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Mary-Joy Feb 24
It doesn't depend on your opinion of them to figure out who you are,
Yes, you are your scars,
Yes, you are the times you failed,
No, it doesn't define you,
It doesn't depend on others pointing our your past mistakes to figure out who you are now,
Because maybe you were fake back then,
Maybe you'd like to take back what you did then,
But who are you now?
What are you becoming?
Think you can do it,
Tell yourself you'll get through it,
Apologise for your failings,
Because you are not a failure now,
And this is who you are,
Better than who you were.
Mary-Joy Feb 22
It's like water rushing over me,
Trying to drown me,
It's an impossible feeling,
Release me,
This cool feeling has got me reeling,
Sinking towards the bottom where I can't even scream.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
Oodle doodle don't be a poodle,

Oodle doodle I'll put you in a strudel,

Ooddle doodle your on my mind,

My pen is tracing your ****** lines,

And you are so divine,

Oddle doodle like rhythm and rhyme,

The beat matches the tempo,

At which you slide.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
You’re like a roadblock,

You put up walls,

You’re like a roadblock,

You think I can’t get through,

Yes you’re in my way,

Yes I fell down today,

Yes I’ll get up and lead a new direction into a new pathway,

You think you’re a roadblock,

But I’ll get around you.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
Every interaction has the choice,
To go forward or to go backward,
Every smile can be taken lightly,
Or can be smiled back too,
Every word can be taken the way it was written,
Or can be taken out of context,
Everything has the possibility to get out of control,
Everything discussion has its consequences,
Every action has its own effects,
But just don't block me yet,
It's not my intention to reject,
It was not my intention to do this,
I wish we could erase the conversation start back at the start,
Don't need another number to add to my fails,
Don't need another blocked name on my list,
Don't need another contact I don't contact,
Don't want to end in a block,
But it might.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
I expect something of you,
Surely there is something you could do,
Erase all my self doubt,
Just put all your feelings out,
And shout,
But no,
You would rather not,
Sitting outside when it's too hot,
You'll fry,
You would rather cook then try,
That's my only expectation of you,
That you move about and we figure all this out.
Mary-Joy Feb 1
I wish I could open my eyes like I could open the curtains,
Let sunlight stream in,
Let my mind sing,
I wish I could step out and take what you put down,
You have some much to offer,
In this little town,
So I'll climb out of bed today,
And see things in new lights and new ways,
And not be the one behind the shadows,
This time,
Meet up with rhythm,
Talk to rhyme,
Choose exactly the right time,
To step out and take what you put down,
I have so much to offer,
So come now also,
And step out and take what I put down.
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