Jun 2018 Miss Ana
georgia sophie
don't you forget me
no matter how far life takes you
whatever you become
whoever you love
don't you forget me
It‘s not what we ought,
Never was it sought,
To bring out a thought,
That you would get caught,
By the hands that fought,
In the night and fog,
On sunny days - drought.
Then you get knocked out,
Coffee in the mouth,
Then a single froth,

It’s caffeine.

An overdose.

You’re dead.
a poem I made on Twitter, might as well share it here as well.
 Jun 2017 Miss Ana
I keep thinking i haven't washed my hair
My head seems to not be able to forget the grease
Maybe deep down i just want it to stay
(I washed my hair this morning
In the sink)

I keep thinking i'm doing great
That's what my therapist said too
But sometimes i wish i was dying more visibly
Sometimes i wish i made more signs
Sometimes i wish i hadn't gotten better

I don't want to stop
I want to want to stop
I don't want to stop

I got nothing to show you
I got none to tell you

Remission is a weird state
Everything partial makes me uncomfortable
I just want to cling to whatever i had
Don't ****** away my ghosts
Don't ****** away
They come back anyway
Befriending me again
Excruciating pain echoes through,
Regurgitating and vomiting,
Incapacitated and agonizing,
Numbed with my heart askew.

Losing blood and getting pale,
You've seen such a gruesome sight.
Losing consciousness so frail,
Ending my suffering as I fall.

Rhymes and rhythms of sadness,
Ominous thoughts in my throat,
My voice cracks with ****** redness,
Apathy sets in... or so I thought.
An acrostic for someone whom I wish to love... but I've vomited every piece of my heart and now I'm empty. I want to love her so bad yet why can't I feel...
In the face of despair, I'll surely hope.
In the face of death, I shall try to cope.
As I was wallowing in misery,
I just found the reason to be merry.

Borderlines of my care and apathy,
Tell me, which one should I even believe?
As I try to cope with my depression,
I just found myself a reason to smile.

The juxtaposition of my laughter,
The irony of my own emptiness,
The hollowness of my own entirety,
It's probably the opposite, really.
This reaction formation of myself,
Clad in some ominous oxymoron.
A sonnnet of my subsequent reaction formations that makes me question myself even more.
Did the sea
seem inviting
that day?
The way
it must have
taken your breath
for you to

"Ah, here
I'll stay,"

Did you love the
sea more
than air
that day?

As the skies
their gentle
in your tangled
mess of hair,

The way
it trickled down
your smiling face
- into your mouth,
I can almost imagine,

Did the sea
not scream
as you divulged
its rough

Did you not
towards the
Did you not
you were

Did you love
the sea so dearly,
to let it's
drag you
to even colder
For a friend and another suicide attempt.
 Dec 2016 Miss Ana
Edward Lear
There was an Old Man with a gong,
Who bumped at it all day long;
But they called out, 'O law!
You're a horrid old bore!'
So they smashed that Old Man with a gong.
 Dec 2016 Miss Ana
Hac Himel
You are the girl with a golden heart
Gave me smile and made the start
Start of a new journey, new passion
You are my soul now, my emotion

I won't think twice to tell you something
That I'm falling in love with everything
Everything you do, you say or think
You are my drug now, you are my drink
I like to your comments
 Dec 2016 Miss Ana
Full Stop
 Dec 2016 Miss Ana
Carried sorrow her brow.
Unnoticeable till now.
Sadness dulls her features.
Misunderstood creature.
Framing within life.
Violent as knife.
Actions less planned.
Make no more stand.
Time for rest.
Deeply guessed.
Pain flows.
Tears show.
When words hurt, they come out as incomplete statements sometimes.
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