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milagro Jul 17
The life that I built
The plans that I made
All fade when I'm moving away
Leaving the friends that are the reason I'm still here to write
The relationship ships I spent so much time on, even in spite
The school I spent 7 years trying to fit in
The church that kept me inspired is only seen in my rearview mirror
It all fades when I'm moving away
milagro Jun 19
The walls of my heart have collapsed
The map of my soul ripped to shreds
A red haze settles around me
I try to leave but I'm stuck in my own fury
Curiosity spikes, is there a way to escape
No, I'm kept here by myself unknowing
milagro Jun 16
I jumped on the train
with no clue where i was headed
My old life behind me a
new adventure to be started
I met so many people
for hours, until the train arrived at its last stop
I said thanks,and hopped off
It took me a minute to realize
I'm exactly where I started
the very beginning
milagro Jun 14
Ya know that fake smile you put up as a barrier?
The wall that shows no fear
That shows no one your real weakness
When it falls with the right people you feel good
When people who surround you are the ones who hurt you...
It becomes permanent and you don't show
what's seen as weakness
milagro Jun 12
Tired of fighting a lost battle
Tired of trying .. to fail
milagro Jun 12
We take for granted all we have
The love we lost or the heart we still have
milagro Jun 12
I'm tired of trying
My cheeks are red from crying
Lying my way through all situations
Everyday it gets worse
No mercy
All alone everyone deserted
My life turned into a reckless abandon
Depression sets in
Confession is useless
Please loosen the rope around my neck
I hate this
But I keep trying
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