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mc6lm Nov 2019
For if there is a price to pay
Self inflicted wins the day
To know your suffering intimate
To choose your poison.

Or you could have a surprise
And suffer at the same time
Not knowing when or why

Life will always be a game of chance
In this duality that knows perfect balance
If you use up your suffering
Living with cracked hands
All of your surprises may be beautiful
I was in a minor accident that turned into a car jacking this morning. Thankfully the police got my truck back (nothing stolen, flat tire) and caught the other car. I was thinking about how earlier in the day I skipped meditating, exercising, and a cold shower for comfort and a negative habit. After the incident I wondered about my part in creating the situation. I had this idea of balance and chance but mostly writing this is just a way to get out any emotion that may be lingering inside of me...There were 3 guys and even though they were smaller and not fighters there was a point where a couple of them started to clumsily attack me and I had to gather myself and decide whether to use greater force. I didn't and it was the right choice but getting to that point causes one to reflect. I'm not very materialistic but I do appreciate still having my tools and musical gear that was in my truck.
mc6lm Oct 2019
I am this
I am that
Last week on your knees
Praying for it to end
But today proclaiming
I am that
I am this
Isolation by
Solace found in the comfort of agreement
Every time you flip a double sided coin
And pretend to have empathy
While holding on to yourself
I am this
I am that
We used to speak together
And become each other
Now we hear and look at our hands
Or off in the distance
But we never listen

Everything you are not
Is the reason you exist
I am not that
I am not this
mc6lm Oct 2019
I knew you from a letter unopened
I remember the place underneath the highway
Struck matches
Woven tapestry
No speed limit signs in sight
Your toothy grin
Err, great smile
Fight and flight
Wrapped in a towel under the bed
Too young to fly alone
Without feeling misunderstood
I found the hints you dropped
Scattered all around I'm surprised I missed them
I guess nobody was listening
I guess nobody does
Empty vessels drifting in a sea
Drifting into another other
Maybe like you but distinctly not
I remember it was October when you turned your head
The other way
But I knew about the dual
And instead of giving it away
I gave it all away
That's what was said
I guess
Nobody was listening
For SJR1000
mc6lm Oct 2019
What is known
An analogy
What we observe
What we see
The Universe
As our sea
When we agree
When we believe
What we see
What is known

Outer outer space
We can't see
And don't agree
And don't believe
When we know
We will agree
And symbolise into belief
Universal family trees
From where this comes
Forever runs

What we think
Is much greater
Than what we know
Because we do not agree
The worlds of imagination
As dark matter
The torque of beliefs
Spinning patterns
Not seen
Not known
But by few

And this holds us all together
What we believe
What we see
The past is the now of knowing

What we can't see
What is not known
Is all the future holds
The forces underneath
Give birth to belief
And a future
That only imagination can know
If you find yourself in an awareness where there are laws then you can be certain they had to be devised at some point.
mc6lm Oct 2019
This peace I feel
Cannot be disturbed by the actions of another,
The sounds of industries that go beep in the night,
A neglected dog bored with the circle his leash carves,
Or anything else that nature can devise.
Please understand my peace
Is reliant on these things existing.
mc6lm Oct 2019
Say it again
Too many times I can take it
Infinite lives to make it sacred
Disguises in lies
Crafted over time
And we all abide in worlds combined
In black and white
Victory and strife
All will live for crashing waves
Say it again
The more the words echo
The more sides they show
We interpret symbols
And minds roam
The loss of what is known
The stories we stole

Repeat not in a row
But all at once
We can watch stories converge
If we believe it so
If we agree on their meaning
The world will explode
Making it so
To understand is to stop from trying to know

I can hear the planets
When I close my eyes
Before I couldn't see past your descriptions
My mind was listening
While thought envisioned
Now I realise
My love
You have been weaving the sky
To catch me by surprise
Say it again
Until I can't hear the words
Repeat all at once
Until all I see are worlds
Built upon this tremendous effort
So I can understand

Repeat not in a row
Until water falls on globes
Spin into snow
Until we are unbelievable
Until we can't hear each other
Without looking up to the sky
mc6lm Jul 2019
There are times when life has tests for us
And there are times that life decides to throw everything it has at you
To try and break you
But I'm not going anywhere
And I'm looking forward to catching up with my family here
When I can
Just wanted you all to know I miss reading your words everyday. I'm hoping I'll have the strength and time to catch up over the next few days...much love to you all.
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