Just Us

It's been broken
In rhythm
In sibilant
In prism.

But who'll ever know?
The say it is so
The way to the world
Outside of the world
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