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She smiled
And meant it

She laughed
And felt it

She cried
But still wanted life
(Cutting Trigger Warning!)

She studied the blade
That she held in her hand
While she braced for the pain
She’d learned to withstand

It shined like the snow
On a cold winter’s day
And bit into her skin
In the same bitter way

It fell like the rain
Plummeting from the sky
It drenched her in pain
As it pummeled her thigh

She watched through dry eyes
She was too numb to weep
But her skin cried in blood
As the slick blade cut deep

But after each raindrop
Her blade rose like the sun
Desperate for warmth
She didn’t care what she’d done

And once it was over
Sunburns littered her skin
But for a breath she could feel
Despite the frostbite within
If you’ve struggled with cutting, you’re not alone. I’ve struggled for years and I know its pull. I know how much it must hurt for you to turn to the blade. I know that cutting can temporarily help. But in the longterm, cutting won’t fix the problem. So please put down your blade, and I’ll try to do the same.
 Jul 2019 milkweedangel
When the earth dies
The sky will not remember me
But I think the water will
It's the fear of not being good enough for anyone. That's what stops me from trying at all. I have managed to push everyone else away because I'm scared they  will eventually end up seeing me the way I see myself.
 Jun 2019 milkweedangel
i overthink
i panic
i stress
i worry


i trust
i care
i stay
i love
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