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Anton 6d
moon nimbi squashing
shadowy cyan golf ball
meteoroid falls
Anton 6d
wished me
happy birthday
smoked my breath
out of blown-out candlewicks

and dumped
Anton 6d
orangy iodine skyline
patrols every snow print,
engine motorbike
in a pulsating stomach
is caught by night police.

spruce cults
bend sticky knees
to O Monarch of squirrels, gowks
and serum winds.
O huggo Cyborg,
a luggage of digital blocks in microchips seas,
fire blades and pitchforks
grew straight from handlands,
sanctify a manmade bone with magma,
shield a scarful skin with toneless bedrock.

IT shifted a nuclear pickaxe
out of its deep uranium orbits,
as moths by night lamps
vehicles circle by radio waves
I-T smokes factories and then vomits.

swerved and hung in the cyber net.
benzol streams ran from sharpened teeth
and saliva oceans attach wallow palettes
to underwatering lands - Atlantis.

find my parents under ruins
Anton Feb 9
straight guy
and [curved] guy

muscle body

norm girl
and [wicked] girl


blue sky
and [gray] sky

yellow sunnie

clean water
and [*****] water

kitchen sink

white candy
and [black] candy

sugar free
Anton Feb 8
kisses thunders

left a timid glove
last morrow

no melon nectar
on my jaw

spring capillars
electrized my beer liver
with water and salt ponds

pepperoni oasis
hot as Egyptian deserts;
salami dices spin on mozarella highway

peppered ketchup

a bank of his French potions
and body horizont and hills disclosure

I seek for my Valentine's stranger

is he still a bee
still fly for my field flower
or to a yellow tulip?

we just disco dancers
park passers
hold-my-hand standers

pizza lunch
and then a breezy shower

pour away his berry smell from my tips
Anton Feb 7

















Anton Feb 7
five clock beats left

to my life-quaking banket
martini toasts glut
cheers and stars in hazel eyes

prince in turkish tissue

paced for ratchet
dove in velvet gown
and bra strapped on cream lies


still pry me

I raft sinking

on a leather chair


bold to hack me

whip my island

by morrow sun rays

slow-mo discotheque

in unison we winging

violin key pours

on a dry note Fa

so blonde wig stranger

me ye gripping

I hold a twiggy arm

next to Valentine's card

swirling party bees

is a twilight Bible

Jehovah's lips nectar

with melon pulp

sip your сhin

a land of milk bubbles

smoothie bath

through raptus' house

***** ode

divan bedsheets

we bite



still bite me

I lost hatchet

on a leather chair


bold to touch me

leave a letter

by morrow sun rays

leaves shiver

dry roots

we kissed softly on Valentines'
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