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Mirror Mirage Jun 2017
66% is the Devil Point...
I have 6 courses abandoned at 66%..
The greatest power Devil has is not temptation,
It is boredom and procrastination
It is the mid-point sway...

It is the collapse of the pre-frontal cortex,
when we reach half-way through our goal,
when we are too far from our starting point,
and too far from our ending point,
We don't know why we began,
We don't know where we will end.

So the Devil point kicks in at 66% completion,
And makes us procrastinate, makes us feel "meh"
Brave thru it, ye fellow warrior,
Just do the tiniest bit needed in a day,
Just tie your shoes laces and half the race is won
Make a cup of tea.. and the article is written
Clear some clog in the room, and the painting is done..

So, to bump over that comfortable resting point...
that lethargic 66% mid-way stop,
pamper yourself with something momentarily
and just do ONE small thing every day

'Cause I promise you this, when you have inched to 80%
you will be fuelled again with images of victory
all doubt and disbelief and lethargy will be thwarted
You will forget pain and other creature comforts
You will cruise through the finish line..
self-motivation for me, hope it works!
431 · Jun 2017
Mirror Mirage Jun 2017
Standing tip-toed on this ridge which overseas everything,
All around me, I see everything that I was and will be..
The #nomnom of my hungry stomach has subsided,
The throb throb of my heart doesn't deafen me anymore..

Don't those involuntary sounds, make you smile..
and take yourself a bit less seriously than what you overthink?
Don't let go, But don't cling too much either...
This is Equilibrium, a construct impossible yet purely plausible.

Your journey so far only adds up if you remember their smiles,
Your journey ahead only makes sense, if you can imagine your own
Which smiles you ponder? Those whom you surprised with love,
Those who appeared out of nowhere to guide and hold your hand..

While we dive into the minutest details of the magic of creation,
or expand and hover above seeing our unanimous victories..
There is that nub, we bump up against, that sweet middle spot,
The point of Equilibrium, between construction  and consumption
Mirror Mirage May 2017
A man stood at the cliff, looking deep down into Mother earth's *****.
He had just disconnected from God sky's finger tips and landed there.
The breeze around him, blew through his hair
and gifted him goosebumps,
He could stay there in limbo, but was curious of what lay beneath.

This was the first time, he was given life to walk on earth,
God Sky had granted his wish to experience life,
blood, earth, fire and sweat.
There was no time to walk on these rocky cliffs anymore,
Or talk to the pure white salt creatures underneath his Feet.

He leaped forward into Mother Earth's *****, which lay deep beneath,
But God Sky had other plans for him, Man never fell to the ground,
He tried to plunge himself down
so that he could hit ground and be mortal,
Instead God sky lifted him up, and wobbled him up and down.

Just enough for mere mortal living on earth to see a creature of light,
Someone in the shape of a man
radiating light into the darkness they were,
His purpose was not live with them and teach them the way of living,
His only purpose was to turn into a ball of fire and give them the flame.

Prometheus was not the incarnation destined to lived with mere mortals,
He was only a temporary visitor,
intended to breathe down fire and give life,
To keep them warm from the cold, and fear never more of the night.
The mere mortals burned Prometheus for fire,
and his ashes returned to God Sky.
A leap off the cliff is a repeated dream which has manifested in many of my writings
377 · Jun 2017
Mirror Mirage Jun 2017
Words come to me,
Only when I move at pace,
Be it walking, driving, running or flying,
They only stay, when I race.

The moment I stop or pause,
Or Sit down to write what I just felt,
They fade away into oblivion..
The fragrance lingers, alas no words

Everything we intend to etch,
Is just beyond our reach..
Pardon the gap, said the Lord,
When his finger tip didn't touch ours

Its time to move again, prance and pace,
In an effort to stir up them words,
Cook them as a concoction or a poetic phrase,
Words, in ye, I seek solace
Freestyle Rambling
Mirror Mirage May 2017
Not everyone is Evil, Not everyone wants to hurt you ...
Yes, you have every reason to guard up against the world,
But with those boots, how will you sense the comfort of earth?
And with that armor, How will they know.. what you are made of ?

Not every arm which stretches your way wants to take from you,
Yes, your nightmares and trauma have taught you to not trust,
But then, with those robots,
how will you experience beauty of creativity?
And with those closed eyes, do we stare at our own inner darkness?

Not every poem can make you ponder,
Not every voice can reverb within you,
Yes, your gut tells you to flee, to slay that imminent threat,
But then, with those withdrawn fingers, How will you type the truth?
And with those chained emotions,
How will be remember to known and to known?

Not every mistake is intentional,
Not every action a choice of black and white,
Yes, it is easier to not see their scars and see ours as bigger than theirs,
But then,
How will we know if we were never hungry, scared or imprisoned?
And then with them frowns of disgust,
How do we show them a smile of Compassion?

Stay Safe...
But know this,
You cannot truly Listen without feeling for what you listen to,
They may trick us with their falsehood, or feed of our emotions,
But then, should we term everything as victory and failure, just think this ...
Open your Eyes, Let anything come in,
You decide what to keep within you.
280 · Jun 2018
everything rots...
Mirror Mirage Jun 2018
everything rots, reeks and crumbles into pieces,
all turn into dust and degenerate corpses.
there is no magic portal gun to zet into another reality,
you will be slapped morning, noon and night.

everything stinks, dies and rears its ugly corner,
all end up competing and cheating one another.
dismal gloom over powers hope and fake altruism,
bring on your brickbats for my negative thoughts

everyone reacts, when there is nothing to lose,
or when you have someone around you to support,
everyone remains silent, when the obvious states otherwise,
whichever you chose, didn't i get a reaction from you.

nothing is what it appears or speaks for itself to be,
everything is devoid of a collective conscious, a common grave
bury your higher order being wanting some stirring,
stop reading this poem, and build something real.

still persistent, are we? click that, tweet this, like that, hate this,
fire away your anonymous cannon ***** in well dressed amnesty,
breathe in life, turn off that news, hug someone,
create something, anything, don't consume the internet today,
we have more reporters that we will ever need,
what we need is news makers...
a random rambling directed at nobody in particular
239 · Jun 2017
Mirror Mirage Jun 2017
I can't fill a full tank gas anymore,
Dove soap has switched to the cheaper home made alternative
Drinking is measured, even ifs water,
Every breath treasured, thank you lord for surviving
Amidst the gloom and the perilous doom,
when things go up in flames out of boredom,
I didn't plan on this catharsis and transition,
I hadn't had enough of my iPhone, *** and Drugs
But hey, when the time comes, there is no extension,
Like some one said, before going into a fight
A copy of a copy of a copy....

— The End —