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Jasmine dryer Feb 16
Let my sins
Be gone with the wind
Let my time end
I'm sorry
It's time to go friend
Jasmine dryer Jan 23
Where should I begin
Our love was a twisted story
Of a doll
And a toymaker
Your painted tears divine
Oh how you always cried
And fall to ground and wine
Till there was cracks in your skin
But at least you were mine
But our love ran out of time
As much I tried
Oh where do I begin
dearie dearie
please inquiry
what happened to the porcelain doll

dearie dearie
send your best sincerely
for his glass skins been broken since the fall

dearie dearie
please remain cheery
for your toymaker skills are exceeding


dearie dearie
please remain weary
for his glass skin
leaks poison

dearie dearie
run as fast as you can
for porcelain doll
is a broken man
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
Slicing and dicing at your cold meat
Slicing into it feels so sweet
Out of all this blood and Gore
I must say, I only want more
Dumping the bodies aren't a chore
if it means room for more
This feeling shakes me to the core
Makes feel sick
All the way down
Far so deep
Where all my morals sleep
This was made to de Erie. Might delete
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
the smell of mint fills the air
brother is here
been gone for a year
mother is crying
hugs are shared

kids opening gifts
the sound of they're laughter is bliss
as mother gives the youngest a little kiss

sitting around the fire
were all together
with the smell of mint
cold and sweet in the air
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
late night
again with this vibe
and feel the inner tension rise
my own demise
written in the sands of time
of what we were
lets go back
journey through guilt
its almost as if i feel a tilt
maybe acknowledge what i did
but you forgave you say
but i'll never forgive
so now my mirrors covered
and here i lay
its late night
i deserve to feel this vibe
Jasmine dryer Dec 2018
your painful
you hurt me
oh your just like cotton candy
sweet to rot my teeth
like a poison
slowly suffering
your terrible
the divine type of pain
that i would beg for
i live for the pain
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