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Apr 2019 · 361
I believe in good
Missy Beminio Apr 2019
I believe in good
People can love each other
Being vulnerable might feel like a risk
Promise, it won’t all be bad

If kindness felt likes ****
I would maybe understand
Open the doors, invite me in
Because love is worth it

Give this world a chance
Experience with open arms
Even when everything’s a zoo
I just hope all this is true
Apr 2019 · 379
Missy Beminio Apr 2019
Here I am
A new person again
I almost don’t recognize myself yet
But I’m getting there

Here I am
Lucky to have what I do
I almost don’t recognize who I was
But I’m getting there

Awake, always learning
As we walk together on our paths
Every step one foot forward
Or backwards if we chose
And standing still will connect us all

Here I am
A person just like you
Feeling lost and somehow found
But the future can be bright

Here I am
Messed up over a break up
Finding myself and feeling more alive
Because that’s just what you do
Oct 2018 · 220
I hope
Missy Beminio Oct 2018
I hope I bring you genuine joy
Sweep you off the the next galaxy
Inspire maybe romantic dreams
Something that makes you feel good at least
Something real
That makes you feel free
From the torment of this world

I hope I bring you genuine smiles
Sweep you off to another plane
Inspire maybe great things
Something that makes you feel good at least
Something real
That makes you feel from deep inside
From the darkest truth comes a peaceful light
Mar 2017 · 612
Missy Beminio Mar 2017
Sometimes I will lose my way
just like you, I can betray
my heart ignores the given chance
to learn again the rules to play

Sometimes I will forget a name
just like you, I lose my game
my mind will never be flawless
just one more time it wants the fame

Sometimes I will lose my sight
no matter how I hold on tight
my soul will tend to lose the path
and just like you, I'll see at last
Feb 2017 · 995
time to hit restart
Missy Beminio Feb 2017
humanity has turned away from itself
said goodbye to the inner truth
the self that feels the pain of others
listens with an open heart
reaches out to everyone
holds you close without demand

the greedy spend all the money
silencing the rest of us
leaving all the values behind
with a blind eye to the truth
have turned off the universal light
it seems we may have lost the sight

the powerful shake its people to the core
washing away all the freedoms
rinsing off leftover droplets of love
replacing them with all the lies
living life in full disguise
I will never show demise

if you choose to live this way
know that it will not end well
the last thing that we should do
is walk away from who we are within
listen to your purest heart
that is where you can hit restart
Missy Beminio Feb 2017
it's you I think about at night
olive skin, deepest stare
the one with the solar eclipse eyes

sometimes love is hard
if you wonder if it's worth the sting
it's not the real thing

all the warmth inside your heart
something like the sun
with you, there's no disguise

nothing here that's left to shake
I feel like I'm awake
everything I have is yours to take

I'm simply just a girl
who can't imagine life without you
you make me see the whole world

stick with me through every fight
you could hold my hand tonight
keep me warm all through the night
Missy Beminio Jul 2016
it's the perfect time to start
reaching deep inside your heart
no more time to waste you see
there's no better way to feel free

what we have is all too real
close your eyes, it's time to feel
I won't bite and I won't sting
I'll give you all of my everything

because I love you every day
no way I'd ever walk away
you're the best of everything
love me always, just the same

the time has come to see truth
this task that sometimes needs proof
you're the one, it's nothing new
I believe in everything you do

now's the time to be wide awake
take the time to feel the quake
I'll hold your hand and keep you warm
be your shield from every storm

because I love you every day
there's no way I could walk away
you're the best of everything
love me always, just the same
Apr 2016 · 830
with you I have it all
Missy Beminio Apr 2016
slowly with my headphones on
disappear without a trace
nothing matters when I'm gone
drifting in this outer space

with my heart that's open wide
nothing here will go to waste
stupid rules I won't abide
beating through the steady pace

with my head inside your arms
warmest place is that embrace
lost inside your sweetest charms
breathing slowly for a taste

with you, I found the greatest gift
the willingness to take the fall
this way I'll never feel adrift
it seems as though I've got it all
Missy Beminio Mar 2016
looking out your window
sun kissed hair in my eyes
watching while the wind blows
through the cloudless skies

thinking of our first date
you, in that red plaid shirt
I was so ****** nervous
doesn't mean it wasn't great

the way our legs entwine in bed
there's nothing I want instead
everything feels warm in here
nothing else could ever compare

or that Friday night at the rink
I slipped and scraped my knee
but when I see the scar I smile
because it jogs my memory

walking through the forest all day
sharing with you my happy place
the trees and leaves outside are bare
but not my heart that's yours to take

the way our souls entwine in bed
there's nothing I'll ever want instead
the safest place for me is here
nothing else could ever compare

that Charleston week was when I fell
completely like a southern bell
for the perfect guy I'll ever see
you're everything in this world to me

the fire in your solar eclipse eyes
is something I can't live without
this crazy world is upside down
but all I need is you around

we elevate each other right
the universal beat of life
never felt so high up here
nothing else could ever compare
Mar 2016 · 463
I could
Missy Beminio Mar 2016
I could drink you in all night
you jump start my heart
quench my thirst tonight
shower me with all your light
loving you's the best part

I could breathe you in all day
your smell is candy to my soul
your sugar makes me fly away
sweet like candy I won't sway
highest that I might unfold

I could look into those eyes of gold
your rings that look upon my face
I see the truth like it's foretold
gaze into my heart you stole
look at how you fill my space
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
It seems you've reeled me in
Missy Beminio Mar 2016
drive with me all day
I'll listen to what you have to say
make no mistake
I love you all the way

hands upon my knee
touching gently everything
give me reason to give in
softly feel this way again

distracted as I graze
your solar eclipse eyes
I'd stare into the sun
to feel that way again

just be here with me now
forget about the world
seeing things clearer this time
It seems you've reeled me in
Feb 2016 · 717
open up with me
Missy Beminio Feb 2016
open up your world to me
I can help you feel free tonight
break the tallest brick walls down
no more chance of feeling bound

open up your eyes and see
face the past and grow with me
tear the dark and fill with light
look with beauty in your sight

open up your heart to me
give this gift a chance to be
something bigger than everything
nothing like we could ever dream
Feb 2016 · 747
make no mistake
Missy Beminio Feb 2016
your moves
they take me
and erase my
worried silly mind
one more time

when I get
really lonely
I think about
the warm nights
inside your bed

cause I know
this will pass
just some times
i just wish
you'd come running

take your time
no need to rush
hold my hand
you're worth the wait
make no mistake
Feb 2016 · 434
I'm here
Missy Beminio Feb 2016
I'm hear to tell you
something about your ear
it's a metaphor
maybe try to disappear
it's not about the score

I'm hear to see you
spread your wings and fly
this roller coaster life
maybe try to be yourself
you'll learn from all the strife

I'm here to love you
open up your heart to me
I'll give you everything I have
maybe you just wait and see
it's everything it's meant to be

I'm here to evolve with you
feel the way I want you here
the bond is pretty tight
you're groovy and I might
get down with you tonight

You're here to feel alive
coasting along this twilight
watching the wind breathe slow
patterns in the stars will tell
stories of your future bright
If you'll stay with me tonight
Feb 2016 · 745
love is
Missy Beminio Feb 2016
love is
not holding back
not giving in
with all your might
i think

love is
just a feeling
not a bad thing
things are looking right
i think

love feels
like the warm breeze
at my heart strings
now i see the light
i think

love is
when i think of you
my heart swells
i can't think
i just know
Jan 2016 · 671
tidal wave
Missy Beminio Jan 2016
sitting here inside this dream
wake up, maybe try to scream
the feeling deep inside my fear
that there's a chance you'll disappear

painting a picture in my head
of you here, inside my bed
arms held close and I lose sight
thinking of you this night

smother me with all the love
you fit with me just like a glove
this thing we have is pretty fun
when I'm with you, I come undone

never mind the lesser past
I get to be with you at last
ride you like this tidal wave
lately I've been feeling brave
Jan 2016 · 448
is this real life?
Missy Beminio Jan 2016
can you see me
in the dark
can you feel
the look on my face

close your eyes
wait and see
is this real life?
or just a dream

you are the rock
you are a lake
there's nothing more
that you can take

we're here together
maybe feeling better
my heart is getting heavier
waves getting bigger

whistle along to this tune
it's time you got on
this train with me
you must first breathe
Jan 2016 · 3.5k
it's hard not to
Missy Beminio Jan 2016
It's hard not to
wonder if you still
think of her
the way you think of me

It's hard not to
let your mind go there
left feeling insecure
not knowing yet for sure

I know age doesn't matter
that I make you happy
I know I'm the girl you want
then why do I feel ******

You spend a lot of time
making music with her
It pains me to feel jealous
that's really not who I am

I wish she wasn't so young
so beautiful and great
I wish this feeling
would just ******* go away

I know I shouldn't feel it
you wouldn't hurt me like that
I know I should just deal with it
you couldn't do me like that

It's hard not to
but I'll give it a try
because you're worth it
that I cannot deny
Jan 2016 · 9.7k
inside us
Missy Beminio Jan 2016
this little number
is for your sake
cause if you know
just how I feel
I won't have to fake
make no mistake
this is the quake
inside us both
if you hold me near
you can feel it too
you take away my blue
make me feel alive
I think I love you
Dec 2015 · 708
then come inside
Missy Beminio Dec 2015
hold it now
take a breath
feel the smoke

to be alone
with no regret
too many reasons
to just stay at home

you'll feel my love
as you tear the fabric
off my dress

my heart is your chest
leap inside this mess
have a look
then come inside
Dec 2015 · 642
justify your right to live
Missy Beminio Dec 2015
give yourself a chance
entertain this gift
create your own path
we've all been set adrift

we all want to feel alive
want the happiness to be real
we have to survive
there's no better deal

have some faith this time
justify your right to live
we are all the true divine
almost out of time to give

make me believe your love
forgive me if I go inside
you're all up above
I might just run and hide

forgive my stubborn pride
it's the mask I sometimes wear
to keep the fear inside
every wound has it's own tear

with every drop of earth I dig
the path to learn again
with every inch of pain
I turn and start again
Dec 2015 · 354
every awakening
Missy Beminio Dec 2015
there's a little extra kick in my step
all full of butterflies
living life from the inside
giving more and feeling right

going somewhere extra bright
finally time to see the lights
reaching deep within my soul
believing in the higher role

i can feel it starting in my heart
this time ready for it to start
letting go of all the past
only way to make this last
Dec 2015 · 1.2k
summer in my heart
Missy Beminio Dec 2015
sometimes when you meet someone
the heart beats faster
there's nothing better
I can't wait to see you again

feeling more alive these days
awake in this outer space
seeing double vision
a bird you can't touch

close my eyes and feel the sun
i feel it's only just begun
feels like summer in my heart
with trees taller than earth

that genuine smile gives me chills
I want unlimited refills
there's nothing I wouldn't give
to hold you close again.
Nov 2015 · 7.5k
There's something about you
Missy Beminio Nov 2015
he's alive like the sun
shines like a golden light
nothing can stop me
from loving him tonight

there were times I thought maybe
sometimes life can get in the way
if only just one more night here
then have my heart today

something in the flicker of his eye
highlights in the space all around
vibrating with the earth at our feet
this feeling, it just can't be beat

maybe this is all a silly dream
or steam inside this brain of mine
can't help but think of you tonight
I only hope you think of me too
Sep 2015 · 716
there was this guy
Missy Beminio Sep 2015
If I sit around and think
all the times I couldn't speak
trying to fit into your life
but I shouldn't feel the strife

who exactly do you want
do you even feel a spot
in your heart for me to grow
If you felt, it didn't show

I can't bare to see you now
you should probably take a bow
you may think you've won the fight
if you feel you think you might

no, you cannot see this frown
if you think you've got me down
there's a chance you might be right
but I'll never tell you now

who do you think you are
when I think, I feel the scar
for this heart of gold will heal
because I know just how to feel
Jul 2015 · 1.1k
Look and see
Missy Beminio Jul 2015
Look at me
Just sitting here
That familiar smell
As far as I can tell
Here we are
Living in this hell
Or is it all well
Under my spell

Look inside
For real this time
Don’t walk away
Pretend it’s fine
Reach to the sky
Chills down your spine
It’s all divine
Your heart is mine

Look away
I cannot bare
In time you’ll sway
Just don’t betray
I’ll give to you
New slides to play
Be a shoulder all day
Show you a new way
Jun 2015 · 673
it's about you and me
Missy Beminio Jun 2015
lay down on the ground
look up, see the clouds
open up your heart to me
last place you thought you'd be

this part will give you more
just walk on through the door
put your hand in mine
feel the warmth inside

lets not play rewind
I can't help but feel blind
inside these heavy walls
meet me on the other side

a subtle wound is all
that pierces all of me
this time it's too thick
a thorn for every trick

you must know how I feel
I can tell that's real
there's something in your smell
I know it all too well

It's easier over there
where everything is bare
struggling for the words
leave it for the birds

conclusion must it be
will you ever see?
darkness won't help us here
it's about you and me
May 2015 · 6.7k
turn on your lights
Missy Beminio May 2015
maybe I could
help you now
change your life
bring you peace

maybe I should
hold you tight
give you light
make you right

maybe you want
just a taste
I hope you see
that's such a waste

open your eyes
wake up today
then you'll see
what you can be

it's your heart
you will understand
it's beautiful here
everything is clear

forget the pain
make it disappear
just decide to
turn on the lights
May 2015 · 735
swelling heart
Missy Beminio May 2015
take this chaos
turn it into light
I can't help but want you
another time

give me something
anything but your silence
it's clear you've let go
this time tonight

electric shock to start
your magic I cling to
every single part
I just keep hoping

give me a chance
and i'll hold on tight
with both hands
inside my swelling heart
Mar 2015 · 650
I want you to shine
Missy Beminio Mar 2015
I see beauty
inside your heart
inside your eyes
inside this bed
and in the skies

I see big love
under the stars
under these sheets
under your wars
in everything so far

I see the truth
that sits below
stay quiet please
and let it rain
down from the stars

I can't explain
everything that is
or why you're sad
but just you know
I love you a lot
and want you to shine.
Mar 2015 · 11.5k
vacation justification
Missy Beminio Mar 2015
you can't make me fall apart
or rescue me from my fault
only sometimes a functioning adult

you can't take away my light
hard as you think you might
this is not your fight

you can't break this heart of steel
if that's what you're hear to do
you'll never make me fall apart

underneath it all I'm clean
all of these things pristine
this hard working empty machine

maybe this time it's your turn
resolution from this scream
then back to the beginning

you're reaching for the sky
pack everything you need
we're going somewhere big
Feb 2015 · 1.2k
because I love you
Missy Beminio Feb 2015
get closer to me
climb inside my tree
is it where you want to be?
I think, from what I can see

open your heart this time
feel it slowly make the climb
twisted all around this twine
I can help your ease unwind

listen closely, and you'll see
buzzing like a bumblebee
flowers feed your spirit free
have you floating in the sea

have your arms held open wide
there is no great divide
our spirits will collide
this time you cannot hide
because I love you
Jan 2015 · 957
present wannabe?
Missy Beminio Jan 2015
there's a treasure deep inside me
somehow I've got to find it
not just pieces parts
not in shopping carts
somewhere near the heart
is a good place to start

there's a sweet spot in me
it's not that hard to see
it's somewhere up a tree
feel the wind, feel the free
unwind the knot
give it everything you've got

there's a reason this all came to be
is it hiding inside of me?
the secret is still yet to come
I can't help but fall succumb
so please won't you forgive
but I've got plenty more to give
Jan 2015 · 9.4k
do you have it?
Missy Beminio Jan 2015
do you think you have it?
cause I want to hide from you
living in defense
don't try to steal from me

the panic in your voice says
you think you lost it
never mind that
It was never yours to begin with

come into my space
show me what you've done
maybe it's too far gone
I think I feel undone

with the breeze, it crosses by
touched my skin
and touched my thigh
pierced my soul
you caught my eye

sharper grip against the grain
don't live in this vein
never mind the fear
you'll find it all in here
Dec 2014 · 439
simple idea
Missy Beminio Dec 2014
I could love you
more than you've ever known
forgive me
if I sound so bold

I could hurt you
like the thorn from the rose
forgive me
so I've been told

there's only one direction
and I'll be the guide
keep leaving distractions
and I'll leave your side

for all time
Dec 2014 · 531
you vs me
Missy Beminio Dec 2014
I'm saying goodbye to you
this time I mean adieu
I'll walk you to the door

my hearts been bruised
I'm feeling used and abused
It's nothing to cry about

you might feel dark
there's no hint of spark
but that can never be me
It's not what's mean to be.
Dec 2014 · 689
it's not right
Missy Beminio Dec 2014
something tells me it's right here
this night dear
it's quite clear

something in me just can't speak
i can't think
i can't blink

something's troubling
something's tumbling
no short comings
in this running

you've made it quite clear
how you feel
it's your deal

you hide beneath fears
with no tears
listen up dear

i wish your heart could stand
just one more fight
it's not right
Oct 2014 · 877
seasons inside me
Missy Beminio Oct 2014
it's hard to find the words
selfish little me
practice with your heart
maybe then you'll see

wrap yourself within
greedy heart of gold
insert the sturdy mold
do you feel me here again

heavy sinking charm
can you do no harm
swim across the sea
through every blade of grass

snow kissed and fresh
the earth is still tonight
breathe it all in
and let it begin again.
Sep 2014 · 954
open up your eyes with me
Missy Beminio Sep 2014
where has my heart been
all this time again
reunited and it's fun
it's only just begun

totally unfolds here
it all starts to appear
maybe i'm new here
give me some time dear

breathe inside your embrace
I like the way you taste
touch your skin to mine
feel everything I can

greatest place on earth
have you seen my truth
bright as the very sun
made of only one

open up your eyes
I want you to feel it too
you need to have a clue
It feels like i'm brand new
Sep 2014 · 1.2k
inside out
Missy Beminio Sep 2014
grazed knees
climbing down
from the trees
thick skin
won't give in
never fall
down again

singed eyes
no disguise
no more lies
your demise

tender there
it's everywhere
opens up
I realize
it's not to fear

I'm in the air
stripped bare
surrounded here
looking dead
inside the mirror
Aug 2014 · 4.3k
Missy Beminio Aug 2014
from the sky above
to the dirt below
under blistered feet
the green inside your toes
this feeling can't be beat

high in all the trees
i can feel the breeze
through every strand of hair
cold air and it's embrace
man, i love this place

kindle fires with your eyes
just to feel surprise
greatness burns within
just a little sin
starting over again

nevermind the past
living all too fast
i hope this feeling lasts
remember every night
turn on every light
make the feeling right
Aug 2014 · 366
sometimes it stings
Missy Beminio Aug 2014
does the time get slow
give you time to feel
are you as guilty
as I am

does the sky just open up
your eyes are everything
so you can see
me as I am

does your heart still beat
or skip and retreat
so why can't you love me?
i's all I can be
Jul 2014 · 575
the answer
Missy Beminio Jul 2014
inside I am waiting
it's all aggravating
all the pain forsaking
no more belly aching
this time saturating
the power mine for taking
it's really quite groundbreaking
the inner workings greatly
just hold yourself impatiently
while the world keeps changing
driven mad screams angrily
sitting here relating
it has to come so hastily
remember we can live freely
starting with our inner being
Jul 2014 · 7.9k
the garden you built
Missy Beminio Jul 2014
i want your garden
sprout from the earth
breathe you in
consume all of you

i want to feel
green in my feet
in between my toes
it can't be beat

the sweetest smell
it's like the fuel
i know it all
a little too well

the warm embrace
what is this place?
it seems you've left
without a trace

who are you now
you've left me again
i feel the fear inside
purer than the water
that brought us here
it's beginning to get to me
Jul 2014 · 360
it's everything
Missy Beminio Jul 2014
the trees breathe
my knees gave
it's everything
inside of me

the sky is blue
this must be true
it's everything
inside of me

the earth moves
as it becomes new
it's everything
in every being

just you and me
and so it seems
the only way
it'll ever be
Jun 2014 · 1.3k
it's you and not
Missy Beminio Jun 2014
i'll always wish it's you
you must have had a clue
this isn't some ******* zoo
this isn't something new

it's impossible to resist
remember last time we kissed?
it's what i've always missed
is it really worth the risk?

until we meet again
i won't know where to begin
it's like i'm living in sin
i'll keep it all within

happy hearts are ahead
the future is bright instead
i'm left hanging by a thread
inside filled with dread
May 2014 · 1.2k
just walk away
Missy Beminio May 2014
this feeling here
I can't deny
it's coming near
to say goodbye

just walk away
is what I'll say
look deep inside
you cannot stay

my heart is yours
is this called fate?
tongue tied inside
I can relate

I can't be with you
this much I know
I'm feeling blue
I cannot show

escape is real
your hiding here
inside this deal
your showing fear

this means the end
is on it's way
I cannot bend
I cannot sway
I feel I must
just walk away
May 2014 · 900
Who am I when I'm with you?
Missy Beminio May 2014
who am I when I'm with you?
forgetting everything right
for a few good nights

who am I when I'm with you
giving up what I believe
for that greedy primal need

who am I when I'm with you
I don't even have a clue
tomorrow shows no truth

never mind the way you feel
or how perfect this deal
this cannot become real
I still need time to heal.
May 2014 · 400
I wonder who?
Missy Beminio May 2014
you're always here
inside my head
sometimes I feel
it's always been

you're always near
inside the fear
sometimes I feel
there's nothing there

every time
all that I am

just you and I
no reason why
it seems as though
I can't deny

well furthermore
just can't you see
I wonder why
we'll never be
Apr 2014 · 347
this guy
Missy Beminio Apr 2014
i cant escape
this silly idea
my only hope
it's not real

there's passion
and those eyes
there's kindness
i realize.

there's something here
i know you feel it
no need to stare
i know you see it

i want more
and then to be
more than just
some casual fling
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