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MissMew Nov 2015
Please tell me,
I'm going to be okay.
Please tell me,
You won't turn me away.
I need you now,
More than ever,
Because I feel like I'll fall,
But this time,
I don't know how hard it'll be.
Please tell me,
There's some hope for me.
That I'm not a disgrace,
A freak,
and a pest.
I just want to be normal,
I never wanted this.
So please,
I'm begging you,
Please tell me,
You'll still love me,
Even after all I've become.
MissMew Nov 2015
Perhaps this time,
It wasn't supposed to be.
Maybe this fleeting happiness
Will some how come to stay,
But I no longer clutch such false hopes.
For me,
I feel a void expanding in my chest;
It never slows,
Increasing as fast as the wind blows.
It's no wonder the feelings,
In which once ran free,
No longer come to me
In gusts like vibrations,
Washing over the sea.
So once again
I ponder the ways
I'll never be able to keep the tears at bay.
A part of me wishes
I'll one day be better,
But I already know
It'll be forever.
For now I just wait
Until I awake,
So then I'll be the one I should be,
Not who I've come to be...
MissMew Oct 2015
So many thoughts to write,
without the voice to place.
So many thoughts with which are left unspoken,
cloud the heart left incased.
Perhaps these shackled thoughts
interlaced themselves around the tongue,
for no words can be spoken.
With the look from his eyes,
all the words border the bridge of her lips,
held shut so tightly,
and silence becomes once more.
To fathom the power of thoughts,
can be tested with the reign of time
raging behind them.
How long has it been?
The days escape she who is held
within the grasp of his eyes,
and to what is this compared?
A lock without a key, maybe...?
At one time,
it was time to run.
However, now,
with arms open in welcome,
the thoughts are here to stay.
For when his eyes look through once more,
the words,
"I love you"
will spill from her lips,
once too afraid to speak.
MissMew Oct 2015
I think about what the world would be like,
If you weren't in it.
The grass would still grow,
The tides will still turn,
Children would still laugh,
and birds would still sing.
Time would continue to proceed,
The earth would continue to spin,
and life would progress without you.
That is a reality I could not bear,
Because not for one moment could I wish,
A world without you.
Not for another,
Would I want to.
MissMew Oct 2015
Maybe it's the way
You sing softly as I sleep,
Or maybe it's the way
My heart is yours to keep.
Maybe it's the way you speak,
Or sometimes even the way you squeak,
But all I know,
Is for a fact,
Is all of me
Loves all of you,
And maybe one day
You and me can be a "we".
But you my love,
Who are so bright,
Could not be touched
By someone as tainted
As I.
How cruel it is,
Fate taunts me this way,
But darling know,
I will never stray.
Just to feel you near me,
Is like the sun kissing away the frost from my soul;
But you darling,
Are the perfect bait.
I find myself wondering
About the coming days together,
How someone as cold as I,
Could be with someone as warm as thy?
I'm not worthy of such perfection,
Such grace,
Such elegance,
Truly purity of all there is that is just.
How could the angel before me,
Truly be mine?
A man so beautiful,
So divine,
I call my lover,
My twine.
The man whose arms I gladly reside,
For I am his home,
and he is mine.
MissMew May 2015
We are the capricious youth,
desiring farewell from monochrome stencils etched onto our once blank canvas destined for a mixture of hair dye, blood stains, and beauty like no other;
a band of misfits.
We are the abandoned bunch,
free from moral restraint and expectations of perfections as the reigns break from the hold of their eyes piercing in fury with a judgment heartless and rigid;
Fugitives from the box.
We are the bats in the belfry,
mad as hatters and rich with curiosity, the true descendents of Alice with our cheshire grins and cups shattered at the edges creating our own wonderland in lost treasures and spare parts;
welcome to Wonderland.
We're are the criminals of time,
Our minds yearning for adventures of mass destruction to ignite the fires in our eyes as our hearts lust for one night stands and temporary lovers until we find whom of which tames the beast of our innerworkings;
Our perfect mistake.
We are scientists of our generation,
experimenting with love in temptation of others and blissful passions not specified by gender, but by the content of their character, and they who love purely scream ******* to those who say otherwise;
Pride is not prejudice.
But most importantly,
We are who we want to be:
The girl with the colored hair and artistic skills unparallelled by others,
The boy with the piercings and mathematic expertise who incipient a revolution,
The timid girl with the voice like an angel's who soothes the souls of those damaged by fear,
The boy with an ear for accoustic melodies and a taste of eccentric chords with the potential of a thousand choruses,
Or the those who haven't the idea pictured yet,
We are exactly who we make ourselves to be and the creators of a portrait by our hands,
That is how our story begins.
MissMew May 2015
How I adore those fleeting moments
Wrapped in lace and tender touches.
Those intimate instances where the heart is flooded by butterfly kisses,
and the body ignited by fire.
I long for love's innocence
By the voice you whisper late at night.
I long for love's passion,
By your lips pressed gently against my own.
I long for love's warm embrace,
By your arms when the world crumbles beneath my feet.
But most of all,
More than anything,
I long for you.
My love.
My kerosene.
I only wished,
You longed for that love too.
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