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When one was never two
And the reverse doubled
Becomes positive,
I remember links to an
Abandon page
And the effluent nature
Of the voice,
Spoken at odds at the edge
Of yesterday.

Where have we gone,
The soul is A tired old man
Forever told in a web of time,
Take this away,
Numb the years gone cold
In a river one ends
And begins in the sky's
Tearful rejoice.

That I took a deep breath
And found a complicated
I often wonder of the
Two existences,
When life can smile
At death's birth.

     Heart and soul pour forth
            an artesian spring

                    set free
    through the conduit of poetry

brilliant constellations gleam adrift,
          soothened reflections
         float away unfettered,
              mirrored upon
       peaceful rivers sojourn

             coursing afar

          conjured beyond
      the mesmerizing spell
of the outbound tides beckon

       by the scattering voice
           of the rising sea

       a comfortable silence
                 all at sea

         within ocean deep

                        someone you used to know
Like men, from dust and clay she is born.
By men, her face and delicate form is made,
Through heat and glaze and Water she’ll soon scorn.
A fine novelty, A porcelain maid.
On her crown are luscious locks of mohair,
Adorned with rosettes, by masters no doubt!
And glass eyes tell the secrets she can’t share
For her lips are in an eternal pout.
Velvet and lace conceals her nakedness
Away from a stranger’s unwelcome gaze.
And this Belle who looks alive, is lifeless.
A sleeping beauty born by the fire’s blaze.
Yet a doll is not unlike a real man.
Both are puppets, Each to a different hand
old poem i made for my creative writing class.
  Jun 2017 mirah sol avenida
i'm certain my heart is beating,
i can feel it leap in my chest
but i don't know what exactly for.
ask me what gets it racing,
what makes my stomach turn and my chest heave,
and i will not be able to tell you
a single answer.
but i can tell you a strange fact:
i have learned to fall in love
a million times a day.
my heart has grown bigger by tenfold
to take in pieces of the world
and all of its people,
for it cannot bear to spend a single second idle.
my heart is here—held out and admittedly quite vulnerable—
for anyone and anything to take because
i thrive on living to love,
and this is what keeps my heart beating.
  Jun 2017 mirah sol avenida
Narukami no sukoshi toyomite
     (A faint clap of thunder)
sashi kumori
     (Clouded skies)
Ame mo furanu ka?
     (Perhaps rain comes)
Kimi wo todomemu
     (If so, will you stay here with me?)

Narukami no sukoshi toyomite
     (A faint clap of thunder)
furazu to mo
     (Even if rain comes not)
warewa tomaramu
     (I will stay here)
imoshi todomeba*
     (Together with you)
here's a tanka which i got from the japanese animated movie, Kotohana no Niwa (The Garden of Words). I just love the question and response written in the text.
Dress them fabulous!
Line their eyes black, dramatic;
Teach the young mermaids to walk in cigarettes
with eyes of starved predators (like they are)
unflinching at the flashes as they sashay
To let ***** sons imagine what’s under the bespoke.
Make their tresses wet for greater effects
Let my mermaids walk with pearl-choked necks!

Cut off the ducklings! Matrons like swans
--nymphs that glide on runway as if on ice
Have the witches lust for the sea green dress
Even if it makes them look like fat caterpillars
Make them forget that they’re no longer young
And that these girls are the newest brand of beautiful.
For the sequin-scales, have the crones battle with cheques.
Let my mermaids walk with pearl-choked necks!
finger exercises from my creative writing class, partially inspired by 'The Emperor of Ice Cream'

— The End —