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Mitch Prax Jun 28
I either feel too
much or I don't feel at all-
there is no between

11:58 PM
Mitch Prax Jun 28
Dear diary;
I hate to admit that
I am still dependent on
feelings I promised myself I
would no longer feel and
now I punish myself
for it.
Mitch Prax Jun 27
Doing what others
do for acceptance is a
form of suicide

4:10 PM
Mitch Prax Jun 26
Patience is one of
the softest forms of love that
someone can practice

10:22 AM
Mitch Prax Jun 25
Be careful with me,
I tend to believe anything and everything
from those who seem to care.
And at the same time,
I doubt almost every word.
Is this a paradox? Yes.
Is this self-defense or have
my demons convinced me otherwise?
It's both.
Mitch Prax Jun 25
Your soul
is a sunflower-
that's why you light up
any room that you enter.
Your light beats to the rhythm of the sun,
a radiance that sparks joy to those
whose eyes are lucky enough
to reflect your light.
Mitch Prax Jun 25
You have proved me right-
nothing lasts forever and
you broke that promise

3:55 PM
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