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Millie San May 2020
Equality redefined,
Emptied what was full,
Refilled what was empty.

A new world created,
An unexpected turn,
But forward we must go.

Behind the mask is HOPE,
Behind the mask is LOVE,
Behind the mask is FAITH.
Millie San May 2020
It was just like months ago,
We were always on the go,
Friends and relatives never said no.

Our calendars were full,
So much meetings here and there,
A time used wisely but some wasted.

Now we are all staying  home,
We wish things were the same,
Hopeful that things would be better.

Though we found more time to pray,
We learned things the hard way,
That tells us  God is the only WAY.
Millie San May 2020
It started with a smile,
Followed by endless talks,
A voice that was like music,
His gait was a special feature.

A summer walk pause,
As he turned back and looked,
While I stood by the door,
I eyed at him as he walked home.

A love frozen by time,
That could come back in a dream,
A moment that slipped away
A chance lost, gone forever.

We took two different roads,
That brought us to new people,
The wheel turned as it should had been,
Forever lost in the tunnel of destiny.
After watching the movie “The Notebook” the second time, I came up with this poem, if "The Notebook" had a different ending....
Millie San Apr 2020
We are like a couple in a beautiful painting,
Watching the setting of the sun as we clasp our hands.

As we watch the sunset right before our very eyes,
The time seems endless as if there is no tomorrow.

The dusk seems to lose the sun but not the two of us,
As we wait for the stars in the midnight sky.
Created this poem after watching the movie "Somewhere in Time" for the third time.  #SomewhereInTime
Millie San Apr 2020
Face masks a fashion statement,
Coming home and creating moments,
Like counting holes in Sky Flakes.

Skipping all negative news,
Trying at last to be senseless,
Should it be Waterman or Fireman.

Some jokes cracked me up,
Husband dragged a masked woman,
Whom he mistook for his wife.

Community Quarantine extended,
A puzzle of adding chicken and eggs,
More fun if multiplied by bananas.

Living by the day, hoping for a good morning,
A good evening with a complete headcount,
And be nonsensical over trying times.
Millie San Apr 2020
Desilting the muddy ocean,
Welcoming the blue sky,
Decongesting the crowded road,
And sending back home family members.

Creating distances between friendships,
Walking on an empty space,
Emptying what was full,
And leading everyone to one direction.

After refusing to fathom what is ahead,
Giving wisdom so people may understand,
Letting everyone know that there is just one course,
Lifting up in prayer to our Dear God is the only path.
Millie San Apr 2020
Being away is kindness,
Covering one's face is goodness,
Staying away is love,
All because of Rude Droplet.
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