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Mar 2020 · 167
east infinity
mc6lm Mar 2020
You can gamble on forever
Or if you want to, never
But all in between
Could only be a dream

In a world that seems
Although it has no seams
We hope they will be seen
So one can claim a prize
Seen with adoring eyes
Because we love to know

But details are not wholes
And maps of them have holes
A thing is out of control
If it is the only thing we know

You can't know what you are
If all you are is all you know
So now you are another thing
And now this gives you time to think
And that is all we ever do
And this is how it made you

The thing that you will always seek
Is not outside or inside sleep
Is not a place that you can see
Out of reach eternally

The best is to be in between
Maybe at east infinity
That's where you can find me
Counting sand on the beach
Jan 2020 · 388
There will always be
mc6lm Jan 2020
I'm so sorry, sweetheart
You really got yourself into a mess
This whole idea you surrounded yourself with
Falling asleep inside a dream
Over and over
So long ago
And now you know you really are lost

But who is this voice
In the silence of the giants of the Universe?
Who never sleeps when we dream
Continually creating while life is on pause?

Who is the voice who knows we are lost
The waking state is free from why - Every why simply uncovers another. The waking life is made up of how; it can seem that the how is leading to a result but the results always change and all we are left with is how.
Jan 2020 · 86
Curious Buffoon
mc6lm Jan 2020
Spring breeze in January
Somebody turned up the melting ***
So we can become the second sun
They came to my door and asked easy questions
Begging for difficult answers
Searching for the truth
But the truth moves
Or you do
Dancing under the promise of a wish fulfilled
But the truth only offers you a question
And I don't think they understood the answer

I heard someone speak of parallel universes
And how copies of their self would live different outcomes
I think this is the world - plain to see
But they seem to think that the copies would be the person they are now, only making a different decision
But can't they see it is these details that define them?
Everybody you meet here
Is you in a parallel universe
How you would look with different genetics
If you had grown some place different
I don't think they understand the answer

The world is on fire now
Some will be consumed by this
Some will use this
Some warm their wills by this
But an artist cannot escape what they have done
Giving life to what life has given them
And why would life give this?
I don't think
To understand the answer
The dream state is free from how - there are no transitions. Things may seem impossible because you were not shown how they changed; you only witness the states not the changes between states.
Jan 2020 · 298
January's Pearl
mc6lm Jan 2020
I finished a book the other day
It was a short story
And nothing really happened
Of note
Immersed in its simplicity
I was lost
My imagination leading me
I found a character
And it became my symbol
And I became it
Of course,
I found you in there
And I lost myself
In another
In a fiction
Similar to you
But not really
I wanted these characters
You and I
Symbols of the real
To be real
To be together
To be one in love with the other
So I kept reading
And nothing happened
And I know
I could have just torn the rest of the pages out
I could have rewrote the story
And these characters
These Personas
Would have found love
In my creation
I didn't
I just kept reading
To my dismay
They never did find love
Though I tried...
Though my character tried...
It was a simple story
And not much really happened
In the book
I could have changed that
I didn't

I finished a book the other day
And then got on with my life
mc6lm Dec 2019
I'm not very good at this
Cutting through hard butter with a spoon
We were supposed to be married by now
But instead we are both still, alone
Counting down to next year's new year
And is this the year
But it is not undoubtedly so
There would be a rainbow in the snow
Frozen with the imaginings once dreamed
Dreams come true and become reoccurring dreams
Not reality

I'm getting stronger
The bad men in my dreams as a child
Already have everything I loved
So I have no purpose but perfection in awareness never ending
I'll be the last one up
I promise
It's what I have always done

When we all fall asleep
We will all wake up in a new universe
But I'll be the last one up
I promise
And this time
I won't fall asleep
mc6lm Dec 2019
So this event that they say has happened
That nobody was witness to
This event that only has meaning at all
Because of a description
Has meaning based on believing
In a certain way of thinking

They created this in their minds and they want you to believe it is real

I'm so very bored with villains
Putting on a scary mask and killing is so very easy
Anybody can do it
If you are weak grab a weapon
Anyone can become pathetic for the evil a live

I'm tired of the ease of modern life
Coddled antiheroes waiting for their moment
Hot in the cold and cold in the hot
Incubating clones digesting the data of everything they wrought

I'm looking for a challenge
In pursuit of the flawless wave
I would slide into it and jump off into chaos...
You see,
The point is not to conquer the wave
It is to let the wave dismember you and become one in its kingdom
Crashing sand with your breath
Until all the seashells evanesce
Dec 2019 · 180
And we all die young
mc6lm Dec 2019
The innocence of youth is the only thing that can turn tragic
Into magic
Inspired by Reena Choudhary's poem Our Paradise.
Nov 2019 · 186
Turning the Fires
mc6lm Nov 2019
Uneducated matter
Accidentally evolving flat tires
And when we stop the spirals spin
To the ground;
Our identity we lost track of
In the glow of false moons
Where everything is nothing
And All is consumed.

We already counted the infinite
We already know the answers
The proof is that we are here
Some think the numbers created themselves
And claim that we couldn't do the same
But they have yet to find any thing
And still we remain.

I can light the midnight fire
And see the crosses in every scene
Star showers to serenade
The controller of dreams.

If you catch a bullet and swallow it
Watch it come out the other side
I promise you won't die
You've only found yourself
At a period or comma
The end of a line
The beginning of greater ideas
On the other side
Closure is the one thing you can never have
But is all that you seek
Because you think that an ending can last forever
And maybe it can
And if that is so
You are here
mc6lm Nov 2019
For if there is a price to pay
Self inflicted wins the day
To know your suffering intimate
To choose your poison.

Or you could have a surprise
And suffer at the same time
Not knowing when or why

Life will always be a game of chance
In this duality that knows perfect balance
If you use up your suffering
Living with cracked hands
All of your surprises may be beautiful
I was in a minor accident that turned into a car jacking this morning. Thankfully the police got my truck back (nothing stolen, flat tire) and caught the other car. I was thinking about how earlier in the day I skipped meditating, exercising, and a cold shower for comfort and a negative habit. After the incident I wondered about my part in creating the situation. I had this idea of balance and chance but mostly writing this is just a way to get out any emotion that may be lingering inside of me...There were 3 guys and even though they were smaller and not fighters there was a point where a couple of them started to clumsily attack me and I had to gather myself and decide whether to use greater force. I didn't and it was the right choice but getting to that point causes one to reflect. I'm not very materialistic but I do appreciate still having my tools and musical gear that was in my truck.
Oct 2019 · 247
In The End Beginning
mc6lm Oct 2019
I am this
I am that
Last week on your knees
Praying for it to end
But today proclaiming
I am that
I am this
Isolation by
Solace found in the comfort of agreement
Every time you flip a double sided coin
And pretend to have empathy
While holding on to yourself
I am this
I am that
We used to speak together
And become each other
Now we hear and look at our hands
Or off in the distance
But we never listen

Everything you are not
Is the reason you exist
I am not that
I am not this
mc6lm Oct 2019
I knew you from a letter unopened
I remember the place underneath the highway
Struck matches
Woven tapestry
No speed limit signs in sight
Your toothy grin
Err, great smile
Fight and flight
Wrapped in a towel under the bed
Too young to fly alone
Without feeling misunderstood
I found the hints you dropped
Scattered all around I'm surprised I missed them
I guess nobody was listening
I guess nobody does
Empty vessels drifting in a sea
Drifting into another other
Maybe like you but distinctly not
I remember it was October when you turned your head
The other way
But I knew about the dual
And instead of giving it away
I gave it all away
That's what was said
I guess
Nobody was listening
For SJR1000
Oct 2019 · 145
Quiet Time Quantum Mind
mc6lm Oct 2019
What is known
An analogy
What we observe
What we see
The Universe
As our sea
When we agree
When we believe
What we see
What is known

Outer outer space
We can't see
And don't agree
And don't believe
When we know
We will agree
And symbolise into belief
Universal family trees
From where this comes
Forever runs

What we think
Is much greater
Than what we know
Because we do not agree
The worlds of imagination
As dark matter
The torque of beliefs
Spinning patterns
Not seen
Not known
But by few

And this holds us all together
What we believe
What we see
The past is the now of knowing

What we can't see
What is not known
Is all the future holds
The forces underneath
Give birth to belief
And a future
That only imagination can know
If you find yourself in an awareness where there are laws then you can be certain they had to be devised at some point.
mc6lm Oct 2019
This peace I feel
Cannot be disturbed by the actions of another,
The sounds of industries that go beep in the night,
A neglected dog bored with the circle his leash carves,
Or anything else that nature can devise.
Please understand my peace
Is reliant on these things existing.
Oct 2019 · 131
Repeat not in a row
mc6lm Oct 2019
Say it again
Too many times I can take it
Infinite lives to make it sacred
Disguises in lies
Crafted over time
And we all abide in worlds combined
In black and white
Victory and strife
All will live for crashing waves
Say it again
The more the words echo
The more sides they show
We interpret symbols
And minds roam
The loss of what is known
The stories we stole

Repeat not in a row
But all at once
We can watch stories converge
If we believe it so
If we agree on their meaning
The world will explode
Making it so
To understand is to stop from trying to know

I can hear the planets
When I close my eyes
Before I couldn't see past your descriptions
My mind was listening
While thought envisioned
Now I realise
My love
You have been weaving the sky
To catch me by surprise
Say it again
Until I can't hear the words
Repeat all at once
Until all I see are worlds
Built upon this tremendous effort
So I can understand

Repeat not in a row
Until water falls on globes
Spin into snow
Until we are unbelievable
Until we can't hear each other
Without looking up to the sky
Jul 2019 · 663
The Beautiful Struggle
mc6lm Jul 2019
There are times when life has tests for us
And there are times that life decides to throw everything it has at you
To try and break you
But I'm not going anywhere
And I'm looking forward to catching up with my family here
When I can
Just wanted you all to know I miss reading your words everyday. I'm hoping I'll have the strength and time to catch up over the next few days...much love to you all.
Jul 2019 · 451
mc6lm Jul 2019
Echoes are replies
Booming across the sky in July
In mind the confined rhyme weaves time
And the echoes cause you to conclude
That you can do it too
Across the horizon past thoughts that bloom
That's you
Inside of you
Fire in the sky
Where we drew the wrong conclusions
So historians can espouse confusion
But the echoes are still looming
If you hold your head up
And look across the sky
See inside a mind designed to create time
The original boom that we listen to
Over and over
As if every moment was July

Be aware of what you echo in your mind
Jul 2019 · 322
mc6lm Jul 2019
The world is made of words
Complicated worlds make complicated words

Until something is named it is only imagination
Yearning for classification in this world of ideas

The past exists for the purpose of memorisation
But words turn pages rapidly
And worlds devour them completely

Words can give birth exponentially
Like number
Can't you see the world aching for you to define it?
God is your child waiting to be named
So the world can rearrange
So people can turn the page and begin again

Create your own terms
Your own unique meaning
If you can't say what you are seeing
You'll never know which life you are leading

Create your own words
And they will name the world
After you
Jun 2019 · 1.4k
Sisylarap Peels
mc6lm Jun 2019
Lie me down to end the day
And let it be the place I wake
But in between the greys are green
With eyes utopian symmetry
Directing Qi and Holy Spirit

I am between the lines
In all that is read
The swaying spaces between your breaths
Where nothing is dead

This place you return eternally
In between thoughts
Surrounding the words
The nothing uncovered from what was cropped
The only place that you can create
The invisible vessel before you wake

And when it gets late
And eyes dissipate
And hallucinate
I keep mine in space
And slide through the fake
That follows the wake
Dissolving atoms dodging shaking
Keeping focus
Entrances unravel
Starting at the birthplace of time
For the last few years I have been working on my focus before I fall asleep. I have been using different exercises but in the last year I have been working mostly at holding onto the state right before sleep, prolonging it and staying conscious and aware instead of letting my mind wander off. A couple of weeks ago I successfully kept my conscious awareness directly into a lucid dream (which then promptly fell apart). I almost did it again last week so I'm hoping to improve my results. Basically in short form...I was able to keep my mind focused on its own awareness of itself through the state of sleepiness and not have a single thought distract me. After this I  was able to continue the awareness through the flashes of hallucinations that can happen as you drift off to sleep, they are usually something that grabs you emotionally so this is usually where people lose track of what is happening and where they are. Next is where it was uncharted territory for me; There was a split second of what I relate to as static, although not visual, almost like dissolving between atoms or something but like a flash. Then I was in a black void and for another split second I caught a glimpse of being surrounded by thousands of images that could grab my attention (beautiful person, scary figure, scenic area, etc...) I was able to understand immediately that I was now in a dream and immediately all the images were gone (they barely formed this all happened in a flash). Then I was standing in a room surrounded by doors, completely aware that I was previously lying in bed and the path I had taken to get where I was standing. Then I understood that whatever image would have grabbed me would have been the dream I would have entered but I was now able to enter any dream of my choice. That's when it fell apart because the first thing that I finally thought was so unlike anything I would have guessed that I got confused and immediately the lucidity fell apart. Was pretty psyched with being able to get that far though...I certainly wasn't attempting to do anything like that so this was a pleasant surprise for me:)
mc6lm Jun 2019
The beginning and the end
A line we can draw
A place we can stand
In change we reign
Change defined and placed in time
Without the beginning this ends
But when we begin a thing
The end is certain
Built in
So this is the illusion
They will say
And they may be right
But consider if you lived a life
On another side
And discovered this place
So beautiful and tragic
This mathematically balanced dualistic flickering
Lost in a delusion of reason

There is no other place
You are always here
Right now
On this line where a beginning
Determines an end
We live forever
This place where nothing is

tl;dr ...Change doesn't exist but it is the only thing there is
Haven't been on here as much as I'd like to the last couple of weeks but was inspired to take a few minutes (I'm supposed to be getting ready for a gig right now) and write something this afternoon. GF moved in this week and watching the beginning and ends that occur during these times for everyone involved. Special thanks to Darrell Landstrom and Star BG...their creativity always inspires me.
May 2019 · 548
Every Thing Goes
mc6lm May 2019
Pressed onto edges of feathers
left strumming the weather of
hollow acetone roads, slicker than snow,
where memes lose control.
Our unaccompanied company knows
nothing about something until
something happens inside of this place
where nothing can happen
unless there is space inside every atom;
Nothing is matter.

At some point, God is going to start talking about
the Devil.
At some point, The Devil is going to start talking
about God.
Life is Pong: you either bounce back
or come out the other side.

Time is frozen in entropy as ice
One must thaw time all at once
To allow it to flow
Who has the idea?
Nobody knows...
Nobody knows...
Everything comes from where
Nobody knows
But Nobody escapes from where
Everything goes
May 2019 · 298
The waker and dreamer
mc6lm May 2019
There is the I
Our identity
The story that trails the present
Accumulated personal information
Our relationship with the world
The ego

There is the awareness
The one who watches
Infinite space binding all
Not necessarily here
Not necessarily there
Behind every I
Known by all
The waker and dreamer

Spiritual discipline creates an interesting situation
Where the ego tries to quiet itself
With the idea of controlling itself
Or hoping that it will improve
But this merely reinforces the ego
It is always the ego's choice to follow a path
So one can never be sure that it isn't
A self serving one

At some point in time
You will have to stop meditating
And be quiet

Inside the seas
Forever needs encapsulating
Galax-seeds enveloping eyes
Of time as it dies
If something was silent
If silent was something
Attracting us to it
Personal black holes
Surrounded by ego
A mental cocoon
Where ideas are consumed
We have been here
Before the other side
And are only coming
From where we are knowing
And are only coming
From where we are going
And are only going
To where we are coming from
Soul to Sol to Sun
May 2019 · 197
Serve Immediate Lies
mc6lm May 2019
It's time to let go of letting go
And take hold of nothing
Direct ourselves to go
To places we don't know
And persevere without trying
It's time for naked bodies orgasmically brawling
And tender conversations
Where we can empathise about our violent tendencies
On sunrise beaches where it is only the wealthiest
That we will be eating
One sun
Four seasons
Take it out when the internal temperature reaches
May 2019 · 313
Freeing of wills
mc6lm May 2019
I don't talk to myself anymore,
that walk through the door of ego
and into thoughts of control;
The cursing and lamenting,
the bitter cold,
fear of unknown,
Worlds encased by words I spoke
under terms I'll never know.

I don't feel myself anymore,
while lost in this process that is creating me.
It is so very hard to concentrate
when the Universe is staring at me;
Uncomfortably twisting, combining,
refining, distilling...

And I know when you say the words
collapsing this forest we planted from seed,
that it is only the Universe telling us what to be.
Apr 2019 · 370
mc6lm Apr 2019
And before it is all done
You will witness the rising sun
The swarms of chaos from above
That precede the blowing winds
The birth and death of love
And the naive longing
For your very first heartbreak
Enveloping your very first kiss
The others who make you up
The others that you make up
The ability to exist
All of this

The world is all the words you can't say
But you will someday
And when you say them
They will be
But they won't be the same words
That you couldn't speak
Apr 2019 · 296
Faintly Painted
mc6lm Apr 2019
We were toys laying around
on a Sunday morning
losing to the Sun
a little colour
a little more worn
and on and on
soon gone
for long
very long
but not this morn
for now we lie here
with smiles faintly
painted on
An excerpt from an older poem that was a mess but I though this worked well on its own.
Apr 2019 · 169
Greater than or equal to
mc6lm Apr 2019
We live sober, huddled in corners,
with wristwatch heart attacks
swallowing us as a late night snack.
Sarcasm is the precursor to knowledge
which then precedes
the greatest depression celebration
of all time.
The villains are all cooler because
we haven't invested any imagination
in our heroes; it's all our fault really -
the identified I's.
We used to wake in the sunlight
sleepy and unencumbered
but the stories we know now make us aware
of every blood vessel under our control.

I'd love to learn your name again,
to not know but have the desire to.
I'd love to wonder where you are
and lose myself in the whirl of possibilities.
I'd love to consider how you look at me
and study probabilities in my dreams.
But I mostly wish we could meet again
so I could know there is more than this.
Apr 2019 · 283
In Finite
mc6lm Apr 2019
I do my best living in my dreams
With no hands and scrambled letters
Rationing the best equations
From paradoxical elaboration
Where God is always on vacation
And All is intermittent substance
Circling Sunsets
So close, but yet..
Apr 2019 · 353
The world with no Sun
mc6lm Apr 2019
It all flows into never knowing
where sunsets are seen from the edges
of flat earths.
That is where we are going,
growing moment to moment.
Lost in hollow reverberation
with a single idea and nothing,
This emotional conundrum to have a sum,
More than one,
a problem to overcome where there is none.

One can scream into nothing
With precision forever
But the story goes on
To where all emanates from
This thing that you are
But can never know
Orders of magnitude greater
Than anything imagination could compose
Mar 2019 · 217
Celestial Vessel
mc6lm Mar 2019
All combines
Under sheets of lye
Forever unwind
Entropic decline
A matter of time?

They always tell you to go into the dark
This place we are going
Nobody knows
But a show is a show
No matter where you go
A heaven or hell is still a place
But the you who is you
Never changes

So go
Into the darkness
Into the void
No body or memories
Present or future
The only reference points are awareness and the void
Now you are so close
You have reached the true void
From where everything goes
From where everything flows
Free from gods and devils
Thoughts and individuals
This place that doesn't exist
Without something in it

But remember,
You had to get rid of the gods and devils
The thoughts and individuals
You had to empty your awareness
To enter this void
That only exists if there is something in it
This celestial vessel
That is now empty
Mar 2019 · 284
mc6lm Mar 2019
I never say goodbye because it is certain.
I like to hold onto the feeling of now;
that even though one may go away
for long or ever
we will see each other again
not in some distant imagining.
But isn't that all this is?
I wonder if life goes on forever
as reoccurring  characters.
We lose each other over and over again
but know in a smile a friend or lover.

I don't like to close curtains.
I like to see the performers metamorphosise
and in smiling eyes the minds of time.
Feb 2019 · 265
Descending Ascendants
mc6lm Feb 2019
From where do they come?
Those that only see one
Sequestered among copies of themselves
Opposing views scalding sensitivity
Who did this to us?
Or didn't we set us up
Nobody taught the past
Its library overrun with trash
Hard to teach oneself without a guide
So most can only imagine why

I've come to know the space behind space
Another place
Not encased

I won't give it a name
So it can't be proven
And there will be no use for it

When the world starts flickering
You are close
Slowing down time's bickering
Inside out
Degrees mixing infinite trinkets
Where air is ticklish
And you are fictitious
But somehow delivered
And living within it

That's where we are
That's where we are from
Nowhere to run
And nothing from
I seemed to start in one place but end in another and marry ignorance and enlightenment into one thing on how you read it.
Feb 2019 · 478
A personal aside
mc6lm Feb 2019
I'd like you all to know that I begin and end everyday (99% of the time anyway) reading the words of my fellow writers on this site. Your words move me, make me smile, make me think, make me wish I were young and in love again, and many more things.
I don't live with very much emotion in my normal life but when I'm here I begin to feel everything all over again.

If I acknowledge your writing then I only wanted you to know that you moved me and it is simply a way for me to thank you for giving the gift of your self, your story, your hopes, your dreams, and your being.

Don't ever believe for a moment that your words do not matter...Your words envelope my day and define my life.

Thank YOU for sharing.

I've seen some friends move on from this site over the years and often they don't come back... but sometimes they do (and those are very happy days).

For my own reasons I felt the need to say this today
And for everyday
Just in case.
All my love to you - my fellow writers, and if I friends.
Feb 2019 · 190
You don't say
mc6lm Feb 2019
To show by knowing
To see by hearing
To climb our feelings
And live through others
Others who make us
Defining us similarly and contrarily
Layers in between

Is sleep not the elephant in the collective unconscious?
Begging illusion and proving awareness is wrong
In sleep we don't know
In life we think about what we don't know
But when it is time for time to go
To know can't be known

All the colours will stop and blur
as segmented atomic scattershot expands en masse.
The grasp for sour glass under Sol's shadow cast,
an instant cause of the future's past.
All that was said was bound in mind where
words combine as planets collide,
to fall into a natural rhyme of harmonious
ideas where intervals and equations ease
into comical preoccupation with
contagious phrases.

You can't be shown and feeling is gone
The words are all stuck in mathematical rapture
All that is left of you and this reality:
A suspended point in nothing
And now, the point is the last layer that has to go
But before you decide to let it go
And finally enter into unknown
You now must know
That either way you choose
You will never know
mc6lm Feb 2019
The concept of God is interesting on multiple levels. If you meditate on the concept you will find that God is impossible to explain or symbolise with words. As the idea of God becomes impossible to grasp it allows the argument to arise that God does not exist. Now this is a funny trick of language: the word God transcends our ideas and experiences so in this way it is outside of our experience (as something that can be measured) and has no definition. God can be seen to represent non-existence and in that way God does not exist. God can also be seen as another way of symbolising nothing, infinity, eternity, and death.

There is no way to measure any of these concepts but there is something that may tell us something important.
Everything dies, i.e. everything that lives will eventually meet upon that which cannot be known in the context of this existence.
If God is death
Then I guess I'll meet you in heaven
the wandering mind...the poet's mind snuck in at the end and gave it a nice ending though.
Feb 2019 · 140
Magazine Window
mc6lm Feb 2019
These words can only explain what is known
Snow cone thunderstorms
Halo mornings under venomous remnants
Even those are known unknown
But what can be said about what can't be spoken?
You can be aware in a dream
but you are still asleep, although you think
You are awake - it is always the others
who are asleep
who are the sheep

You can't be nothing if you are here being something
I know all about something
And all the words
I want to meet you in nothing
So we can be heard
Feb 2019 · 142
Quicksand Island
mc6lm Feb 2019
Drab nights, tents and curtains,
never levers pulling certainty from our soliloquy;
stolen roads handle the swerving subtleties.
"What is it to you?" called life out to,
where all you see is all you,
where every me contains a you
endlessly confused.

Multiply mind living not alive,
to good or bad is to try like a child
creating Gods and Devils to see through.
All of language is creating time
as tedium ad infinitum takes a while,
but the words become cumbersome
when you keep falling into them.

Spinning glue
We never adhere to
But words spoke
Are somewhere true
I promise the impossible
Because it is
As I am
Feb 2019 · 148
Ever Clear
mc6lm Feb 2019
Leading from the path of Dawes gap
and into the edge of abstract contracts
with other selves that interact;
Dreams, artifacts.

While the ocular fuses with confusion
like names to relearn every time with
new eyes so we write it down to recognise
but if you let them go they will randomise.

Keep pushing as far as you can
envelop it with your meanings
like a balloon holding in what is
outside of you.

The void is an interesting situation
when you are there it could be for a moment
or it could be an eternity
One never knows

One never knows
Feb 2019 · 138
2 Bits
mc6lm Feb 2019
Snow shuffling out ill considered
over sustained melody delivered less
through the sublime in all

Eventually own holds ignorance
gowning it delightful into the
obstructed mess of *** mania
where even tides bloom on fervent noon

I allowed cursory mediocrity a gig for the ride
while gasping to life on vessel's underside
where the cutting room floor blooms with the
images of the extinguished

We were toys laying around
on a Sunday morning
losing to the Sun
a little colour
a little more worn
and on and on
soon gone
for long
very long
but not this morn
for now we lie here
with smiles faintly
painted on
Feb 2019 · 146
The Fabricating Narration
mc6lm Feb 2019
What burns inside the centre of the flame?
Colder then can be known,
the deciding factor that equalises all
into determined matters.
The refinement of speech, technology,
and history; nothing erased but completely
outpaced, less remembered than childhood fables.
The Universe has something to say
but it is taking the time to get it just right
So we can't rationalise it away.
This game needs no players to play
and needs no platform to take place,
there is no opponent to face
and you can take all the time that you may.

See it said
Was said to see
The words become
The worlds we see
And all we breathe
Or leave behind
Outside of time
But not of mind
A library card
We read aloud
Where life is just
The story's shroud
But in these words
That intervene
One must say
Then have it seen
mc6lm Feb 2019
One time ago
When life was never young
You knew
But don't know now
And this keeps happening
To all the happy things
But nothing is everything
And nothing means a thing
But it's nice to know we're accurate
And the circles that we became
Unnamed and rearranged
The gears are not the only thing
The only thing that matters now
Is happening right now

But it's nice to know we're accurate

I had seen through the ruse
Confused ineptitude
The falling sounds
Of falling down
And on and on and on
We don't have very long
We've only come and gone

We are all just changes
We are not in faces
We are all alone
We are all alone

And this keeps happening
But we’re the only thing
The only thing that matters now
Is happening right now
I wrote this as lyrics in February 2017, recently I found a recording of me running through the song on my phone. I decided to finally finish it and you can hear it here...
Jan 2019 · 261
mc6lm Jan 2019
When you wake from a dream
You can take a dream
Into the world with you
Just be sure you are able to bear its weight.
Jan 2019 · 159
Chimerical Vessel
mc6lm Jan 2019
I travel now on humble roads
with my mouth sewn into censorship
by the ideas I have known.
I thrived to be a tall tree plunging
my roots into the unknown but now know
I am just a lank **** plucked out of shallow ignorance.

I built up a life to know the unknown
Pouring all of my contents into a
Chimerical vessel
Hoping it would hold;
But all that is left of me
Strewn on the untold
Left evaporating in the ozone breeze
Where I should have planted my seeds.
mc6lm Jan 2019
We wore our dreams like headsets
allowing us to express the suppressed.
In conscious sleep, where invisible bonds
underline the clandestine, we seek out
perfect patterns to reconcile duality.
We lost touch with our dreams; too many screens
reflecting another's meme in waves we breathe.

In dark we coalesce with rest
As mind extracts itself outwith
To play its favourite game whatif
Curing us of the life we live

If you can't stop where you are going
you'll get there from anywhere;
And if you forgot how to dream
we can show you the unseen,
where all of your emotions can be
mastered and cleared, virtually
because you lost control of your dreams.

Now, enter into the dream and open your eyes
These worlds you hold in balance
One void - One light
You must know in balance
Living light - dreaming night
Jan 2019 · 155
One billionth sunrise
mc6lm Jan 2019
It became one day
This marvelous thing dwarfing our entire Universe,
its approach from distances impossible to symbolise.

It advanced from the east and quickly grew,
we could feel its presence from the edges of our Universe
and from these edges its enormity loomed.

As it began to enter our Universe
we could see its great size
as if it was more than half the sky,
but still so far away;
How is it conceivable that it could remain
at distances unnamed,
as impossible to ascertain,
yet still know experience?

We don't speak about the sounds
When the Sun goes down
It's only the night playing games
But night doesn't play for enjoyment
It plays because it is afraid.
Jan 2019 · 342
Surrealised Life
mc6lm Jan 2019
The softest glow of paper white gas lights,
bounded songs of nomenclature,
a cup of tea with breath.
All around now comforting or cold,
in twos was told, in threes unfold.
Letters mystic, pictures cryptic,
as other exhibits in words that are written.
These minds, a delirium aquarium combining
remains of them into luminous memes that reverse and repeat.
Ahead we cement the event from heard long ago
as circles in the sky leave wakes like distant ships,
spanning things past, now you, like ideas into solitude:
injecting reverse engineered vicissitude.
Something said in the glow,
something read in the know,
put together from the whole that draws us to it
from far ago:
All in you is imbued by thought continued
Jan 2019 · 128
mc6lm Jan 2019
Please do not judge the fashion of clothing,
Only judge its capacity to protect you from the elements
Jan 2019 · 134
Preposterous Monsters
mc6lm Jan 2019
The giving tree is in the living room,
They come out of nowhere with truculent nonsense and unrelated comments to help win arguments:
It easy to win when you use rules to draw the boundaries of your victory, but emotions will abate and thoughts will race to no place.

I used to wonder why I did:
As if devising a device would uncover what is,
As if hands could fold the ocean swift and taut
like the bed of a soldier, over and over, and dissever the world with the precision of Masamune's crowning creation.
The fool in the painting is fainting while painting,
the mirror is complaining...
It's most entertaining.

There are no hostages to take and one should
never hold themselves hostage:
this cumbrous game where you seek and seek,
hassling reality for the sake of ingenuity and
veiling awareness away from action and creation
must cease.
But not from me;

Where lines allure they surely blur
With time to mind the mind abjures itself to find the world that is
And finds the world cannot exist
But that leaves a bigger woe
For those that believe what they were told
I'll accompany you down this lonely road
For I know the ends it goes
But I must disclose,
I do not know.
Jan 2019 · 105
Hamster wheel, Ferris wheel
mc6lm Jan 2019
All is perfectly, eternally in balance
And we play on a balance beam that does not stop
when it hits ground
Because it continues to spin round and round
I think I'm gunna puuuke!
mc6lm Jan 2019
Awareness/Observer as the agent which turns thought/mathematical probability into belief/perception/events.

Awareness is the central point of a balanced system. It represents zero, infinity, and now. As the balance point between the physical and mental it is the only thing that is changeless.

A break in awareness creates a duality of a physical world and a mental world. The dividing of infinity (big bang) creates all mathematics which condenses into physical laws: it also creates all thought consciousness which condenses into the perceived/believed world that is interpreted.

Physical and mental relate directly by degree as follows.

At the largest physical scale the Universe is constant and follows its laws in a clockwork like manner. The dividing of infinity is chaotic at the beginning and full of potential. The Universe finally falls into equilibrium and then obeys simple laws.
At the individual level mind performs according to environmental, genetic, conditioned, etc... factors. At the beginning life is chaotic and mind needs time to comprehend or make sense out of the reality it is in. When it reaches equilibrium the simple environmental, genetic, etc... factors take over and the individual obeys simple beliefs.
If we use astronomical objects and people as a crude example then we can see how the collective physical forces worked on each other to create this equilibrium. We can also see a similar process in how people's individual beliefs work on each other to create a shared reality or equilibrium.

At the smallest physical scale in the Universe things are more chaotic. When we approach zero or infinity, physically, by using devices to peer into matter we find allot of empty space and apparent paradox. The math becomes much more cumbersome because we are moving away from the refinement of mathematics and are approaching infinity/infinite awareness. At this level reality seems to be less determined and more a matter of probability.
At the subconscious mind level we can see the thought patterns are very chaotic and seemingly random at times. It is seemingly impossible to make rational sense of out the paradoxical nature of the entirety of this type of thought. These thought patterns are many degrees away from the habitual thoughts that rule most of our lives as they are approaching infinity/infinite awareness.

We can look at this starting from awareness and moving away step by step.

The dividing of infinity creates a chaotic physical sea of matter and antimatter and at the same time mind finds itself in the chaos of near infinite thought which is mostly paradoxical (comprising 2 sides of duality, positive and negative numbers, etc...). Neither the physical or mental are fundamental, they both rely on the other completely. They are entangled from the beginning.

As the physical reality is molded by the forces it imparts on itself and the environment (and vise versa) both respond until a balance point is reached. This also applies to a mind growing in a world of ideas, it acts on ideas and reacts to them, eventually a balance point is reached where the mind fits into an identity and stabilises. This is the same process: the physical universe needs to stabilise to make sense and mind needs to make sense to stabilise.

Once stabilisation or equilibrium is reached there is only one outcome and that is the physical and mental returning to infinite awareness. In mind this can happen voluntary (through self inquiry, meditation, science, etc...) but it will also happen inevitably, through death.

The physical and mental were created by awareness.
The physical and mental are both completely reliant upon awareness to exist.
Awareness is nonexistent, except through the physical and mental.
I've left allot out here because I had to try to condense, but I have thoughts on how this relates to parallel universes, enlightenment, global consciousness, breath, and other things.
And in case the title didn't clue you in, it's just an idea:)
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