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  Dec 2017 Zetir
Jack Martin
Rhyming, chiming
Falling from the sky like diamonds
As comets fall like starlight

Bright blue, bright white
Filling with feelings of delight
As I explore a strange new world

swirled, twirled
set about in an infinite furl
As the darkness starts swirling  

Uncurling, Unfurling
As the world sets before me whirling
I find at last the light
Zetir Nov 2017
We live in this pixel galaxy
Where the stars never align
When the planets never align
We don’t know the cheats
To win the game
We don’t know the goal
Let’s just discover this pixel galaxy together
Journeys are never ending
When we explore together
Let us build a bridge to Mars
And let everyone join us
Explore the pixel galaxy with me
Let us find the goal of this game
And win together
Zetir Nov 2017
//The music still plays even though the record is broken//
Zetir Nov 2017
You think that he can keep you safe
All by himself

But he can’t

Help him
Protect him
Stop assuming that men are strong
And never need help

Every single person needs help
Every single person needs love

But love comes with pain

Some can’t keep going with that pain

But if they person they love

Loves them back and supports them

The love can flourish
Zetir Nov 2017
//Dying of a broken heart is your bodies way of saying I give up//

— The End —