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36/M/oklahoma city, oklahoma    i remained quiet, i am outside of the world.
26/F    I believe art need not to be beautiful all the time. It's all art, as long as it lets you express. Check out my poetry ...
Listening to music   
We Are Stories
23/M/Florida    -everything is meaningless a chasing after the wind so says the teacher-
58/F/Pakistan    A 58-year-old housewife, mother of 3 children, on a journey of self-discovery through poetry.
out of the blue   
Abby M
17/F/US    Thoughts pop into my head and I just want people to share them with.
Reena Choudhary
24/M    I love poetry. Inspired by starry nights and ancient writings.
Acina Joy
17/F/On earth, not Mars    Gallivanting in dreamscapes, writing with knives, and crying over lovers from across the world.
Yacov Mitchenko
Lorraine Colon
Missouri    I was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1944, and now reside in Missouri. Retired from secretarial work, I now enjoy writing poetry. When my heart ...
Katie Miller
17/F/Pennsylvania    I am a pathetic cliche (it's similar to hopeless romantic, except I'm really trying to be hopeful- it's not going well). I am also a ...
πŸŒ‚    β”¬β”€β”¬γƒŽ( ΒΊ _ ΒΊγƒŽ)
Sampreeta Subhakanshi
16/F/Odisha, India    Poetic // Insane // And a bit of urbane
Illumination Workshop
29/M/Southern Ca    college degree, single, no kids. HOBBIES: books, guitar, health nut, travel.
A mesh of sadness, bittersweetness, happyness and a catastrophe of emotions, put into words.
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