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Mitch Prax Jun 24
I have never been
anyone's favorite person-
wouldn't that be nice?

12:00 AM
Mitch Prax Jun 24
I do not need death
to enter heaven,
to be by your side is
enough to make me feel
like I'm with an angel.
Mitch Prax Jun 23
It is as easy
to feel love and warmth as it
is to feel heartbreak

5:59 PM
Mitch Prax Jun 22
I want to get lost
in another country and
forget who I am

2:06 AM
Mitch Prax Jun 18
I wonder if you have forgotten me,
if I have withered from your sunflower
like a petal ready to discard?
Do I still cross your mind or
am I a forgotten memory
lost to the winters of time?
I still think about you from time to time-
I guess I have a harder time shedding
these petals I still hold dear
to this sunflower.
Mitch Prax Jun 18
Time has a way
of turning people to memory.
The process can manifest
as a wound slowly healing or
a humble nostalgia that you cannot
help but smile when looking back.
In the end, will they leave you smiling
or with another scar to carry?
Mitch Prax Jun 13
I may as well just
imagine you the way you
aren't here anymore

5:40 PM
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