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 Jul 2014 Mik Josefchuk
 Jul 2014 Mik Josefchuk
When did I fall in love with you?
It's not a matter of "when" but rather "how".

I fell in love with the way headlights danced on your skin on the night drives home.
I fell in love with the way your smile set my world ablaze with light.
I fell in love with the way you held me close and kissed my cheeks ever so gently.
I fell in love with the way you looked at me at random times and smiled, then held my hand even tighter.
I fell in love with the way that I felt so safe wrapped in your arms.
I fell in love with the way you were open to me when all my past lovers had been closed off.
I fell in love with the way that my love for you made all my days bright and worth living.
I fell in love with the way that you were all I ever needed and wanted.
I fell in love with the way that everything was so easy and free
between us.
I fell in love with you, and to be truthful, I'm still falling.

It's so hard
seeing couples
In the summer
At the beach swimming
Sharing lunch
Making breakfast for each other
Driving anywhere
Doing anything
When I can't with you.
I spend days thinking of you
Without you and wanting you
Some days we have our moments
Spending limited hours at a time
Calling and talking to you for an hour
Only to have you preoccupied
Lonely. Conversation scattered
You have the chance to see me for a whole day
But you say next month maybe
You won't
Work is more important than me
You say it's not
Do you see me cry when I hang up
the phone?
"I'm just tired" I say.
It's just hard I think
to stay this superficial against what really tugs at me.
Maybe I'm just selfish
You say you can picture me with someone else spending days with him that I could have someone else. How could you say that? They aren't you,
I shiver.
I just want to be alone with you for a day.
It's hard like stone. When the tears pour. I can't think like this.
The only one i can ever truly trust,
the one who has been with me through thick and thin.
The one who knows me for who I really am
and who I have to potential of being.

You may call her reckless
but to me she is passionate.

You may call her weird
but to me she is unique.

If you call her ugly
you will only make her seem more beautiful to me.

She is more than a best friend,
she is more than a sister who shares my soul.

She is my parabatai...
and our bound will never be broken.
So this poem is inspired by my best friend and parabatai. For those who don't know what a parabatai is, parabatai are a pair of bonded warriors who share a soul and are more than brothers/sisters.

— The End —