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mc6lm Mar 2020
You can gamble on forever
Or if you want to, never
But all in between
Could only be a dream

In a world that seems
Although it has no seams
We hope they will be seen
So one can claim a prize
Seen with adoring eyes
Because we love to know

But details are not wholes
And maps of them have holes
A thing is out of control
If it is the only thing we know

You can't know what you are
If all you are is all you know
So now you are another thing
And now this gives you time to think
And that is all we ever do
And this is how it made you

The thing that you will always seek
Is not outside or inside sleep
Is not a place that you can see
Out of reach eternally

The best is to be in between
Maybe at east infinity
That's where you can find me
Counting sand on the beach
mc6lm Jan 2020
I'm so sorry, sweetheart
You really got yourself into a mess
This whole idea you surrounded yourself with
Falling asleep inside a dream
Over and over
So long ago
And now you know you really are lost

But who is this voice
In the silence of the giants of the Universe?
Who never sleeps when we dream
Continually creating while life is on pause?

Who is the voice who knows we are lost
The waking state is free from why - Every why simply uncovers another. The waking life is made up of how; it can seem that the how is leading to a result but the results always change and all we are left with is how.
mc6lm Jan 2020
I finished a book the other day
It was a short story
And nothing really happened
Of note
Immersed in its simplicity
I was lost
My imagination leading me
I found a character
And it became my symbol
And I became it
Of course,
I found you in there
And I lost myself
In another
In a fiction
Similar to you
But not really
I wanted these characters
You and I
Symbols of the real
To be real
To be together
To be one in love with the other
So I kept reading
And nothing happened
And I know
I could have just torn the rest of the pages out
I could have rewrote the story
And these characters
These Personas
Would have found love
In my creation
I didn't
I just kept reading
To my dismay
They never did find love
Though I tried...
Though my character tried...
It was a simple story
And not much really happened
In the book
I could have changed that
I didn't

I finished a book the other day
And then got on with my life
mc6lm Dec 2019
I'm not very good at this
Cutting through hard butter with a spoon
We were supposed to be married by now
But instead we are both still, alone
Counting down to next year's new year
And is this the year
But it is not undoubtedly so
There would be a rainbow in the snow
Frozen with the imaginings once dreamed
Dreams come true and become reoccurring dreams
Not reality

I'm getting stronger
The bad men in my dreams as a child
Already have everything I loved
So I have no purpose but perfection in awareness never ending
I'll be the last one up
I promise
It's what I have always done

When we all fall asleep
We will all wake up in a new universe
But I'll be the last one up
I promise
And this time
I won't fall asleep
mc6lm Dec 2019
So this event that they say has happened
That nobody was witness to
This event that only has meaning at all
Because of a description
Has meaning based on believing
In a certain way of thinking

They created this in their minds and they want you to believe it is real

I'm so very bored with villains
Putting on a scary mask and killing is so very easy
Anybody can do it
If you are weak grab a weapon
Anyone can become pathetic for the evil a live

I'm tired of the ease of modern life
Coddled antiheroes waiting for their moment
Hot in the cold and cold in the hot
Incubating clones digesting the data of everything they wrought

I'm looking for a challenge
In pursuit of the flawless wave
I would slide into it and jump off into chaos...
You see,
The point is not to conquer the wave
It is to let the wave dismember you and become one in its kingdom
Crashing sand with your breath
Until all the seashells evanesce
mc6lm Dec 2019
The innocence of youth is the only thing that can turn tragic
Into magic
Inspired by Reena Choudhary's poem Our Paradise.
mc6lm Nov 2019
Uneducated matter
Accidentally evolving flat tires
And when we stop the spirals spin
To the ground;
Our identity we lost track of
In the glow of false moons
Where everything is nothing
And All is consumed.

We already counted the infinite
We already know the answers
The proof is that we are here
Some think the numbers created themselves
And claim that we couldn't do the same
But they have yet to find any thing
And still we remain.

I can light the midnight fire
And see the crosses in every scene
Star showers to serenade
The controller of dreams.

If you catch a bullet and swallow it
Watch it come out the other side
I promise you won't die
You've only found yourself
At a period or comma
The end of a line
The beginning of greater ideas
On the other side
Closure is the one thing you can never have
But is all that you seek
Because you think that an ending can last forever
And maybe it can
And if that is so
You are here
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