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Mirela Totić May 2022
Hot summer nights
When the sky is full of stars
And the smell of pine resin
Cuts deep in my senses.
Light touch of warm summer breez...
On my neck... through the hair...

Hot summer nights
When my mind is locked on a single memory...
Repeated love song on a gramophone
...A melody you made with your fingers...
...on my body.

Dance with me tonigh...
On a hot summer night..
Feel my hips under you arms
Feel the heat, feel the passion
Let me be your muse...

For new notes, new tones..
With your fingers on my body..
On a hot summer night.
Mirela Totić Jan 2018
            Holding her comfortable in my womb
            Under my heart...close as she always will be.

            Oh how blessed I'm,
            The universe gave me a new purpose of life
            The moment when I mostly needed it.
            The strong feeling of connection
   the earth
   the moon
   the sun and stars.

            I'm waiting for you
            My little Warrior of light.
            To shine over the darkness
            To fulfill the empty hearts
            To bring smile on the sad faces.

            The world will be such a better place
             With you in my arms...
             With your smell I'm craving for
             the sweetness of your skin
             the innocence of your eyes.

             I'm so ready for you, my little warrior
             To hold your hand and step to a new journey
             So we grow together and learn together
             From each other, from the world...

             I love you already so much,
Mirela Totić Jan 2017
So many years, my friend
Of loneliness, happiness and ignorance.
I have been pulled through time
In all my masks and shadows.

„Camuflage so you dont get hurt!“
But the fake suit gets heavier in time
More then the pain of innocent convicts,
My friend.
You can see, my friend
The scars over my body and heart
Marks of failure, fights and struggles
Battles for better tomorrow.

You can see, my friend
Wrinkles over my face
Made out of screams for breaking out
And laughs shared from madness..
Like nothing in world exist anymore.

You can see shine in my eyes
From tears of wrong decisions
From breathtaking views of happiness.
So many years, my  friend.
Storms of life changes
Making the day worth for something new.

And im still me, with all those scars
With same dreams and same hopes.
With same thoughts I shared with you,
So many years ago:
„Whats the point of light,
if there is no darkness to shine at.“

I still got the faith, my friend.
  Oct 2016 Mirela Totić
She was a crescent moon never completely lit
She imagined someone out there would find her and strike a match
She never considered it might hurt
This moon hid from most things
She orbited around a planet that was so unfamiliar to her
She knew others like her existed galaxies away
It made her feel both lonely and special.

The moon befriended stars
She sometimes wished she was small and bright and fleeting
But she was large and slow

One day one of the stars started mocking the moon with his light
He would shine right in her eyes and tell her she was nothing

The moon gradually grew smaller
It only looked within itself with shame
Finally, there was just a tiny spec

The whole world burned.
The moon chose to listen to an ignorant critic, because it was ignorant of its own worth, not realising that without it, there would be no critic. Loneliness can be to blame, to an extent. Without the cool presence of the moon, without darkness, there is no ‘light’ or, at least, there is no appreciation of the difference. Therefore, the world burns - literally, in the sun and metaphorically, with indulgence.
Mirela Totić Aug 2016
Sometimes, surrounded by daily struggle
With no time to deep breath the air
Following some made up order
I stop myself and ask:

Am I lost in this madness?

Using all my forces to make things right
Running for something and still feeling
like: " I m waiting all my life!"
I m waiting to stop the imposed chaos
And make the chaos of living life.

Sometimes, surrounded by daily struggle
I feel my chest is ripping apart.
You know, the madness in my head
The trembling of my body,
I m just stuck in it
And it wont let me even scream.

I wish I could just jump out of me
To release these chains from my heart
All those attachments
All those “ I think I need to do things.“

All those fake smiles and faces.
False concerns and supports
Running in the infinity of illusion
With no true goal and purpose.

So, sometimes,
I just let my madness rip me off
To let me cold, exposed and naked
To let me see my self inside
And make me reborn in a new day
With new strength, for new fights.
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